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The Serious Side Effects of the Contraceptive Pill

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The serious side effects of the contraceptive pill, specifically brands Yaz and Yasmin – and choosing the right contraceptive pill for Australian women.

It has been over 50 years since a contraceptive pill was introduced to women in australia and since then fifty to eighty percent of women will have use a pill at some stage during their reproductive lives women all over the country having conversations every single day with their doctors about choosing the right contraceptive pill recently there seemed to have been

A lot more serious side effects of the pill coming to light while sees side effects such as blood clots in the heart and lungs stroke and deep vein thrombosis are there for any kind of the contraceptive pill these risk are usually quite low except for two brands in particular as in sister brain yasmin both these pills are manufactured by bayer pharmaceuticals

And we were marketed as a super contraceptive for treating acne and pms but it seems that these pills didn’t live up to their potential as a super peel in fact far from it with thousands of injuries and home as 100 deaths worldwide attributed to the bay appeals parses lagares is an animal growth of cisco on your ovaries pretty much they means you’re struggling

Turkey and some you have my fav probably aren’t own became a war to be finalized and elated his comfort you can feel them erupted if they get too large had an x-ray knows about the size of a golf ball he said but there wasn’t big enough for him to drink i believe that the cause of their horses to garys was the pill i was on yes for about six months and i started

Getting cramps towards the end of it went to my doctor and he said like have you ever heard up the history of it and i woke up history of jazz and then i started seeing on the news that people getting cramps and clots and the doctor said that’s probably the reason why bottoms i’m definitely not buying our kids family planning new south wales leads the state in

Providing exceptional reproductive they trained experts provide advice on contraception sexual health and research and education they are a nonprofit organization by caters for everybody in every family doctor marris doing spoke about choosing the right contraception and minimizing the side effects of the countryside but there are lots of different pills available

And not every pill suits every woman so it’s really a matter of sometimes finding the bike pill for her our opinion can you say that there is one brand that is generally safe over another well i think the important thing to think about is assessing the woman for safety to use any pill so there is a risk of blood clots with the pill what we call vte and that risk

Is slightly higher for women who are taking the pill compared to women who are not taking the pill and why are your comments on the safety of the contraceptive pills years and years most old pills have a risk of vte there are as i said some studies that suggest that the newer pills and it’s not just one particular type of pill but that all of the newer pills quite

Quite likely there are lots of pills available on the market and most of the pills these days are actually very low dose so they are between 20 to 35 micrograms of estrogen along with estrogen the combined he’ll also has progestin there are two different types of hormones in the pill we know that it’s actually the estrogen that’s responsible for some of the safety

Concerns with the pill such as vte risk and so the lies the dose the birds a better idea i think it’s important for us to realize that the pill is a really popular form of contraception for australian women there are lots of options available and it’s important that we listen to women and what their concerns are and also that they get help from health professionals

If they’re having concerns with their contraception biopharmaceuticals cannot be contacted for comment melanie canosa you’d see s new

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The Serious Side Effects of the Contraceptive Pill By Melanie Canosa