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The MOST Effective Appetite Suppressant We’ve Ever Tried – INSANE WEIGHT LOSS

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It’s superior to any appetite the president have ever tried awesome one of the most interesting drugs i’ve ever tried in my life i think it’s i assume going to change bodybuilding and change fitness and change weight loss how the people don’t know about it yet crazy we’ve changed our lives i literally leo you can tell me about uh the uh doula glue tide you’ve been

Using while we’re waiting uh yeah do look good we already know steve’s experience with the glps but no yours exactly well i wanted to follow steve’s advice and get the short acting one because obviously it makes much more sense the short acting one should have less side effects but as you know i uh had to negotiate with the nurse so the nurse the nurse the nurse

Informed me that she was very well educated in endocrinology and she had specialized it in nursing school so she told me actually that my previous medication which was the one steve took was actually inferior and there was a one week long one which was way superior and i should take that one so i agreed of course i don’t want to protest so i got the medication and

And they immediately gave me five pens but they were so helpful they were like listen if your insurance doesn’t approve it we’re gonna prescribe you one line to spend don’t take it just get it prescribed that will say you had a bad reaction so they’re really nice anyway i got the true licity and i’ve been um taking it for uh well i stopped taking it i had to stop

Let me tell you what happened so i started taking it first of all totally inhibited hunger it was quite extreme and it was not as bad as steve said in terms of or steve thought it might be in terms of the you know the the like having too much nausea the first two days and then it wasn’t too bad maybe it’s because i’m overly hungry so i didn’t feel it maybe would

You compare it to have you ever had like melano tan two appetite depression yeah yeah i’m gonna i’m gonna talk to you about yeah i’ll compare it melatonin is a great comparison also we could talk about that real quick so i just yeah we could so so compared to milano town it’s far superior uh compared to every oh so it’s superior to any appetite the president i’ve

Ever tried awesome one of the most interesting drugs i’ve ever tried in my life i think it’s i assume going to change bodybuilding and change fitness and change weight loss how the people don’t know about it yet crazy we’ve changed our lives i literally i i actually sat and i told my wife steve found something so incredible and i i don’t even know how i never

Came across it i looked through diabetes stuff all the time probably we’re still talking about lsd no we’re talking it was an easy easy easy one now it’s semi-glue tied right yeah yeah so so you know you changed our lives look so so what i was saying life-changing um and so i took it it wasn’t too bad nausea for me the first couple of days because maybe i’m overly

Hungry i don’t know what it was but or maybe it’s not as bad as we thought more even like she said but anyway i took it and then immediately by the way i i’ve been mentioning this but recently i’ve been consuming a little bit of cannabis i don’t know why but anyway the point is okay it’s still kind of a yeah i needed to kill the ego that’s the problem so so the

Point is i had the true city and i happened to be going to like a little party thing that that that the next evening so actually it was the same day so actually it’s a pretty legit legendary i went to the cvs i got the truly injected in the car i was like damn i’m so excited i had to inject in the car i’ve never done that in my life and then immediately two hours

Went by and i had the party actually that night not the next day so two hours went by and i was like damn it’s weird i’m really not hungry so i had some marijuana rounds and i was going to this party and people drink that i don’t drink so i was like i’ll take some i usually don’t drink so i’ll take some marijuana with me and see if it inhibits the hunger because

I don’t have much of a tolerance to marijuana so now the hunger from cannabis for me is insane so i took the cannabis zero hunger dude six hours went by i smoked like a couple of bowls i actually smoked it i didn’t even eat it no hunger next day i didn’t eat that night i went to sleep the next day i was like this crazy so the next morning i took mk677 again

Nothing no hunger then i don’t know which day it was but within the next two or three days i took a day off from the mk and the weed but i kept oh i was on the thing still and then i took both at the same time again didn’t work didn’t get hungry still okay but i noticed one thing i’ll tell you the truth so if i kept smoking marijuana i was smoking hot like a

Concentrate very strong stuff if i kept doing it for like six seven hours or something like that then i could get hungry at the end of it but it was really hard the only reason i’m trying to get into so much detail with you guys is to explain how incredibly powerful this is for me in my life there has never been from my biology an appetite stimulant stronger

Than marijuana i’ve tried everything there’s nothing for me like marijuana like a good indica kush from california where i live that thing will make me i’ll eat everything i could eat 30 doughnuts this thing inhibited that totally no like no hunger no problem quick question between did you experience hypoglycemia because i do know that you know marijuana alters

Your blood sugar levels a little bit and this semi-gluten also alters your blood sugar levels so did you feel feel at any point uh hypoglycemia no i didn’t know still right yeah i don’t know why i don’t know why i didn’t probably because i’m using a doula gluten by the way not semma so no doulas yeah sorry my bad yeah no but still but still you would think that

It would i don’t know no probably because my cortisol is so powerful i start burning stuff i don’t know but anyway so the final thing i wanted to mention one interesting note though by the fifth or sixth day i one night i couldn’t sleep so i took 100 milligrams of circle and this shocking event totally that day i didn’t do anything there was no cannabis or mk

Or nothing my hunger was zero i was going to bed i had already eaten actually and then i took this hundred milligrams of circle and the freaking glp one agonist was totally inhibited zero it went away completely all my hunger came back from the whole five days of the week even though i don’t normally get hungry from circle i was so hungry i ate i ordered food i

Ordered it from two places at the same time and i have food in the house it was like a crazy first day right yeah no dude this is not exaggerated this was a crazy week i had like a i experiment with it went crazy one some days no hunger some days i ordered like three things i couldn’t control myself and so but but it only that only happened from the circle so i

Did some research there’s one paper that mentions that quittip and circle may inhibit there’s some mechanism by which it may inhibit glp-1 agonism so i didn’t know that so it turns out if you ever get too upset with your glp-1 agonist you take 50 milligrams or 100 milligrams of circle it will just inhibit it completely that’s for the next few hours for the next

Few hours they’ll be back tomorrow yeah because i i was so what i noticed when i took the doula glutathione i would be a little bit more nauseous on the first two days and then my appetite would come back on the fifth day so i’d find it hard to manage that’s why i prefer the liraglutide because it allows for daily administrations and then i would do a lower dose

At the beginning of the week and increase the dose at the end of the week as needed and then skip one day to allow a refeed because otherwise you don’t i don’t want to eat anything right now but it’s it’s a very potent and powerful appetite suppressant that doesn’t miss which also the nervous system or blood pressure vasoconstriction and that kind of stuff and

It’s it’s the price that’s the issue and and availability our prices are good we have good prices that we’re getting from turkey they’re quite good yeah that’s us three oh no but no no boston lloyd’s forum if anyone wants the prices boston you can go there and your hand you’ll get everything everybody that doesn’t live in america has even cheaper prices yeah even

Cheaper prices but honestly derek life-changing i can’t wait for you to try it why it makes me even more excited too is doula glutide is like inferior in all efficacy measures than semi-glutide and sema is the one that i’m getting so unbelievable looking forward to it so this lady was totally off then with what she was telling me well like doula definitely works

But like sema’s the one that’s super hyped up right now is in all the articles about like the next obesity killer blah blah blah and if you you can literally google dual glue type for semi-gluten and it clearly says in every single abstract conclusion semi-glutide beats doula glutathione and glycemic control reduction in weight blah blah blah no i’m by the way

I meant to get her to switch me back because obviously those who want a shorter acting drug right the superior semma is the superior long one the short one is lyric so she not only gave you a longer one but she gave you an inferior long one oh i thought you were talking about lyra oh wow no way so there’s seven oh wow i gotta okay anyway semiglutid is the most

Efficacious one on earth right now in terms of weight reduction glycemic control etc lyra the only thing it has going for it is the half-life which is obviously something desired by all of us but in like overall efficacy measures semi-glutide is like the in junkies so i can’t imagine it being more powerful just maybe it’s like less nausea inducing for some

People or something like that yeah i’ll try it next fast i’ll i’ll get a pain of semi-glutathione and give it a run because i really tried to doula but it made me nauseous so i was like you know i wrote the semicolon off if somebody can’t lose weight with like uh ephedrine combined with the glp one agonist there’s just no excuse at all because ephedrine because

Of the epinephrine you know epinephrine inhibits insulin right so it’s nice to have that because you have this is affecting the insulin a little bit so it might be nice to have a stimulant with this but this is like zero hunger and then if you have a stimulant modafinil and and then yeah glp one i did six weeks of productivity and i killed it uh my business you

Know and and yeah only the last week i started to get a little bit cognitively impaired but that’s six weeks and no calories you know how many bodybuilders probably could get in better shape if they knew about this too unbelievable how many messages i got on a daily basis after i talked about it to the point i said guys where do i buy it i don’t know you know it

Depends on your location go look online or or get a prescription but it’s maybe some of them are insulin resistant enough that they could get it prescribed you don’t know yeah right the baby mk677 for a week anyone in america can get it prescribed anyone in america can get it prescribed whether you’re diabetic or not you just need to know how you’re how to deal

With people so everyone you know you just have to finagle the out of the system like leo you just put a hundred dollars in underneath your notes and then you think well thank god i’m not in canada because i can’t finagle that thing at all i don’t know what to do with that canada and the uk are hard to finagle that’s for finagle whatever that is

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