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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + 1% Zinc after 3 Months of use | INGREDIENT BY INGREDIENT ANALYSIS

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I used The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + 1% Zinc for 3 Months and this is the ingredient by ingredient analysis, followed by my impressions.

I’ve used the ordinary nice in my ten percent plus one percent zinc for over three months now and this is my review and an ingredient by ingredient analysis hello and one i’m sunita and this is blissfully random a place where we talk about everything practical and useful and if you like such topics please consider subscribing you’ve probably heard the rave about the

Ordinary product the fact that they’re high quality but low affordable prices but there is a kind of learning curve with them which should you and could you combined with others for months ago i bought several of their product and started testing this will be the first review and analysis and if you want to see others please write me in the comments below magazine

Mechanic acid and niacinamide are full of vitamin b3 vitamin b3 has plenty of benefits such as lowering ldl cholesterol increasing hdl cholesterol lowering triglycerides it may help prevent heart disease may help treating type 1 diabetes boosting brain function may reduce symptoms of arthritis it treats pellagra and also it can improve the skin conditions one benefit

That we are interesting in in this video that is the information that we have on the product page of the ordinary niacinamide niacin amide vitamin b3 is indicated to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion a high 10% concentration of this vitamin is supported in the formula by zinc so of peer-led on her box select acid to balance visible aspects of

Sebum activity independence that is suggest nanomite is also an effective ingredient for brightening skin tone niacin amide can affect the integrity of vitamin c so if you use topical vitamin c l ascorbic acid and or h elated l-ascorbic as it is better to use it at alternate times suggested is to use vitamin c in the evenings and this formula in the mornings let’s

Have a look at the ingredient list first ingredient is water nothing special about it it acts as a solvent this is a water-based product which means that it is applied after cleansing your face after toner if you use one to return the ph balance and before sitter heavier or oily products the second ingredient is the niacin amide itself 10% concentration which is

Good you always need your active ingredient among the first five ingredients on the ingredients list some sources classified them nice and white as a superstar ingredient you can help fade out brown spots discolorations and even out your skin tone in roast atopic dermatitis acne and rosacea create back healthy skin barrier and improve the hydration of the skin

And also act anti aging smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines the third ingredient is pendulum glycol it gives a silky feeling to the texture of the serum it acts as an emotion stabilizer the solvent along with water but also acts as an antimicrobial agent it is a friend it external jessica lee with other preservatives but it is also a moisturizer the fourth

Ingredient is the sink pca the role of the zinc is to normalize sebum production and to lower or stop bacterial overgrowth a 2011 research paper says that based on in vitro trials zinc pca might be a promising anti-aging active that helps with the production of type 1 collagen what we know is that whoa collagen we have the better our skin looks with aging the

Collagen production slows down and we may see the first signs of fine lines wrinkles and sagging of the skin diameter isis orbit is a solvent and viscosity controlling agent it penetrates deeply in the skin and helps with the delivering of active ingredients next we have summer this indica saved gum it acts as a moisturiser soothes the skin improves its elasticity

And leaves a velvety soft feeling on the skin xanthan gum is commonly used as a thickener and emotion stabilizer so the consistency will be not liquid as what a bit more gel like it is perfectly safe not only for topical use but also for internal for eating i should set this 20 is an emulsifier or stabilizer if foxy dye glycol it is used to boost the efficacy of

Other ingredients such as vitamin c self-tanning gh is all for one of the most effective ingredients against acne benzoyl peroxide and the final one is a preservative phenoxyethanol which is used to replace the parabens it can be found naturally in green tea but the versions used in cosmetics are synthetic and it is considered safe worldwide for concentrations up

To 1% now we know everything that is in this little matte glass bottle with a glass dropper which is a standard for the ordinary products niacinamide was recommended by many to be my first or anyone’s first product to try from the ordinary and what drew me to this product was the fact that i i do not use foundation and i did not want to use foundation but i want

To minimize my pore size or poor visibility so yes i was determined to try being prepared that i might have an adjustment period to this product i started slowly for the first 2 or 3 weeks i used it only one time weekly and looked for signs of a beginning of a purge but nothing of this kind happened what was their reaction from the first days is the reaction till

Now three and a half months later after applying it i feel some kind of stinging of burning my skin becomes red and have some dots on places that i have had pimples or that are more sensitive but after 15 to 30 minutes everything disappears and the skin comes down i used it am and pm mornings and nights the effects of both clean and clear pores and kind of blurred

Skin i saw after three weeks of daily use and then i introduced my very first retinoid the ordinary 5% gran active retinoid and i used the niacinamide as a barrier after cleaning my face thoroughly with oil cleanse or double cleanse returning the ph balance with a toner or rosewater applying a layer of niacinamide waiting for about five minutes to dry out and sink

In and then adding the retinoid not only with this product but also with other water-based products such as hell running serum i see that if i rub the product following them which has a more oily more heavy texture it becomes tiny grains so a better application would be tapping the second product in the mornings i use it before my hydration and after the hydration

I use an spf of 50 plus and after a 3 months of daily use most of the time am and pm mornings and night this is the quantity that i’m left with the product is reaching this line is below the middle who i repurchase yes definitely can i recommend it yes definitely it has an affordable price great texture i had no allergic reactions no purge and after three or four

Weeks of daily use i saw the effect that everyone raves about was it worth it yes a bit yes if you use or have used nice in my please share your opinion your review your feedback in the comments below so it can help others if you found this you’re helpful you can support me with a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel for more practical and useful videos i will

See you again in my next video until then stay happy and healthy bye

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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + 1% Zinc after 3 Months of use | INGREDIENT BY INGREDIENT ANALYSIS By Blissfully Random