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The time I snorted lidocaine…twice! Esophageal Motility test-esophagus spasms

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Hi y’all! Sorry for my hiatus! I was off learning all the things and I am so ready to be back sharing more with you guys.

Hi guys welcome back to my channel been a hot minute since i’ve been on youtube but i thought i’d come back today ready to rock and roll and give you a really fun and interesting story time that could benefit someone who might be going through the same thing it’s also just kind of a fun story so here we go let’s get right into it so for those of you who don’t know

Me um nope up in the back and for those of you who don’t know me i have always had reflux issues and esophageal issues my whole life since i was 10 years old i was diagnosed with esophageal spasms which basically if you don’t know what that is it’s like your esophagus is having a charley horse and if you’ve ever had a charley horse or a muscle spasm in your life

You know that it really hurts and i imagine it happening just right here like been on medications acid reducers things like that um and yeah i mean i’m just kind of living with it but recently i was having some episodes some really bad reflux episodes is what i thought they were basically it felt like my stomach acid was just pouring into my esophagus and it was

Like on fire it hurt it made me nauseous and made me want to throw up like i just i was in so much pain and the first time it happened i went to the er they gave me what they call a gi cop but it’s basically like maalox or mylanta with some lidocaine and they have something else that they put in it i’m not sure i really don’t know i just know that it helped the

First time and then it hadn’t happened for a while then it happened again i tried to get rid of it on my own trying and trying and trying to hours later still in so much pain still burning went back then i finally made my way to my gi and he thought i was having like some expansions as well so he wanted me to go get this test done which is where the story comes in

So fast forward um i had two more episodes after my original appointment with my gi i get this testin he told me it was called an esophageal motility test and that it only had one machine their whole practice where they have three offices has one machine it’s a specialized machine and i had to go there to get it i would be awake for the procedure i wouldn’t need

Someone to drive me home and it was basically they were putting a probe in my esophagus and like checking the function of my esophagus the motility of my softness i thought okay no problem so i was gonna go by myself but luckily my husband ended up being off that day so he was able to go with me and i was really thankful for that at the end of it even though i

Didn’t need someone there i was just really thankful this procedure is for people who have esophagus problems or issues with their esophagus whether it be swallowing or other issues this is a really good procedure and test that they have now that can really read and understand the motility of your esophagus so i go in and i really wasn’t told much about it other

Than i had to stop eating six hours prior and i had to stop drinking liquids for hours prior to the procedure she’s like okay but you know the procedures gonna take about thirty minutes total time the probe itself will only be in your esophagus for about ten minutes depending on she said that she was going to first numb me by pudding or giving me some lidocaine

And then she would insert the probe in once the probe was in and the procedure would start and then once we were done that would be it and i was like okay cool she hands me a baseline and i’m like am i gonna what’s this for like am i gonna throw up she was like well you might know it’s like okay cool so then i see the probe laying on sorry for my dog breaking the

Background she’s awesome see the probe it looks like the size of a feeding tube right so i see the approach is like okay so i’m gonna put the lidocaine up your nose and i was like wait what what you gonna do with that lidocaine girl because i had um i had a camera put up my nose at an emts office one time and they gave me a lidocaine nasal spray like flonase or

Some allergy nasal spray i was able just to shoot it up my nose and inhale it like nasal spray but she had a syringe and she was like i’m gonna hold one side and i’m gonna shoot this up while you snort it in and it’s gonna go up your nose and down your throat oh come on okay okay yeah sure she said sometimes people think that they had like a brain freeze or some

People say that it burns a little bit the back of their throat but it shouldn’t last long because this line it came so you shouldn’t feel anything after a while anyway okay so then she was like once i once you’re numb then we will put the probe in and get it down and if you know she’s like the first time you know you might feel it we can always put more lidocaine

And i was like okay cool she gets a syringe she holds the side of my nose now some people who i’ve told the story to are like why don’t you do it i wouldn’t have done it let’s be honest like i didn’t want to do it and i would have sat there and held this syringe for a really long time and i probably wouldn’t have shot it all up in there anyway so it was honestly

Best that the nurse practitioner who was doing this test for me did that so she had a whole syringe like 5 ml of lidocaine on the count of 3 we went and we never smart applied it came before never want to do it again it definitely burned into the back of my throat a little bit i felt it all coming down i felt as if i had just stuff coming out it was just a weird

Feeling was it my favorite moment so then she gave that a second and it she was like okay are you ready to give this try i’m like okay let’s do it now i need to forewarn you i have a super sensitive gag reflex which i guess it’s more common than i thought but like basically if i’m chewing on a pin if i like chew on it with my very back teeth it gags me so anyways

Bad gag reflex i knew this going into it but i really wanted to get this test done because it was very important to me and so to find out what’s going on of course so anyway she started to go in when i i felt it go through my nose a little bit like the pressure and then when it got to the back of my throat i gagged she pulled it out and i like and i was gagging

Like trying to catch my breath caillou it just it got me and so she was like it’s okay it’s okay like let’s give it a minute we’ll try again so she tried again this time she got a little further in but she could see the panic in my eyes she could see me starting to gag so she was like do you need me to pull it out and i shook my head yes and she pulled it out all

The while my my amazing wonderful very blessed husband is standing by my side holding this vase and ready for me to just like spit in it so when she pulled it out that time i gagged enough where i threw up but i didn’t have anything that throw up so i threw up like nothing and i was trying to catch my breath again it took me a while and she was explained to me you

Know if you really don’t feel like you can do this it’s okay there are other tests we can do like a barium swallow study other things like that she was like but this just is the best one and i was like you know part of me really wants to quit because i hate gagging i hate vomiting we’re gonna do it so i looked at her and i said she’s like what you want two more

Lidocaine i said yes i do except i said can i swallow it and she just kind of looked at me a little bit oh my god i was crazy and i was like listen i’ve been to the rfu trying to split these episodes they give me a gi cocktail which i was liking in it i’m used to swallowing like a it’s not that big of a deal she was like i mean yeah sure and i was like is that

Okay and she was like yeah no one’s ever asked that that’s why i seemed a little startled but yeah let’s give it a try and then she said why don’t you gurgle it and i was like you are speaking the language now that’s what i’m talking about that is what i’m talking about that’s gurgling so we get it back there i gurgled in a minute let it sit there for a minute

And i was like you know what let’s get some more in my nose i was like screw it i want to get this done let’s numb it all up again she was like are you sure i said yes so she did it again all numbed up tried the probe again this time successfully got it in and she snapped it in we ready though no i didn’t know i thought she was just gonna record some stuff for a

Few minutes i was going to swallow a few times but apparently the test is you swallow you don’t swallow they give you a little syringe of some saline solution and you put it she’ll put it in your mouth and then she’ll tell you to swallow and then you don’t swallow again until she tells you it’s okay and they want to record that ten times i didn’t know there was

A magic number of ten i didn’t know that before she didn’t say that to me so i’m sitting there laying on the thing and she gives me the saline it’s going it i could definitely feel like there’s something in the back of my throat but i was trying just to breathe through it and like ignore it and we got to five i was like oh maybe she’s doing five like that sounds

Like a good number we got two five and then nothing happened and then she went to six and i was like okay i’m starting to feel a little worse i should have said give me another shot of lidocaine in my mouth but i didn’t so i only made it to seven rounds before i started feeling it and then i panicked and then she pulled it out like a slippery little snake and then

I threw up in the basin that my husband was holding so that is an esophageal motility test um so yeah if you ever have to get an esophageal motility test done that is what it is like i know i’m probably a little more dramatic than what most people might be but i’m being real with you in the sense that that’s how it was um now lucky for you i have gone back to get

An update of what the results were and basically because of my years of acid reflux i have some damage to my esophagus that is not allowing it to contract every time or properly now mind you this does not give me in the issues i’m able to eat and drink everything like normal i don’t feel like food get stuck in my esophagus so those were my results of the test which

Actually were better than i was thinking i was just scared that they were gonna suggest i needed a surgery or something crazy because my esophagus and stomach were messed up but come to find out it’s just unfortunately from damage but hopefully with a little care and treatment and time it will heal so that is all that is my story time today about my esophagus which

I know is a little strange to talk about but there are tons of people out there who probably have the same things as me but that’s all for today i hope you enjoy this story and i’ll see you guys next time bye

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The time I snorted lidocaine…twice! Esophageal Motility test-esophagus spasms By Danielle Grillo