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Three Drug Traffickers Sentenced to 48 Years After Striking Police Vehicle

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Three drug traffickers are given a total of 48 years in federal prison after intentionally crashing into a Potter County Deputy in Texas. Initially, deputies attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle and were suddenly struck by another from behind. The deputies’ vehicle spun out and both vehicles were able to escape until they were caught once again in a rental car.

What was in the middle of the road what was that that bullet tire did they throw something out i don’t know caught up behind him yeah he’s a blocker he pitted me he did it on purpose stop y’all on august 19 2021 potter county sheriff’s deputies were conducting traffic enforcement in a marked unit on i-40 in texas the deputies observed a white toyota rav4

Following too closely to a truck and attempted to pull it over when they activated their lights the rav4 kept accelerating and a white infiniti qx30 suddenly struck the deputies causing their vehicle to spin out both the rav4 infinity continued without stopping after the collision what was in the middle of the road what was in the middle of the road what was

That that blew a tire did they throw something out i don’t know what the i blow a tire i don’t know car got away there you go 7 42 road workers approached the deputies and advised a white vehicle traveling behind them had struck them pushing them off the roadway i don’t know what did i blow a tire dude 742 you were just driving i was just freaking driving

We lost the vehicle uh we 10 50 uh our vehicle i don’t know if i blew a front tire that caught up behind him yeah he’s a blocker who was the one the one who would pull it did he hit me with the floor tag yeah i just got information uh the construction workers out here said there was a vehicle out here a white passenger vehicle with florida tags uh he uh crashed

Into us and took off i’m assuming he’s a blocker for this vehicle we were about to stop that was running from us oh yeah he freaking he pitted me yeah he wouldn’t let us over for miles yeah i’ll get the tag it’s actually before the florida one no not throw it on the uh the california tank california tag on that vehicle i believe it’s going to have a single male

Driver there’s a white florida tagged vehicle behind us tinted windows the driver of the white infiniti was later identified as 26 year old monique d raw the passenger who grabbed the wheel of the infinity to strike the deputy’s vehicle was 31 year old kyle willika and the driver of the initial white rav4 was identified as 35 year old ricardo rodriguez so we went

To make a stop the following day law enforcement traced monique’s phone and located her traveling east on i-40 in a rental car wheeler county sheriff’s deputies were able to stop the vehicle and observe all three suspects in it open your hands i got him okay back passenger get out of the vehicle back passenger get out of the vehicle look who dog is there any

You see anybody else front passenger exit the vehicle with your hands up get out of the vehicle hands up let me see your hands both of them both hands exit the vehicle hands up i don’t care i don’t give a turn around walk back walk backwards walk backwards back back back stop stop i’ll get on the ground okay lay on the ground take your shirt all the way off

Hands out to the side don’t move you got him looks like luggage pillows and a big ass dog good i wanna start getting traffic moving 151 he’s down yesterday happened yesterday i hit the cop no you didn’t i did all right i was driving i was like she had nothing to do with it i drove her car hey i’m that ass serious i know what happened it i hate the

Cop we’ll get it to you have a seat dumbass yeah who go ahead and show two males one female in custody go ahead and notify contacts with hsi and amarillo notify the contacts in amarillo and homeland security that we’ve got the vehicle and three occupants detained we’re in custody she is yeah they don’t want anything they want the other two no he said we’re

Coming out there he said we’re headed that way right now um i thought we’re at the 151. did we get a record and uh yeah yeah call it to the office no no for either go ahead and send an expectation record advise them it’s going to be hauled to the sheriff’s office do what y’all run me right back out of florida where’s it at i don’t know i was like the other

One’s on the record west second yeah okay 122 that where they want to go yeah we’re gonna take them up there okay you want to go to the sheriff’s office uh yeah we’ll have the vehicle to uh take it there for you okay would you you mean uh you mean a tower there do you want me to uh i already got a wrecker on the way there okay not over their advisor wrecking

Service after searching the rental car they discovered seven bags of methamphetamine weighing approximately 7.57 kilograms what five six pounds i bet that’s clear you think monique later told homeland security investigation agents the drugs belonged to kyle and ricardo when she was asked about their travel plans she changed her story several times let’s pull

Forward down there in the ground all right hey uh we take over all three of the opd 86 they want us to put them in that cell all three together well he just asked if we take him to shamrock yet and not get the wheeler okay so i don’t know if he’s planning on booking off or what he’s planning on doing okay y’all hot no ultimately the three drug traffickers

Were sentenced to a total of 48 years in prison kyle and ricardo pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute meth and were each given 20 years in federal prison monique also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute meth in miss prison of a felony and was sentenced to eight years in federal prison do you enjoy our content and want to see more join

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