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The MOST Protective Drugs To Prevent Bodybuilders From Dying

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Last time we did a bodybuilder ancillaries video it was like an hour if you i wanted to add this if you were to summarize like that hour-long video into like just the compounds themselves let me go to the bathroom real quick and then we should finish off on uh relationships and supportive partners the impact impact the frozen is getting to you huh are you not

Using it yeah i have an experience now i’ve experimented with here and there but i uh i’m not i just like i i had a refeed this weekend some water buffalo and then tuesday it goes i’ll be right back on that topic derek yeah i’ve come to the the the realization that um you know can aglaflozen has far better health profiles than impagla frozen oh really yeah for

Those that that are just listening there are these drugs called gl uh stlt2 inhibitors and they they inhibit with different prefer um selectivity sglt2 over sglt1 the ampagliflozin the drug i’ve been using for a long time is particularly selective of sglt2 it was thought originally when they designed these they really wanted them to be selective but it turns

Out a lot of these very interesting studies now show that cardiovascular protective effects from sglt-1 inhibition so for example sglt-1 appears to be upregulated in the left ventricle of people with heart failure and blocking it directly seems very valuable so there’s a lot of studies now showing cardiovascular protective effects from specifically canagliflozin

Or dipagliflozin but not impagliflozin or more more interestingly there are new papers from the last two years um proposing that sglt2 inhibitors be considered and be repurposed as anti-cancer drugs so if you were to if you were to move down to cancer effects if you were to propose like the most heavy hitting and like when we the last time we did a bodybuilder

Ancillaries video it was like an hour if you i wanted to add this if you were to summarize like that hour-long video into like just the compounds themselves the sg slt inhibitor that you just mentioned what what was it called again can i now would you put that in your top five for like ancillaries like presumably you’d have something like for a bodybuilder

You’d have an arb i would think you would have something to manage lipids like ezetimibe presumably um above and beyond that i don’t know if you put a beta blocker in the top five potentially for you know high androgenic signaling psychoactive effects stress etc then you’d put sglt2 or what would be like the next couple like things the way i think of it is

First we look at cardiovascular effects the left ventricle is enlarged because of heart rate so there’s a beta blocker probably honestly it would be nebulous i found the most substantially improved and it’s long acting and it’s reliable and i i cuz even if you inhibit the heart rate after the workout with a short acting drug like i was thinking i don’t think

It’s enough for bodybuilders they need the loan plus plus it’s so selective it doesn’t lower exercise performance and most people notice that exercise performance actually goes up so i know yeah so beta blocker and then what other thing enlarges the heart it’s pressure so blood pressure medication either ace inhibitor or arb i would prefer an arb and then one

Of the other effects is your ldl cholesterol rises by about 50 percent hdl lowers by about 30 percent so first thing is 10 milligrams of sediment see if your ldl goes to 80. if it doesn’t consider 5 milligrams or suvastatin a kind of satin once or twice a week wait to see if your ldl goes to 80 it might if it doesn’t then maybe use a higher dose or by the way

Instead of resulting the other great stand is called pitavastatin two milligrams is a starting dose two petabyte not associated with insulin resistance rosuvastatin is but resultant doesn’t pass the blood-brain barrier so it leaves your brain more intact so those are the the cardiovascular effects and then in terms of uh diabetic medications the reason why we’re

Talking about sglt2 inhibitors they’re particularly kidney protective they’re the only kidney protective medication known to man other than blood pressure medications so and they’re potently kidney protective and so out of those canagliflozin is the most powerful i would potentially start with impact flows until someone gets used to it because you’ll pee like

A racehorse for the first couple of it’s really weird you pee like with a heavy pee it’s a weird kind of peach and you know but anyway then after it’s like fasting you keep pooping but it’s you didn’t even eat another valuable part though steve if you think about it because that diuretic effect is going to be very useful for a bodybuilder so yeah anyway so can

I glue flowers on paglet flowers and that’s can i go for 300 milligrams uh impeccable to 25 milligrams i just switched over to kanag but then there you know there’s the glp one agonist i mentioned earlier uh the thyroid medication we mentioned earlier those things may be protective as well in in some way yeah but those the basic list is arb uh beta bloc so for

Blood pressure arb beta blocker for heart rate uh maybe an ssri for your brain because you’re going to work specifically against serotonin with androgens and then and then for sure impact the thousand or canada yeah and that’s just the ssri is just not to turn into a because many many guys and idols of androgens they kind of go off the deep end you know i’m

Trying to think is there something else i think i take a lot of things though i take i think uh i think is that a well i know that’s most of the the list yeah yeah is that my bender and the statin also yeah maybe maybe 100 micrograms t4 you know just as a first step yeah it’s the first step so i’m on nabivolol as of the mibe is that you guys are both at foreman

Now too as well yeah once once in a while yeah yeah he’s so you’re taking metformin once a week then steve yeah so 500 to 1000 milligrams uh metformin xr extended release before bed after a cheat meal just to get some insulin sensitivity or disposal into glucose because i always eat too much on sunday i’ll be honest yeah just for anybody who’s listening to this

Some people may be listening they say hey it’s not a glucose disposal agent metformin acutely improves liver function acutely yeah so if you’re having a high stress event on your liver like a cheat meal i really think it would be beneficial i when i started going back to the gym i thought hey this lactic acid buildup is going to prevent me from being able to gain

My strength back um i thought so i gained a lot not all my strength i gained a little bit of my strength back i feel okay now so i’m like okay i’ll start using it again no change in performance in fact i oh yeah no zero change in fact i didn’t go to the gym for a week in between these two weeks so like it’s been really three weeks i started taking metformin went

To the gym a week later having not trained for a while hit the same exact reps and sets on everything and i was on two grams of metformin and it was a week later i should have been weaker to be honest i noticed it when i was like at peak performance on a year ago right and running a cycle and high calories then if i were to take 500 milligrams medform and either

Sustained release or immediate release the next day my workout would be um impaired yeah but now i don’t notice it anymore but maybe it’s because i’m not at peak strength that’s what i’m thinking about myself too i’m not as exactly who knows i’m just not as like i’m 80 now at peak strength or 85 depending on the exercise so now i don’t notice it but back then i

Was like man the next day i’m like why is this last rep not going you know but no but people may see like for example oh there’s no point taking metformin because you’re taking growth and whatever again the liver metformin’s main effects are on the liver and recently i’ve been obsessing about liver cancer god damn metformin sensitizes your liver to anything that

Harms liver cancers anything it’s so prolific it’s so good for the health of the liver it’s really better for your liver than anything else it’s just nobody’s focused on the liver yeah i’m two years away from adding it in daily doesn’t it it raises shbg too or am i wrong i forgot or is that anything is that indirect from lowering igf-1 or improving the health of

The liver well yeah indirect from that i guess yeah maybe anyway i use it by the way every day so oh do you really how much do you take uh 1000 milligrams of xr you’re not uh you i’m not sure that two is better but i think 1.5 is better on most people i’m not sure that two is i think some of the study shows like 1.5 xr yeah yeah so anyway brothers it was so good

To talk to you guys we always chat on texas no no relationship talk yeah derek sends me nine minute voicemail i don’t see his picture though so it’s it’s very different when we talk here i’m good if you guys want to do that other subsection that was left oh yeah absolutely yeah i got time dude so by the way guys how has it changed my life learning that whatsapp

You can play the voicemails at two times oh my god dude way better

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