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The Lord of the Skies 3 | Episode 55 | Telemundo English

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Official Video of Telemundo content The Lord of the Skies 3. Episode 55. Tijeras try to kill Eleazar and Jaramillo

If you want to keep your privileges since he’s in charge now, got it? we’re headed in the right direction. i also want to increase my privileges. if you say you produce all this nonstop, i’ll believe you. i’m the one who’s worried. all this mess belongs to me. i’ve called him 10 times

Already. call him again. that’s how business works. it’s dinner time. he’s probably taking a nap. this is an opportunity that can’t be missed. the governor wants to speak to you outside. but we haven’t found any proof against him. he needs to know if you’re going to keep ordering merchandise. you have my word

On that one. this man came and filed a report against you. because of some old man with a big mouth… tell me what the hell you’re making in that lab. while at the same time, behind my back… the pseudoephedrine that was found after everything i went through with the family business but old age has caused

This man to start losing his head. i didn’t think your dirty tricks would make it there’s just no way to help you. in wanting to pay him back for this huge favor? i curse the day you met my daughter. if we don’t finish them with one shot, we have two more. that sounds nice, but tell that to jaramillo.

But why are you showing up on international media listen, jaramillo, we’re combatants. how are you marcado? nice to meet you. sorry for being so blunt, but i’m very worried. i’m the only with an official position deserters, and murderers, understand? like garnica said, don’t worry

About things it means we don’t have business partners anymore. tijeras told me he had problems. we should’ve gotten eleazar out of there. but we need the merchandise. everything’s already set with tijeras. someone help eleazar! come on! i shouldn’t have to spend all my time

With murderers. or spending all my time with this pipsqueak. i don’t know, but you have to ask rutila or aurelio. tell me what that damn party’s all about. listen, if you love your reign, it’ll cost you. i want that and for you to guarantee now you answer to me and victor, who’s in control. don’t go giving

Me any trouble… but we’ll have to deal with him while the business grows. we should put our names on that list. do you plan on living in this jungle forever? you know where i’d like to go…? i’d probably go to the dominican republic. now you’re officially registered to take part in dea operations.

It’s still unclear whether or not i’ll be in charge in any event, you’ll always report to me. we came to talk to your father. that’s strange. he hasn’t come around here. don’t worry. i’m sure he’s on his way here. if he comes, i’ll keep him entertained for you. the only ones who have lives here

Are the men. you only watch out for the men in this family! you don’t have to hear this bratty little child. now that we’re alone, you’re going to tell me the truth.

The lord of the skies iii

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The Lord of the Skies 3 | Episode 55 | Telemundo English By Telemundo English