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The Kitchen Rippers Maggots Are Us 2

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The Kitchen Rippers – Adlib comedy sketches – Explicit adult humour and creative stupidity – With great influence from Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.Please feel free to like subscribe and share about,please feel free to leave comments and let us know if you laughed along.

Here here coming well what other will shout into it or flute is going now know where i died story now allow that maggots were serious fruit money he toid bad i something thank you stuffer the authority it’s lying there and it’s written craig installing these got it’s gone although now all you need to understand on here in the shop without a sale demerits which we

Hand-reared omegax we bring them up last like oromia know and i can tell you right now that is not bad what was it doing me it’s attended stage of it’s called doorman trailer it’s dormant reposition this is not what i wanted i want you to make it what i’ll teach the boo things and talk to people come you’ll evening what lining it up we’ve got this all over thing

Here it looks like a bit of a prenup shell now i want to know why’s might make it done that and it obviously defective another one and i want it now like an army at the shop before you walked into the shop today you would have seen the shop sign it said medics are ass rather let me play does nothing we don’t know about medics right well just give me another monday

I’ma call it’s rare you can’t have an exchange on that mega because it’s now a mega is to hollow skin over meadow fix it maybe as they look at all if you’ve been looking after your mother a lot okay i’m gonna get now i want to know what on the contracts of megara ass you will say that you have to look up he or maggots is another one of your children played it all

Looked after very little love you know put it on the side i can see the failure here so i want money back right let me let me explain to you something you haven’t quite grasped at this point megan sirach cannot be held responsible for how you treat your megas once you have take them out the shop there will now refund on that it was infected if you wish to make a

Complaint you can approach the national minute counts i make it was effective or i want another one in what was your make it defective to do what it naturally does as a magnet to set each skin and crawl into another stage of its development always it goal it’s somewhere in your house it has been looking after your pet maggots your other right wasn’t it mistake but

What i find is it visit you not only make it a lot honest time it certainly pink and green striped around in purple stripes kind of you know spirals around its body it will have little i just pop out and it’ll probably be looking for somewhere damp and dark to to look rile to get a car to where you want mate i’m going on now and i go it’ll be as a hard finding i’ll

Be back that’s quite all right right go mad right so you remember here or came here didn’t like cover weeks ago and i’ll say to you don’t i get good old fine our number eight you remember now yeah yeah how could you forget i’ll see where well i already good look like you know i sent there but i talked about for three or four days like you know non going and all

That kind of thing anyway must have right recognized me i think in there cuz week on did you know viacom did right look we’re nice to air anyway is come over like it only set on me little and enough for are we say are interested in a minute usa i’m interested in a female making mellow mmm i said well i like corinthian which is all minding right now is looking for

A laser thing roving make like a little you know is currently initial wrigley or a sweetly who told me was a terribly wiggly and i went there’s a combination of the freight way and and the big lee well i was very complicated issue i want all i need to do after that the details of what your medication right all my debt yeah i didn’t bring this pedigree sheet with

Me all my face but i’m sure it’d be a record always somewhere in the making clock make it rather than what we do so i be able to america in the morning does it does it rizal at much more sandwich in the morning oh depends what sort of so it’s a way only slightly it could be a little afraid we hear that rings are professionals only am i got away that is directly

Freckling is directly fresh again i want i want i don’t bother lighting readily fregley i want a carnival cuz i wanna cross bridge not only well get the cross range good putting out are very good for howling you know as i have in my pictures a very good senate or the plan that they get that a crossbreed called the work ridley wiggler lead wrigley roy or a very

Very special combination revenge has to take place before the trick leash wiggly wiggly i heard yeah but i want the runs of reading wings up i mean more proper for a break okay you might your side to the air you you want to go our level k line you know yes the back shot yeah yeah come with my shirt come as fashion or concert okay it’s nice to finally meet somebody

Who appreciates a fine building mega family square i’ll we’ve got four tanks in the air just pop you know what’s again slip it can be quite damp in it and there’s not much light so what happens is we if also describes a chance to you where we keep these special well they’re not really maggots they’re like that abed pedigree maggots whether they’ve got a different

Character and we you’ve got to stand here just to just tell me a little bit about all you know what you more expect from your new thyroid is a lady maggot right so that corinthian can bring a few know i mean but i don’t want your only commodore gold magda i want the windsor variety because it’s a pedigree and i don’t want this time i want a pedigree form from you

And i don’t want it turning hollow well the stage if matter should get introduced to in this room i know i the whole i omega she met on the counter triangle yeah well know what how i know i’m just going to lift all the tanks up at the same time you’re here very care for the innocent error all romantics connect to speak arabic or listening listening here earlier

And the tanks now let it happen now we also have a look in there have a look in there sir okay look have a look in these things so it is a discretion are moments that we listen calculate again i say hey them speaking you’re doing at this point yeah there’s no today we just listen to that sound it’s bear but the town of mecca speeding how exactly do you have years

Micro zeros oh you know your hair is different levels of crossing here in this room i mean you know it’s a great class rational is it yeah i thought about membership you know but i know and you may still be able to spy off really done all you obviously a to buy a maggot you and really is apt yeah i want to suggest here is that have a look at these for the grand

Total magazine principle this is special inhaler right now this bullish one school is a specialized ability to not only light up its back head in a color yellow it’s very helpful for if you’re writing a letter or anything in the middle of the night know how get a humming sighs so very handy pet to have we’re open stroke it and it’ll know there’s a lovely sound

Listen that’s art is kissing you and your staff it like that you know the only thing i’ve got a sidebar degrees archive because corinthian he likes to watch catching the a-league on and off and i wanna tell you what i like session yet okay good position but you know yeah that is the missing involve i guess yeah well we want more that is you like to see you might as

Well explain negative resinous freshmen are slice so they’re all separate or each other you know you know they don’t interbreed there’s four different species of maggots now they’re all different by the pedigree of propelled in shape that they intake and it’s all down to the amount of money we would spend with us that the determines the courtney demayo receive food

Alcohol course while yet to eat approve more humble trading wiggly handball family we will gladly accept any one of these happens somewhere where i actually keep rolling people are you know and i don’t want any prima donna maggots or die i thought my lady may go just right suppose you know coming oh just take a typical concrete waverly crossroads shortly call –

Wrigley right if you can’t really expand on the words wrigley it ripples happily riddles down and it’s sliders all around get and unicorn is a strictly wrigley but as it grows out of the embryonic stage of its life it turns into just a plain old wrigley for the cross screams with the wrigley weekly tweetly which is a trisexual kind of three sexes of one now when

You get immediate light air with our free sexes in one it’s like that’s when you’ve got to spend the money because you don’t have to worry about brooding over again so what you really want is a mega to celebrate so we talk about armor well it’s just to give us the kind of a cellular level of the mdm era where you could get a start program for roundabout which sides

455 quickly six i’ll i said well i’m missing here so i what do you all think about all the things you’ll need like just a magnet you know why are you need to all it were very careful with who we home no maggots with climate any time for that kill right but i want to deal with it right you know your pie plate i can do that me and all that sausage or we all right

What else food ever listen either going to have for the show paddle action i get with all the clemens right you don’t have to find some corner specialized organic do it okay yeah what you might need to do is fine art and have a bit of rhino poop but we do get a specialized and specialized maggot guys that wiggly quigley right which is the trisexual trilling to you

A special diet you know of a road okay i’m will get rhino who do lannister where i am a staff on when you come to make it so ask we’re full of roanoke who we have a derivatives broke from africa yes yes oh okay i’m gonna and all that don’t forget on a single key in the car you know yes i well your for another douses we get the over phage or special you know i got it

Very ill very quickly you know you wouldn’t want to go through that know what you might want to do is take a maggots are super on of insurance policy out officer that yes fees an order yeah well i saw you met at 10 full hour and it will call fire mouse lead to bad handling i know i’m not projecting he’ll knock me back but well you’re looking at probably around about

Another extra farmer to quit by porter i know it’s a lot of money for one minute but you know you get a lifetime of happiness you know okay no problem colors alright a little bit more i got no claims like you know you know if you’re going to do the whole bill for that first you know like the whole thing we thought that we could offer you you know maybe some special

Let you know beverages yeah special maggots are off custom get up because you know it and we’ve been approached by the local fresh actual record i’m gonna have our feet for one of us we know best customers and you know it’s in the business you know and i kind of do a special feature about yeah magus or us and they’re you know there’s a space fully accessible this

You know was allowed to be perfect amazing you all are wanting eyes animus is going across me wow okay and we wanted to do that you know the day when the publishing as well yeah yeah look what we’re looking at over i read a couple hundred quid extra planner yeah yeah i hope in about twelve to quit altogether you know what’s a star pocket you might best appearance

And then vary right yeah oh you know yeah i guess is he’ll ever see my girl they’re a good food they say that i got a special make a favorite he knows under graham you know you know don’t you know if i had the slimy yeah i mean i regular bad right you know ain’t you know we’ll be you know pretty wiggly wiggly wiggly chocolate you know describe the ladies maggots

Off it’s a great little pads quick anna are you control our knowledge of our interesting yo prince income sex on mommy i think we should add a cute very really forces you to be calm okay – oh no you just about a better politics and i wasn’t going to agree that for a woman that oxy that easy or is because i know it up you know every time the news comes on and he’s

Going to in fact employed generally although i died this is bonded you know maybe yes but we’re worried customer above market rates require psychic there’s something in us with their antennas on the front i just antennas another i regret i make a special x-ray tested by maggot close on my reason is really you know an acai your specialized celebrity mega it’s not

Just essential bisexual your specified psychic research that’s right actually oh okay yeah we don’t have a what i have a lady a lady market for your mail how are you yes i almost a chimera are we faded okay well you know i passed around affection i get i mean i wouldn’t want an hour explain order but not get language to it i don’t know i know how i hope the courses

Are not just like hot out oh watch your will it got one 1221 resist parent in 2015 where do you get very old well we just think about tonight if i remember yet i’m gonna be welcome yes you are kylie oh thanks oh so much nautical yeah and there are very suitable please pay attention press my rubber doctor precious roberto eric for watch a you know alright revoir

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