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The Worst Anti-Drug Movie Ever

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What do Bugs Bunny, the Smurfs, Winnie the Pooh, and the Muppet Babies have in common? They all feature in the freaky, animated anti-drug film Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue (1990). Mark Jordan Legan takes us on a psychedelic tour.

Slavey presents your guide to the worst cinematic trap it’s ever been made hello class i’m mark jourdan llegan your substitute teacher for the day and i expect you to treat me with the same respect and dignity as you would your regular teacher thank you now as the school year is winding down class i’m going to show you clips from the worst anti-drug film ever

Made no it’s not reefer madness from 1936 this well-meaning but hopeless morality tale is 1990s cartoon all-stars to the rescue as our little opus starts a pot crazed brother is stealing from his cute aryan looking sister all right there must be 20 bucks in here easy so as you can see this film was made to educate kids about the dangers of marijuana and bad

Nineties animation oh i hate to suggest this but my guess would be marijuana and unlawful substance used to experience artificial highs you know what’s weird my voice used to sound like that when i was high you know kid you don’t look so good what is a joint you know i think bug said that a dozen times to daffy duck and if things weren’t strange enough in this

Movie bugs bunny takes michael and puts him in a time machine we’re getting high you know a way to connect with post-punk american youth let’s dress some like characters from archie and jughead comics what is it what’s the matter you scared no no so you still think it was your choice i didn’t want to think i was a wimp better a wimp in an all-day sucker a little

Interesting sidenote seen a little smoke demon there into the oil the time that smoke demon is voiced by academy award winning legendary actor george c scott hey lighten up on my man he was just experimenting some friend and in classic anti-drug fashion they show michael the damage he’s doing to his brain where am i well you’re about to take a trip through the

Human brain i’m sure a few of us have been buzzed before and felt like the muppet babies were taking a rollercoaster ride through our brain by the way folks from this thing premiered it was broadcast simultaneously on all three broadcast networks and now to really take a right turn into bizarro bill who’s that well it’s not freddy krueger this is you who better

To scare you straight than how you use you lose what’s up doc is your life if you don’t cut it out there’s nothing cool about a fool on drugs go on pushy as you can see just like most people’s interventions everyone from the smurfs to winnie the pooh show up to be a buzzkill oh what a nightmare i’ll say gosh that song i know it’s meant to help and yet it’s

Ringing in my head haunting me even it’s almost like i need to escape to make it stop oh well thanks muppet babies for singing and scaring me straight for slate v i’m mark jordan leegin and remember better a wimp than an all-day sucker

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