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The Smartest Drug Smuggler Attempts

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We all know that illegal drug trafficking is a big business, and despite the fact that most countries take measures to prevent it, it appears that drug lords will always try to find a way to avoid being caught. In this video, we will show you some of the most bizarre and creative drug smuggling attempts.

Foreign we all know that illegal drug trafficking is a big business and despite the fact that most countries take measures to prevent it it appears the drug lords will always try to find a way to avoid being caught this video we will show you some of the most bizarre and creative drug smuggling attacks number one cocaine plastic in 2019 spanish authorities

Busted a cocaine smuggling ring that avoided detection by mixing the drug with industrial plastic pellets and then chemically removing it in three specially designed laboratories 12 people were arrested as part of the operation which police described as the largest ever seizure of cocaine processing infrastructure in the country one of the laboratories located

In madrid and toledo had the capacity to produce up to 500 kilograms 1102 pounds of cocaine per month according to a police statement the other two handled smaller volumes the cocaine could not be detected during routine customs checks because it was a component of the plastic pellets which are used to make items such as bottle tops and food containers in the

Processing laboratories chemicals and machinery were used to extract the cocaine the crime ring was run by a colombian family the leader of which lived in a luxurious house on the outskirts of madrid three colombian experts on cocaine extraction were brought in to work round the clock for 10 days that one of the laboratories according to police who did not say how

Much the gang was suspected of smuggling in addition police seized 600 kilograms 1 323 pounds of pellets 30 kilograms 66 pounds of cocaine paste and large amounts of chemicals number two cocaine in fruit more than six metric tons of cocaine were discovered hidden in bananas on an industrial estate on the outskirts of malaga by the national police and the spanish

Civil guard the drugs were concealed within fruit thought to have originated in ecuador the national police detained 16 people and confiscated 300 000 euros in cash firearms high-end vehicles and documentation in 2021 a video went viral showing drug smugglers using an eye-opening technique to conceal drugs within ordinary watermelons a short video posted on the

Reddit page unexpected showed an officer slicing open a watermelon to reveal what was inside when the fruit was cut open it was clear that the juicy insides had been carved out to accommodate something the watermelon was carrying a peach-colored plastic bag when the officer opened it he discovered a large amount of marijuana inside three drugs in donuts pastry

If finding drugs hidden in a bunch of innocent looking fruit is surprising imagine discovering cocaine in a harmless looking donut that’s the situation colombian police and bogota found themselves in when they stopped a young woman at the airport within her seemingly innocuous box of donuts was a packet containing nearly a thousand grams of cocaine that’s quite

Inventive some smugglers have become even more cunning when it comes to food mexican soldiers once confiscated a shipment of boxes of pastry that were actually sprinkled with cocaine rather than powdered sugar danish style pastries injected with methamphetamine paste instead of cream cheese were also intercepted perhaps drug smugglers use this method because the

Humble pastry appears to be so innocent that authorities are catching on thank you number four cocaine statue of jesus save your odd faces there’s still so much you don’t know a statue of jesus christ complete with flowing hair and a golden cape was confiscated by federal agents in laredo with up to six pounds of cocaine mixed into the plaster without the sniffer

Dogs the statue could have been dismissed as a mere trinket some say you can’t put a price on jesus this one is worth around thirty thousand dollars on the streets the dea spokesman in washington stephen robertson saved the worst of his legal jargon for this case calling it sacrilegious if the statue had been smuggled successfully it would have been diluted in

Water sifted and dried before being sold in small packages if you’re still in awe the statue’s owner was a 61 year old man who paid a woman eighty dollars to transport it across the border this was not the first time cocaine was hidden in sculptures colombian police discovered 16 kilograms of cocaine mixed into three massive sculptures by the famous artist fernando

Botero before they were shipped from colombia to spain number five cocaine in shoe if you’re a fan of high fashion you’ve probably heard of manolo blahnik a designer of exorbitantly priced shoes as we all know from the ubiquitous knockoffs of other brands high fashion attract imitation however in this case the knockoffs were significantly more expensive than

The genuine article a cocaine trafficking ring was apprehended in northern spain spain again spain after a two-year investigation revealed a massively successful operation the smugglers made a cocaine paste then expertly pressed and molded it into replicas of blonik’s shoes which were then given to airline passengers to wear on flights to various locations while

Manolo’s original stilettos can fetch several thousand dollars a pair of these knockoffs can fetch around 75 grand per pair on the open market number six meth in peanut shells in 2021 u.s customs and border protection officials discovered nearly 500 grams of meth hidden inside individual peanut shells being shipped from mexico to texas cbp officers discovered the

Stash inside a package labeled regional bread roasted peanuts regional dust suite made of corn on tuesday at a shipping hub in memphis tennessee an x-ray revealed suspicious anomalies within the package prompting officers to open it and discover what appeared to be bags of shelled peanuts when an officer cracked open one of the shells they discovered balls of a

White crystalline substance which tests confirmed was methamphetamine who would think this up drug smugglers have frequently discovered new ways to transport their illicit products around the world from fruits and vegetables to flower shipments however authorities are constantly taking stronger measures to prevent them this can only mean one thing more inventive

And creative drug smuggling methods are on the way we’re aware that there have been many more drug smuggling attempts but we believe these were some of the most inventive and bizarre if you have any additional cases to share please leave a comment below and we will see you in the next video it is

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The Smartest Drug Smuggler Attempts By Mafia Side