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Third Aimovig Injection Vlog *Graphic*

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@MyMom took a video of me knowing I haven’t posted any of my recorded videos for the past year or so though the surgeries and other trial and errors, but here is a quick vlog of me injecting myself with 140 mg/2mL prefilled autoinjectors. This was my third injection and my view of the medication so far.

Wow all right tell me what you just said talk to us about what this is right now right now it’s oh um so these are two of the 70 milligrams or milliliter injections of a movie and i definitely i definitely noticed like a big difference i think that i’ve tried a lot a lot a lot a lot of different things over the course of however many years like 10 years or whatever

So like obviously this is different than pretty much everything else and it actually works as opposed to like everything else i’ve tried hasn’t worked but i don’t feel like it’s a hundred percent working like i feel like i need this twice a month i feel like i get 14 days in i got two weeks in and it’s a 28 day long process and then it’s like i need another set

I noticed that like i’m i’m waiting for the next injection at like 2 or 3 weeks in and i remember when we were looking at other people’s well actually you were looking at about another lady tried on and she said that she didn’t have a migraine for a couple of weeks and then i think in the last week she had like three migraines in a row so i don’t think it’s just

Me that feels like i want to be having these more than just once every 28 days but i don’t i’m i understand that that’s not reasonable right now i understand that it’s in a beginning phase where obviously it’s still a trial but like obviously i’m thankful for these like anything that works that is low risk and isn’t having side effects and isn’t interacting with

Other medications that i’m on like that’s a big deal and i know that that’s a big deal for a lot of people so like it’s a blessing that these would come out and that we’re given the opportunity to try these this is a big deal but i do think that there is room for improvement for sure okay so this is month three this would be my third injection of 140 i started with

140 so it’s not clicking but it’s obviously again just a yellow thing you filled up in the window yeah it went down like three seconds or so you know you can’t i can try i’ll disconnect you push it in you relax your leg you see that yellow hold on i’ll clara i’ll get close to it okay okay and it didn’t click but it’s been long enough so you remove it and then it’s

Got that bar mmm yeah yeah i got a needle you can see it through the little hole okay honey what what improvement in your migraines would you say that you’ve had compared frequency for sure like the first month i had a couple i think this past month i think i had three throughout the entire month and they were the first one was a week in and then another week and

Then today was my third migraine of the month where i had to take an injection i had taken i’ve been taking medication more obviously in the past couple weeks like i’ve been taking ibuprofen and tylenol i took a benadryl yesterday because i thought i was gonna have a migraine yesterday and i was preparing because i’m allergic to the sumatriptan injections a little

Bit so and i took reza triptan which is the oral form of the sumatriptan earlier this month even though i wasn’t having like a full-blown migraine i still was i had to be active i had school that day i had a test that day it was like i can’t i can’t risk not being functional so i think that that’s probably where i’m seeing the most like room for improvement is

I don’t want to be taking any ibuprofen i don’t want to be taking any time off i don’t want to be taking anything for pain i am fine taking like preventative oral medication every day i’m fine with that what i’m talking about is like additional pain medication that the doctors are telling me you can only take this twice a week that’s what i don’t want it i don’t

Want to be dealing with that kind of stress that i’m taking it more than twice a week i want to deal with that stress you know mm-hmm yep yeah so these are awesome they’re once a month obviously talk to your doctor if you’re serious about it they’ll have a lot more information but mm-hmm all right

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Third Aimovig Injection Vlog *Graphic* By Josie Hansen