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This ANTI AGEING SKINCARE ROUTINE WILL CHANGE YOUR SKIN | Get Rid of Pigmentation (skin cycling)

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Hey fam, skin cycling is best thing to do.sharing with you weekly skincare routine on How I got rid of pigmentation and melasma.skincare to get rid of dark spots,hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.I have shared in detail the skin cycling process

Hi everyone welcome to my channel how to start a skincare routine how do you use in your skincare routine vitamin c retinol niacinamide peeling solutions very much bad i was suffering from a lot of pigmentation melasma and everything still i do have little bit here and there but it has improved a lot so obviously there are so many different things that you have to do

But the skin cycling that i’m going to share with you results so what does that mean means you will be scheduling face before we jump into the video i have something to share with you foreign so what i do is i’ll just take like few drops of it on the areas where i have pigmentation and dark spots so i have around this area here i will apply here around this area

Of my face especially i’ll focus here rest of it i’ll just tap it in like this be careful that you apply good broad spectrum sunscreen that is very very important because when you are using skin care actives you have to apply sunscreen no matter what so in case you are not interested in serum then you can definitely give it a try or to the cream also which is two

Percent cortic acid face cream if you’ll search now this is one of the best selling creams every time you buy from them the dermaco will link your order to a child that they help educate along with bhumi they have pledged to help 10 000 plus students across the year you can purchase these from their website the dharma go and apply my coupon code 2022 for 20 off or

You can also buy them from flipkart amazon and nike we’ll start with day one let’s suppose today is day one it can be monday tuesday wednesday whatever today is my first day of this skin cycling so first day what you have to do is that is not day i would say night so yes in the morning we will make for like morning i’ll let you know retinoline knowing the day so

That means if you are using retinol if you are using retinoin if you are using retinoids no matter what you will be using on this night so what you have to do is first wash your face then apply your retinol you can in fact apply nice and white serum also you can apply same mucin also and then you apply your retinol and then after that you can apply a moisturizer or

If your retinol has you know that hydrating properties you can skip and then you are not going to use any kind of facial oil or any vaseline because you don’t want to do any kind of slugging here keep it simple and very very easy to follow that will be your exfoliation day so image chemical exfoliation you could be using any kind of toners which are exfoliating

Like with the h a b h a you could be using salicylic acid today you are going to use that peeling and then you’ll apply your normal cream which will be very hydrating with ceramized peptides and all of that in fact if you want me to make a video on moisturizers do went below i’ll make a video on that today also you will not apply anywhere vegetable oil do not

Apply any vaseline nothing will keep it as simple as possible this is going to be your recovery day so what do i mean by recovery day is today you will not be applying any kind of acid but i said i mean no vitamin c no retinol no oil you will wash your face you will apply as much as possible hydrating toners hydrating creams or if you want to keep it simple

Just like heavy thick moisturizer okay and then with the moisturizer you can do slugging today you can apply your vaseline if you have dry skin or you can apply squalene oil if you have oily skin so that would be something that you’ll do on the recovery day that you will do slugging recovery now how do you decide that suppose sensitive hair and it does not take

The you know the actives you just keep this day also as a recovery day this is the fourth day also you will not apply any active you will not apply any kind of you know those assets except nice and why you can apply so that you also can keep recovery of now moisturize but on the other hand if you are someone with pigmentation and melasma and thinking to apply

Melanuman or something you know so this is fourth day so like suppose today at night time you can apply the fourth night and with this also don’t apply any other acids don’t apply vitamin c you don’t apply retinol don’t apply it is now you’re gonna keep it simple apply that and sleep don’t apply any facial oil don’t apply any vaseline all right then moving on

To the fifth day you can start the cycle again so the fifth day again will be your tretinoin day this is morning time is the best time to use vitamin c use wash your face and then you can apply your moisturizer and don’t forget to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen you have to be very very particular about captain if you have decided i’m going to use this particular

Vitamin c you are going to continue with that as long as possible at least for a month you know you’ll not be changing that so when you all do all of this continuously you will see that your skin will behave so much better after product results and your skin will not be like damaged or the skin barrier will not be damaged so try this skin cycling you’ll be amazed

With the results if you want me to make videos on these different products then do comment below this will solve that share it with your friends and i’ll see you in my next video bye

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This ANTI AGEING SKINCARE ROUTINE WILL CHANGE YOUR SKIN | Get Rid of Pigmentation (skin cycling) By Rachna Jintaa