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Thyroid Drugs

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Pharmacology II Presentation for Shawna, Hailey, and Sam

I spy with my little eye radioactive iodine kill my thyroid we can’t stand all the heat can’t you see it’s from my thyroid can’t you see it’s we who sues all day and we just are oh so prompt e we run read all the time faints and losing my monthly tight yeah yeah it’s my thyroid taking meds if i like treat my underlying symptoms day and night yeah yeah it’s prolly

Pure so beta blockers i 131 spin yama or even surgery and teeth i write drugs but try treating the underlying cause sven yama the hobos looking at her the party though next thing you know study got read trash trash trash trash trash trash trash that girl be drowsy she got knowledge of vomiting she turned around got that headache real bad break you join next

Thing you know sorry got toxic in her liver and her bow and now we have shauna hailey and sam presenting hyperthyroid diseases graves disease and a disease called multinodular disease there’s plummer disease this is rare so not to worry anywhere then we have thyroid storms and these are densely fatal so be careful but don’t fret baby can’t you see it’s your

Thyroid type reactive this is your warning left untreated you get a pilot storm can be fatal and way b to treat it baby give me air oh that did not work as planned you good morrow fellow nursing students i know we have all been through some very disturbing tales but the images you are about to see are incredibly distressing right so what seems

To be the problem today i just keep gaining weight and i’m cold and my hair keeps falling according to your lab results it sounds like you have hypothyroidism it’s basically a decrease in the thyroid hormone there are several medications i can treat these symptoms some of the medications include and then leatrix the one i am gonna prescribe to you is gonna be

At levothyroxine and you’re gonna take this in the morning because they may cause lethargy you’re gonna take it once a day it may take about four to six weeks just to notice that those symptoms are going away so i’m gonna leave my hair in front of four to six weeks yeah you may and within the first couple months you still may notice hair loss but it will treat

The other symptoms and we’ll try and get that all taken care of okay there are several side effects that you may have when taking this medication some of the side effects include cardiac dysrhythmias that’s the main one so i’m gonna have heart problems it just means that these are uncommon side-effects so if you do have any of these side effects you need to

Contact us immediately when we get you started on a different medication instead some of the other ones would include insomnia gi problems which may be diarrhea nausea vomiting so you’re gonna be able to poop and anxiety but just let us know if you are having any side effects from these medications okay steve alley iou for another four to six weeks from

The beginning of time the world was doomed little did they know their world would someone be set to fire hello and welcome to my egg mint

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Thyroid Drugs By Samantha Rohleder