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Thyroid hormone medication-3

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Sancho hypothyroidism is a problem with the pituitary or the hypothalamus ok central is the pituitary half-dollars we’ll sit so most of the time not all the time normal tsh normal t4 means normal thyroid most of the time yes elevated th tsh mochi for hyperthyroidism now tsh does something else in addition to stimulating the vasculature and the increased amount

Of borrowing an impulsive increase of nationalisation and increase amount of thyroid so what happens is it’s on the thyroid produce and release thyroid hormone reduce and release but it’s also telling the flowering grow so tsh levels are high for a long time you get a goiter a goiter that means tsh is telling the thyroid grown release form of pro beliefs or mon

A goiter and why is tsh so high there’s no feedback inhibition there’s no negative feedback because there’s no thyroid so the tsh is telling it to grow but it can’t and so just grows with it’s not releasing enough thyroid hormone everyone understand this good the thyroid maybe iono my time so how am i going to produce the thyroid nitobe blocked channels which is

Right in case negative it’s difficult it could be that too or maybe we destroy the thyroid in hashimoto’s disease and then what’s hours left let’s still town bro normal too low and we get low so if i get low t se lo t for we probably have something wrong to interior thousands so this this is low tsh is probably a problem with tsa production and then lastly tsh is

Elevated and this is normal this means were borderline hyperthyroid so this is elevated this is or mille most likely it means we have subclinical hyperthyroidism the beginning to get there okay does everyone understand these labs just take a look even a minute to take a look at psh i sensing there’s not a flower at one why would the thyroid be normal starting be

Discerning it flow with the side i’m normally have okay so we call it subclinical this is i it’s probably a few weeks they will have just beginning so he’s subclinical that means to stand losing blood while they’ve lost 100 pretty soon he’ll lose 10,000 the mark are you have problems okay this to you the sub technically would have claimed they may come in they

Looked a little bit tired but not enough for you to see them for hypothyroid they may be getting there okay tremont a high thyroid is up okay now in all cases except for one absolute zero and the test says how do you treat hypothyroidism you only got two medications hey you have a level thyroid and leo paranoid which is tv leo byron teen is t3 the youth have

The authorities t3 and then x traffic levels are awesome d for people leveled by rock 64 level thyroxine t4 leo cardenas t3 get hidden excision we can mix it but t3 has happened one day so that means the levels of fluctuating you give t4 why this team for eternity three innings is around longer more stable so for if the person has hypothyroidism with except one

Condition the answer is level thyroxine give wealth rocks that’s first one level noroxin other flowers okay the exception is a third of coma ever nicola you give a leo clarity right that’s a good boy so i’m going to talk about that also i didn’t talk about that the last class because it wasn’t product so the web so the treatment for hyperthyroidism is 14 thought

If i say hypothyroidism what are you to treat type o excuse me what are you to treat what thank you know about oxen the exception is a coma due to hypothyroidism the exception is a coma due to hypothyroidism one then you use leo me because it’s stronger and an axe faster so tiffany is to them and an x faster in a regular patient you don’t want the levels going up

And down you want constant levels so you give t4 and this will you a difference is if they’re in a coma it’s an emergency gonna die young leo so here’s the rule of thumb with all medications ok for all medications with some exceptions of the benz of the has-beens ok the shorter the half-life the faster the drug works the shorter the half-life the faster the drug

Works on the sample more time attention the shorter the half-life of a drug the faster the drug works that means done yeah the half parts for day natural the new night offensive end every single time no that’s that’s the street from stronger but it actually acts faster why does it act faster because we have to be guilty for we have to convert to t3 if i give t3

It’s tv ok just this rule of the shorter the half-life the faster the drug works so in emergencies ok they’ve been before you get a shorter half-life trying to eat and again steroids you give the shorter half-life drunk ok sugar half my drug works faster but would be opportunity guess what you want to get them out of the coma so you gather the deal i retain and

Then you follow up with our oxide the other time he is the authority is sometimes some people do not respond to t4 maybe there’s a problem with by prime the oddities so if they’re not responding you’re already at high levels of t4 and they’re still not responding sometimes you act iii so t3 is almost like a drug of last resort except if we’re in a coma and give it

To immediately give t3s and i responded t4 which are not going to know this for years did you step up the dose with t4 so if you’re getting divided they’re still not responding you may want to add to you three most of time 90 25 or some time ago stock keyboard again exception you lose leopardi there in a coma and it’s an emergency otherwise all of the cases are

Losing levels are awesome so if the question does not have coma in it the answer is no thyroxine if they’re my goal is the authority the venus slightly told us that he is the master i’m grey and yes you’re right good so i if i give it to you clinically it doesn’t stay around so your blood levels going up and down up and down because it’s halfway through social and he

Can t 40 stay around longer so it’s easier together easier to get tea for because as a longer half-life it is leveled by roxon is synthetic toxin to give level the options yes that is what you get for hyperthyroidism unless it’s a coma then you get a real party okay what are the side effects if i give too much love up our auction it’s basically hearthfire confidence

He sweaty awesome dirty and i reality tv team muscle tino’s mummies russell trevor mike and bucky really fast that’s what he brandishes people talk about that later the freighters design suite this is why i started on the type of by reuters the drug is level dark side okay with the exception of follow me try i auto authority so what if i word isn’t easy it’s right

Any questions ok so again so just try to read the literature if you can’t i understand this might be difficult but five in five years i want that to be easier to read you start there i will not test you from that article articles go to premature also try to start reading the text about the optical any we take text books in library ok ask further and for pharmacology you start

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