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The pros and cons of using a Topic Steroid for Alopecia Areata/Telogen Effluvium

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I ended up using topic steroids for my Telogen Effluvium and I share the pros and cons as to whether or not I think it was worth it!

And welcome back to another one of my alopecia videos and today i will be talking about whether or not it is best or the pros and cons of using steroids for hair loss and just a little update one on my condition why we’re here i believe this morning it may have stopped folding out i only had two hairs fall out when i brushed it this morning which is amazing i did go

To the hairdresser’s yesterday i braved it for the first time since it happened i did lose quite a lot but i don’t know if that’s just like pearling and tagging and whatnot but it seemed that there was extra coming out but then today there was like nothing so i am gonna take that as a win and hopefully it’ll continue because it’s been almost five months now since

It’s died falling out so i’m hoping it is done and i am on the path to recovery so um yes when i went to the doctor’s first of all you kind of learned quickly that there’s nothing that can stop hair loss it’s just gonna happen one of the options of a way of controlling it is to get a steroid and there are several different types you can get i will just say i am

Not a doctor i’m not a medical professional this is just what happened with me and my experience during my hair loss so i’m yeah i am when i’m first went to doctor i was prescribed a steroid i won’t tell you which one it was this one is i can little it’s like liquid that liquid water in a way i was told to put it on once a day usually at bedtime because i said that

Way then it’s like you kind of slave but it’s like they’re soaking in and i put it on every day for about two and a half months but it didn’t really seem to do anything and i didn’t really know how long i wanted to keep using it for because i said using topical steroids after a while it can like we can like make skin go thinner and weird side effects like that so

And i kind of stopped using it after two and a half months but um i did go back to the specialist and i ended up getting cortisone injections or shots like straight into what was the worst patch basically because they say when you use steroids you can’t use it like on a wide area it’s kind of like you have to pick an area and work on that one only so on my worst

Patch i ended up having steroids injected straight into it and they had to split one syringe and then they repeatedly just i put a tiny bit in just out in out in out in it wasn’t fun it it wasn’t the best but um hannah laughter that would have been it would have been about that i think i had that started in february i think it was and by middle of april i want to

Say it seemed to be overnight it just was like ping and it just kind of started growing back but um yeah it’s like the patch where i had the injections the hair has kind of grown longer quicker there it’s like i think like other areas are starting to fill in by themselves which didn’t have steroids in but the patch where i did have this they’re always definitely

Come through faster it’s like it’s grown longer quicker but um yes i mean that kind of helps in that sense because i’m like oh it’s like i don’t have to worry about there being a big like patch any more because now it’s kind of gone back hair color so i mean it helps in that sense but um it wasn’t fun having injections right into your head and i did also have a

Bit of a side effect from it well it’s like it’s what i like to call baby scalp it kind of went like like a bit scabby like how a baby’s head would go when they’re grabbing hair and it was only in the round patch where i had the steroid so i kind of blamed the steroids for it going a bit like scaly and flaky and but then when i like say scratch it off cuz one of

The things that you’re like oh it’s gross so i kind of scratched it and it was try i pulled out some like the newer hairs that were growing so it’s a bit of a catch-22 told you do you want a scaly head or do you only get rid of it i chose to end up like scratching it out because it didn’t look too bad from after i scratched it and it seems to have gone now since

I decided to try and scratch it all out i did also use like a head lice comb like that like the little bristles that really close together that helped a little bit but obviously it’s like we just get like why brush and then suddenly you’re using a head lice comb too then like brush it it’s a little bit scary but for me i thought it was better to do that um you know

I mean i haven’t really it’s not an area that i could see so for me i don’t know if using the steroid was particularly worth it because i think the rest of my hair is kind of starting to grow back anyway which it will in place them in this deal where is it that like that patch there doesn’t seem to be anything happening there yet but right on top it’s not as white

Anymore compared to what it was so i think it is kind of improving like by itself without the steroids i am taking biotin i know that’s not sterile this a vitamin but um i’ve been taking that every day i know for one thing when i always have been growing a lot faster since i’ve been taking it so i’m guessing that hopefully that’s helping my hair but um that’ll be

In another video of like that the things i kind of ate and actually put into my body rather than rubbing on it that would be another video of the things i done that way but for now steroids i’m not sure if it’s worth it i know some people die it’s give or take some people decide to use them some people don’t it’s completely by choice i don’t think i’d bother

Them if i if i had again hopefully i don’t have it again i don’t ever want to go for it again but if i if i was to happen again i don’t know if i would bother with the steroid again but yeah i hope you found that useful if you have any questions let me know in the comments and have a great day

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The pros and cons of using a Topic Steroid for Alopecia Areata/Telogen Effluvium By Kylie Travel \u0026 Teaching