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The REDUCE-IT trial – Omega 3 (5 min summary) 2018- FORD BREWER MD MPH

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So i did a recent video on the vaska patrol ameren drug the trial is called reduce it and that video was 20 minutes i get a lot of feedback about shorten it there’s a lot of folks that want to just bottom-line it and so i’m trying to do a five-minute summary that will air a few days after the the 20 minute detailed version basically it was response to our to the

Ascend trial which was saying yet again bad news for omega threes it was from drive you a viewer now a week or so later you’ll have to come in on the drug ameren drug vest cuppa and then john had a great response to it as usual 24 2400 per year for vests keppo when you know you can get epa fairly cheaply there are some things to know though here’s the thing here’s

The new york times headline fish old drug may reduce heart attack and stroke risks for some large doses of omega-3 there are two key points here large doses the ascend trial was one gram of omega-3 the reduce it study was four grams of epa very very different study also different study populations the ascend trial was people that had diabetes but no other events no

Cardiovascular events and no other risks or known risks the reduce it study the new study that’s out is was 8,000 patients with a 70% had a previous history of event so they’d already had a heart attack or a stroke pardon the voice any other details yet we’ll get into a couple more real quick about the whole issue of this back and forth back and forth about omega-3s

And cordia disease but first a brief introduction my name is ford brewer f ord brewer bre wer started off as an er doc got very focused on prevention learned it at johns hopkins and have been practicing preventive medicine since then working with patients and doc’s now what about this back and forth back and forth there was a headline of while back that said throw

Your fish oil back talking about and they showed a picture of somebody throwing a fish back in the water and a lot of it was based on this jama cardiology review in march of 2018 it was a meta-analysis of ten trials involving 78,000 individuals they saw no improvement in cardiovascular risk oh here’s the here’s the headline they saw no improvement in cardiovascular

Risk for all 78,000 patients so you know that’s what this response was it was from the american council on science and health time to throw the fish oil back and then they’ve got that picture of throwing throwing that fish back in the water so why are we going back and forth well and then we get well i’ll cover this part in just a minute we’re going back and forth

Because there are there’s a lot of differences out there like i said we’re talking about huge doses three and four grams which is like eating a significant amount of fish it’s not taking a pill and clearly not taking one simple pill again you’re talking about patients whether or not they’re already on statins there’s evidence that may be be being on statins reduces

The risk and washes out any improvement with with omega threes so there’s a lot of other information going on here i have to mention this part we don’t even have the study yet ameren reported it from their corporate headquarters the pharmacy bid the pharmaceutical manufacturer and guess what their stock prices are up three hundred and seven percent unless things have

Changed dramatically from when i was at hopkins the there was a lot of back-and-forth and a lot of emotion around this universities and this was this was coming out of harvard universities don’t want money makers even i mean it’s fun for pharma to make money when they deserve it but to get the jump on scientific information before it gets reviewed is a big problem

Now i had my bottom line what happened to it hmm give me just a minute how did that happen here’s my bottom line what does all this mean omega-3 is not dead yet probably this preference for epa and dha is correct what am i doing i’m still eating salmon and i may go back and add a supplementation at this point i’m not going to try to take the vest cup oh thank you for your interest

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The REDUCE-IT trial – Omega 3 (5 min summary) 2018- FORD BREWER MD MPH By Ford Brewer MD MPH