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Welcome to another episode of you’re jealous podiatry today we’re gonna talk about fungus among the germinator the germinator fungus is is one of the new respect of the the amount in perspective the clinical presentations that we see fungus of the toenails is very very common here not only here but i’m sure all the dermatologists also podiatrist fungus of the

Toenails i’ve always said it will always be around it will never disappear it doesn’t matter what we do fungus of the toenails repeat after me will always be around especially in a place such as miami where it’s hot warm humid funk is just simply thrives and even outside of miami fungus still arises in toe nails now the first thing you did with this patient

Was me we took we sent a little piece of the nails and we sent them out to have them analyzed prior to recommending anything you know i call it the not the trifecta the quad vector which is the topical creams which are not superduper effective number two the oral medications to benefit we pulse dose them instead of taking maybe 60 or 90 pills historically like

We used to my protocol is only a 10 a pill course short course we post dose 10 pills a month that way because it’s metabolized by the liver we don’t necessarily overload the liver people are afraid it’s this unbelievable talk about gossip people are superduper afraid of the of the oral pill for fineness and they shouldn’t be for a lot of reasons but it’s it’s

To the point where it has spread like wildfire that we cannot contain it so it’s our job to educate the public that this medication the one that i’d like to use at our benefit the lamisil the oral pill is very effective and because we post dose minimal side effects right it is metabolized just like if your doctor if you have an infection or you have your high

Cholesterol there are a lot of other pills that people don’t know that are metabolized which means broken down by the liver so they they don’t know that they’re already taking something that’s broken down by the liver have they said anything do people talk about that oh really so that’s what i tell patients that’s number two number three then we have the good

Fortune of having a laser which we use quite a bit and lastly i’ve said it before and if you guys want to learn more about the past former just go to our website and you’ll learn more about it basically the path former it’s exactly that path former it creates these little paths these little tiny little holes on the nail plates and there’s two reasons why it

Works and number one it changes the environment underneath and nail a plate right the nail is a barrier so we’ve created tiny little holes allow the oxygen to penetrate underneath the nail barrow the nail plate and and fungus does not like oxygen so it gets you know that’s one reason of why it helps creates a different environment and number two most importantly

It allows the topical medication to actually penetrate through the nail plate brilliant so thanks tolerance watch so this is the path former and basically as ever we can see well it’s got a little drill it’s a robotic micro drill and we’re actually the only office in the state of florida that has a platformer so we’re very proud of that and it’s been a huge

Success so i want you to may be coming behind me maybe and basically you guys will see i already i already started and all and it stops alone and knows that’s that’s the beauty of the technology right do we have a good view there for everyone right so if i take i won’t do it yet but i will as soon as we’re done here can you see that let me just see i don’t want

To put the alcohol because then it’s gonna moisten it but it’s already once you guys are gonna see this is really really really cool and the most important thing is you don’t want to land in the same hole right for obvious reasons it is a drill you want to come through the other side here very very carefully and believe it or not it stops on its own so we don’t

Damage exactly exactly true story at the beginning i was sort of like trying to put a plan you know i like to play around with everything that we do first and and by a mistake i guess something was off it actually went through my nail and and it hit my skin it wasn’t a happy day for me it hurt just a little bit but i’m fine okay let’s continue it’s better this

Side now a little bit here and i do it in a grid like fashion right we have to be very careful you see how easily it this is all debris so now let’s take a look here maybe you guys can see it better now lens dries up you’ll see you see all the little holes here here let’s go to the next one while it dries up so let’s go to this one here very carefully you guys

Can see the debris this is you know you talk about technology this is cool this is really really great do you have a good view there for everyone rosemary rosemary is helping us out today we snag our our team right it’s all about the team not only that her nails are very very brittle that’s part of the problem as well they’re very very brittle and just to make

A clarification the more holes it’s not necessarily better it’s all about just location location location like that you can actually see this part is okay now look everyone here now that it is dried out check this out to get a nice little close-up there you see the holes so we have it so it’s a grid and we all these little holes over here so that’s what we do

I’m not gonna bore everyone so then we’re gonna go ahead and finish this one we’re gonna go ahead and go to the right one so half former pat former this is what we do we provide solutions for patients that have tried abcde and they haven’t had any results fungus hands down or feet down one of the hardest conditions that we treat for a lot of reasons this is a

Very very and i and i told a patient very transparent which is a very advanced case of toenail fungus very difficult to treat but we’re gonna do is you know as much as we can to make it better cure cures very difficult and i don’t like the word cure in our dictionary or our vocabulary but making it better that’s what we’re going to do have a nice day

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