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The Orphic Hymns for the Occult Practitioner by Patrick Dunn – Esoteric Book Review

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My overview of The Orphic Hymns, A New Translation For The Occult Practitioner by Patrick Dunn.

Patrick done has very recently released this new translation of the orphic hymns it’s a new translation for the occult practitioner although i would argue that the hymns be enjoyed by anyone they are presented in this volume by llewellyn who do specialize in esoteric and occult volumes and while the original translation which was made in 1795 something on those

Lines let me just see if i can find that um thomas something i think it was mm-hmm sorry about this yeah now i can’t quite find it right now oh here we go thomas taylor and i knew it was on the left-hand page somewhere um those original translations are to be found at the back of the book as an additional appendix in the back of the book there is also a concordance

And a glossary so that you can find the pages on which any given greek god or concept might be mentioned what i found they’re also very interesting was this approximately 30 page introduction which goes into details of the choice of words in the translation are also a description of the original offic room tradition and religion possibly religions um and also

A relatively extensive section on using these in a ritual context which was really fascinating actually the the rituals described are useful they’re nice they recommend replacing a cow with a loaf of bread shaped like a cow which i think it’s much nicer and it also mentions that this could very well be something that the original practitioners would have done

So all of this is very useful very interesting so uses in ceremonial magic in yeah simple magical use simple being just folk make a concordance for kabbalah capitalistic magic what scents and incense is to use and so on so that’s i thought that was really nice it was really nice touch and clearly the the author um does use these norfolk hymns in ritual settings

He mentions that he was he started off being a little jealous of judeo-christians who were able to use the psalms let me see if i can find the particular passage where he mentions this is quite quite a sweet thing to to read i can’t find it anyway it’s very interesting and then here are the actual hymns they have the original greek on the left and the author’s

Translation on the side on the right hand side followed by notes very interesting notes very useful as the title does suggest this really is for the occult practitioner i believe there are i can’t i can’t remember how many year there are exactly 80 something yes i think he said that there was yeah surveyed 1886 are approximately 86 um is 87 i think he might have

Said that it’s one number or the next number along depending on how you count them so it might be 87 or 88 or maybe it’s 86 87 i’m not sure so there we go yeah and as i say those original translations and over here we’ve got the index of purposes of the hymns so depending on what you actually want to affect what you want to what by what effect you want to bring

Up beyond and he corresponding him is suggested which is very very nice interesting bibliography if you’re interested in further reading here we go you show you what it looks like underneath the oh maybe i’ve shown you already yeah i just need to slip candy em the dust cover it’s quite smart it’s it’s just it’s just paper with a with a gold stamp very typical

Llewelyn endpapers oh yeah it’s seems to be smith’s own yep okay i’ll just give you a quick overview of the contents these of course are the appendices in their original translation there we go let me start straight into the fall so that’s my review of the author kim’s by patrick dunne law translated by patrick dunne and i’ve i’ve been very very interested in

Reading everything he’s had to say about these hymns there’s a quick look at the blurb on the back to give you an idea whether you interested or not that price is obviously a recommended retail price it’s available for much cheaper online if you’re interested thank you very much for watching the review don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and to comment down below

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The Orphic Hymns for the Occult Practitioner by Patrick Dunn – Esoteric Book Review By Foolish Fish