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The ONLY MINERAL that Lowers Insulin Resistance (pretty quick)

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Insulin resistance is a complicated thing but we don’t have to make it complicated all the time okay when we look at the big picture and what we are facing as a whole we really are dealing with an inability to get fuel into a cell and that’s all there is to it okay insulin resistance means that glucose cannot get into a cell so the cells are improperly fueled now

This is a problem on multiple levels for one you’re inadequately fueled okay that’s going to cause problems in and of itself downstream of that but additionally it’s going to eventually lead to more metabolic issues and significant weight gain if it’s left out of control right because it takes time but eventually that insulin resistance will trigger more fat to

Ultimately accumulate now i’m not here to say that magnesium is a magic bullet for this but it’s one brick in the wall of all these things that we need to pay attention to when you look at the overall observational studies in addition to the mechanistic action of magnesium with insulin it’s pretty clear that we have a magnesium issue and it needs to be addressed

So let’s go ahead and dive in after today’s video check out element they are a really awesome electrolyte sodium potassium magnesium thousand milligrams sodium 200 milligrams potassium 60 milligrams magnesium i just did a 35 mile 35 pound fasted ruck where i consumed nothing but element electrolytes alongside a couple of really awesome people i’ll tell you it

Kept me going and the simplicity of it is we need those minerals and they have awesome tastes that make it fun especially even when you’re fasting and you’re not eating and all you can consume is electrolytes so i put a link down below so that you can get your element but also get a free sample pack whenever you make a purchase so when you make that purchase you

Can get that free sample pack and give that sample pack to some friends that maybe want to try all the different flavors so that link is down below drink thomas that’s drink thomas tip go for the mango chili because it’s my favorite okay so there’s a study that was published in the journal nutrients that took a look at 234 people with metabolic

Syndrome and four times per year they measured their magnesium intake and also what is called their homa ir homa ir is their lagging indicator of insulin resistance it basically gives them a number of how insulin resistant is this person how long has insulin and how high has insulin been circulating through the bloodstream but what they found here is that those

In the highest quartile of magnesium consumption ended up having a 71 reduction in developing an elevated insulin resistance level compared to the lowest quartile simply put those that consumed more magnesium were at significantly 71 percent less risk of developing insulin resistance but that’s not enough data let’s look at some more there’s a study published

In diabetes care that looked at 4497 people that found very similar things when looking at a 20-year follow-up measuring people’s magnesium intake alongside a couple of other things like c-reactive protein and some other stuff and then following up 20 years later well they found there was an inverse correlation between magnesium intake and inflammation their

C-reactive protein levels were usually lower when magnesium was higher and their levels of insulin resistance were lower when their magnesium was higher they also ended up having a 47 percent less chance of developing type 2 diabetes when their magnesium was in the highest level okay well correlation does not always equal causation but still the data is pretty

Strong right especially in large human cohorts like this so now we get granular because personally i could look at observational studies all day but i always find potential flaws i like mechanistic studies overlaid with that i like to understand the why and there’s plenty of data pointing to the why so magnesium deficiencies can affect various channels okay you

Have to remember that magnesium is electrical okay so when we are deficient in magnesium that means that we might have too much calcium calcium and magnesium work together to excite and relax excite and relax and this can affect electrical channels that allow insulin to be released from the pancreas inside the pancreas you have what are called pancreatic beta

Cells and these are the primary insulin producers well these insulin producer cells rely on two very important things to do their job properly one they need to receive a chemical signal from glucose from sugar when we consume carbohydrates the glucose is the chemical messenger the chemical signal that signals the pancreatic beta cell to do something else the

Next important pathway that’s very critical is the electrical signal this electrical signal is a cascade from the chemical signal that is called the katp channel and if you have insufficient levels of magnesium that channel doesn’t open and close properly so basically the function of the beta cells becomes limited in an electrical fashion so you’re disturbing

This electrical signal out of the beta cell thereby inhibiting how much overall insulin it can release okay so not only could it inhibit or impair the insulin release it could trigger it to release too much basically you’re causing a myriad of different issues that are making the pancreatic beta cells just electrically kind of go cattywompus so produce too much

Or don’t produce enough leaving glucose levels high that’s why when you look at magnesium and you can see fasting glucose levels potentially elevated we can also see insulin levels elevated because maybe it’s triggering too much maybe it’s not triggering enough we need to be paying attention to this because there’s a number of different factors that we don’t even

Realize and when you look again come back to the observational data for a second as justification to say hey i guess i should just have more magnesium because if i have more it at least puts me into this quartile where i’m at a better chance of not developing diabetes or not developing insulin resistance forget the mechanistic stuff for a second that’s just for the

Nerdy people it’s the why the data is pretty clear and we are in a state where we are deficient in magnesium and calcium levels are high because everything is fortified with calcium because for a while we thought that was the most important thing but i think most researchers now know that calcium is important but they’re all important and they should be matched

Right they should be equal because it’s electricity you’re not going to have six grounds connected with one hot right you’re not gonna have six hots connected with one ground you’re gonna keep things balanced i’m not an electrician but i know that much right so what i would recommend is generally speaking a good baseline is four to five hundred milligrams via

Supplementation although i don’t like to push heavy supplementation i usually like magnesium uh that’s called dye magnesium malate because dye magnesium malate is a more universal sustained release magnesium okay and then when it comes down to quicker acting there are things like magnesium sulfate which might give you diarrhea if you go heavy on it but it might

Help you if you start having a really bad headache okay another one that you may want to try is magnesium glycinate bound to glycine it can help you go to sleep okay that’s one you take at night to help you relax that way uh magnesium three and eight can have some components that cross through the blood brain barrier easy being a little bit better for mental

Focus and mental relaxation but in general dye magnesium melate is a nice balanced one and then from there i like to just keep my sodium levels moderate my potassium levels in check so that i have this nice even keel where i’m not losing too much that’s what people forget you can take in magnesium but if you’re not also taking in sodium then you’re just going

To excrete things because sodium helps you retain a little bit more that’s why i usually end up talking about like element and things like that because they’re a little more sodium focused but i don’t want the net impression of this video to be go by this electrolyte that’s not what i’m after my net impression for you is get magnesium-rich foods in supplement

Magnesium i don’t care how you do it but just be conscious of it i’ll see you tomorrow

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The ONLY MINERAL that Lowers Insulin Resistance (pretty quick) By Thomas DeLauer