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They Just CRIPPLED the United States…

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So this is a massive national security risk and nobody’s talking about this nobody’s considering this and this is the collapse of our medical system all right there’s something seriously wrong going on and what if a natural disaster happens what if a war does break out what if something does happen and a nuclear device is detonated and we need a ton of medical

Staff right away what are we gonna do all right so there are massive nursing shortages happening right now and the link to this is people are being trapped inside of a hospital all right they’re being trapped in hospitals they can’t discharge because there’s no care for them to take care of them all right so people it’s this article out of the guardian was saying

Approximately one in four hospital patients this is nationwide some areas there’s no people some areas there’s a lot but nationwide approximately one and four hospital patients cannot check out because they can’t get the proper care when they check out they need physical therapy or they need a on-call nurse they need somebody there to take care of them and there’s

Not enough people to do the job right now all right and this is because nurses have been pushed out of the profession the past two years they have been micromanaged they have been mandated they have had all this stuff put on them and a lot of them have quit right i had a neighbor the past year that was a nurse and she quit as soon as all this stuff happened she quit

Because she was in a very rural setting very rural hospital and it was very laid back there wasn’t a lot of micromanaging and then as soon as all this stuff hit she was forced to just be micromanaged and everything has to you know be a part of the system it’s like hospitals could kind of operate on their own before but once all this stuff hit they could no longer

Have autonomy they had to follow the rules or they would not get funding for their hospital all right and she was also mandated you know there was mandates for all health care workers and she did not want to do that she did not agree with that and she had to she had to step down all right so this is happening nationwide nurses are stepping out doctors are having

Burnout because people are quitting and they’re making up the slack but people are getting burnt out because they are working 14 hours 16 hours some doctors you know 18 hour 20 hour shifts just to get through just to make it through because there’s no one else but them right so this is a collapse of our medical system what happens if something huge actually does

Happen and i was reading on the fda’s sorry about that own website of the shortages you can google it fda medicine shortages happening right now and one of the main things i kept listing which is so strange and kind of shocking is sodium chloride so sodium sodium chloride is essentially the chemical that’s in iv bags and it’s just a salt it’s just an electrolyte

But it’s a critical vector like that your body needs to survive what happens if there is a nuclear strike there is a natural disaster there is more hurricanes there’s earthquakes tornadoes droughts massive war famine food shortages people people’s health are not going to be at the top if we’re facing food shortages recessions people are having to cut back people

Are stressed out people’s health are going is going to deteriorate right i got sick a couple weeks ago because i was stressed out i was traveling i was not sleeping not eating well and i got sick from that all right just from that so what happens if things get even worse and then our medical system is also collapsing all right this is intentional this is on purpose

We’ve seen our medical system just falling apart the past few years all right i remember my dad had to deal with the va constantly and it was terrible it was terrible to get any kind of care he always just went to his private doctor he ended up he ended up just going his private doctor all the time he’s having like outside insurance outside of the va and we’ll

Just pay out of pocket sometimes because it was he couldn’t wait couldn’t wait a month two months or whatever to go to the va right and this is how we treat our own veterans in the united states and their with our medical system right they don’t get the care they need and i mean are why would why would we expect anything better for us if we can’t even take care

Of our vets you know that’s my dad had to deal with this all the time and it’s you just don’t get the proper care that you need and he would go to some of the biggest ones in tampa and he still it would still be a struggle to get the care you need and it would still take way too long all right there’s also acetaminophen shortages so this is just a simple thing to

Bring your fever down just a pain reliever very simple thing very common medicine probably one of the most common medicines in the world and there’s shortages of that too right if you’ve gotten tylenol or any kind of pain reliever or fever reducer in the past six months year couple years you might have noticed uh the supply of it is very low on the shelves all

Right just another thing what if a massive war breaks out what if a disaster breaks out we need this medicine right away it’s just it’s just all these things are critical we take for granted you know having acetaminophen having iv bags and it’s getting to the point where these are in short supply as well all right we’re turning into like a third world country

Where we can’t even can’t even provide iv bags people are going to die from dehydration in america all right it’s crazy and if you are you just need an iv bag you wanna it’s it’s hard to get one all right my wife’s been uh desperately high dehydrated before and she was struggling with it for months and um because she was sick and it was so hard just to get a

Doctor to give us an iv back it was crazy it was like such an ordeal it’s like people thought we were trying to get like drugs or something because we wanted an iv bag because my wife was dehydrated it’s crazy all right it’s crazy maybe it was because the shortages maybe they’re in short supply so they don’t want to just like give them out but we had to end up

Calling private doctors to get ivs and stuff it was like very you know home call doctors that only do stuff like that just to get ivs because no one else would give us ivs when my wife was severely severely dehydrated and had trouble eating and stuff so very strange very their medical system’s just going downhill guys and i just keep thinking about it too what if

Something does happen what if a massive word does break out we saw this icbm go over japan just today all right if you didn’t see that video go check it out this is very serious all right north korea has literally fired a icbm over the island of japan all right so very serious we need to get our medical system in order this is a national security risk and let me

Know are you a nurse are you a doctor do you work in the medical field some way um are you a pharmacist like what are you seeing are you seeing shortages of these items i’m talking about because i saw these on the fda’s own website but i want to know if people boots on the ground are seeing this too so thank you guys for watching please hit it up down there if

You guys like this stuff like the prepper news and thank you so much you guys have a big blessed day

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They Just CRIPPLED the United States… By Patrick Humphrey