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The Truth About Getting Rid of SIBO for GOOD.

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Hi, friend! In today’s video, I’m sharing a bit about my personal experience with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and how I’ve been able to keep it at bay for the last 2.5 years. 🤍

Hey how you doing it’s your friendly neighborhood stuff here i’m wearing high-waisted pants and i think i’m gonna have to unbutton them because i’m bloated which is so fitting because we’re talking about sibo all right so i’m finally making this video i didn’t want to because i really just wanted to move away from this and just make more lifestyle content

Talking about my plant children living a healthy lifestyle in general creating your dream life but y’all are just all up in my dms wanting to know how did you get rid of sibo sos please send help and help you i shall child i am here to spit backs about the truth about getting rid of sibo p.s i know some butthole in the comments it’s gonna say that i was bloated

So i don’t know what i’m talking about but i literally just ate and that’s why i’m blood don’t be coming at me with your sass i’m not a doctor not yet an ntp or health coach it’s on the vision board hopefully happening next year i am just a little woman who had sibo and who no longer does i’m gonna tell you some things you’re probably not gonna wanna hear but

Hopefully it helps and hopefully i’m able to explain this a little bit better than i would through dm all right let’s talk about sivo and if you’re watching this i’m gonna assume that you already know what it is if not i’ll drop a video up here you can watch before coming back to this one but it is a nasty little bugger like i 100 can understand why i get so many

Dms about it there’s a facebook group now with like 40 50k plus people in it i can pretty easily mentally go back to 2017 which was like the worst of when i had it and i can very easily remember like how hopeless i felt and just how miserable living was because it just sucks when you can’t eat to stay alive because it’s so uncomfortable nothing settles well

You’re either constipated you’ve got the runs so you’ve got a combination of both you’ve probably got other issues on top of that which just makes working being in a relationship being a parent existing just makes it a challenge just makes it difficult totally understand the desperation and like just tell me what’s going to work tell me what’s going to get rid of

My sibo like i’m willing to do whatever because i was totally there so i just want to speak to you if that is where you’re at right now just feeling so uncomfortable inside your own body and whatever other emotions you have going on right now i just want to say i’m so sorry that this is your reality and that you’re going through this especially if you don’t have

A very good support system in your life you are not crazy you are so valuable because your value does not lie in your health and your actions and what you do and i hope if you can take away anything from this video it is that i am living proof that you can get over it you can get control of your digestion of your health to what extent i can’t say because i’m

Not a doctor and i recognize that there are illnesses that are forever for life some of us are going to be able to heal from it and some of us are just going to learn how to manage but there is always room to get better and i just want you to hear that it does get better even if it doesn’t feel like it right now i need you to know like this is not the rest of

Your life please hear that first and foremost so i’m definitely not 100 out of the woods with my health and digestion i still have quite a ways to go but i did get rid of sibo i feel significantly better and less bloated and i’m not taking like miralax or um right into the er anymore because i’m so constipated so i want to share my answer to the question people

Ask me most often which is how did you how did i get rid of my sibo and this answer really is not going to be sexy and it might actually turn some of you off a little bit but just stick with me the truth about how i finally got rid of my sibo was to ignore my sibo i know i know you can’t ignore it because it’s all-encompassing and it’s debilitating i’m not trying

To waffle your feathers let me explain if you’ve been in the sibo community for any like amount of time you know that there are several different treatment options like pharmaceuticals herbal antibiotics an elemental diet diet change there are all these different things you can try to either get rid of your sibo or reduce the symptoms if you’re not familiar with

Some of those methods i have a blog post i did on like a whole ultimate guide to sibo that i’ll link in the description below and i tried a lot of those myself i did do herbal antibiotics which i have a separate video on and i’ve tried an elemental diet so i’m definitely not telling you not to do those things i always think that you need to do your own research

Consult with your doctor and make those decisions with your health team but after being a part of this like gut health sibo community for like the last three years now i’ve seen so many people just keep going around and around and around and they do seven eight nine rounds of antibiotics they’re doing three or four elemental diets and it might actually get the

Job done but they keep relapsing with it and they keep coming back to it and that’s because sibo small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is not a diagnosis it’s like a state of being for your gut like i can be happier i can be sad your gut happens to be overgrown with bacteria in the wrong place and there’s usually a reason for that there is a cause maybe even

Multiple causes that led your gut to be in this state of dysbiosis and disarray so after trying a lot of these different sibo treatments out for maybe about a year i just told my doctor i was really tired of this cycle and of not seeing the improvement that i wanted to see my doctor at the time actually suggested tabling sibo for the time being so that we could

Look into other areas of my body that may be causing me issues and may even be kind of causing the sibo things like parasites gut infections bacterial infections immune infections autoimmune issues she said if we could figure out some of what may be going on and addressed that then the siba would just kind of resolve itself because we’re getting to the root cause

So that’s actually exactly what we did during my time with this practitioner we found out that i actually did have a parasite i had several different gut infections i had some heavy metal toxicity going on and since seeing my new doctor actually found out that i’ve had a chronic bacterial infection called psychoplasma pneumonia so throughout the years as we’ve

Kind of like addressed these different infections here and there the sibo just really did go away on its own you can’t just keep sticking band-aids on the problem if you want to be healthy for good and you have to be willing to do the work and you have to be your own health and wellness advocate you just can’t trust that other people are going to do that for you

Like you’re the one who wants to be healthy like the most of anyone and there’s literally so much that goes into transforming your diet and lifestyle which is what i hope to encourage you to do on this channel to help educate and inspire you to do that but at the end of the day there is not one thing or one cure that is gonna get rid of your sibo and i get that

That’s annoying to hear because for a year i was really just looking for a protocol or a product or something i could do to make it better so i’m trying to tell you this to save you some heartache that i went through of being disappointed every time something didn’t work and just go ahead and tell you that healing is not linear there is no magic bullet but i

Do think every little step that we take or lifestyle swap or switch that we make does lead us closer to healing into being healthier and feeling better so again not telling you not to like take a sibo test or do any of the treatments for it because there is a lot of science behind those things and i think they can help but just answering the question personally

For me if you’re not really improving after maybe trying some of those things like two or three times i would consider talking to your doctor about going deeper and exploring what may be causing all of the dysbiosis in your gut but maybe you’re like hey girl my doctor sucks butt he doesn’t believe me he doesn’t listen to me and he doesn’t even know what sibo

Is not to worry i’m going to leave a link in the description below with like a search database so that you can find functional doctors either in your area or a lot of them will still see you virtually if there aren’t any close to you in your area i just think it’s so important to have a functional or holistic health professional on your health team because that

Person is really going to help you figure out what the root of your problem is and not just try to mask the symptoms so again that’s an awesome tool that i will leave in the description below and it’s actually how i found my doctor here in orlando who i absolutely love anyway thanks for sticking around if you’re trying to heal your gut right now there’s actually

Five free ways you can start doing that today if you want to know how click on this video on the screen i will see you guys over there remember to stay encouraged friend it does get better

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The Truth About Getting Rid of SIBO for GOOD. By Stephanie Wittek