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Thyroid Medication Side Effects

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Thyroid medication side effects so tell me if this  sounds like you you were dealing with a fatigue an   exhaustion a low energy low brain function focus  concentration feeling cold can’t lose weight   medications and forever after that you were never   right you were fatigued even more your had heart  palpitations you didn’t

Like the way you felt with   it and ever since then maybe you’ve had bloating  or maybe you’ve had just health challenges if   that sounds like you then this video is for you  i’m gonna be talking about thyroid medication   side effects now first and foremost let’s get  out of the way who i am my name is dr joel rosen  

I am a functional medicine practitioner i am not  trained as an md i am not an endocrinologist so   that say oh he’s not even a real doctor   then you don’t need to watch this video   you that is maybe a little more open-minded   and you want to hear what i have to say then your  vid you’re going to get a lot out of this

Video   i am trained as a licensed chiropractic physician  i have gone back to functional medicine university   and i have over 300 hours in nutrition that most  endocrinologists don’t have one hour of nutrition   and not to say that endocrinologists don’t have  a great role to play they do they are the leading  

Experts in in the way that your endocrine system  works which is basically the different glands that   stressors regulate your metabolism regulate   your stress response regulate your fluid balance  regulate your growth regulate your sex hormones   regulate how your body deals with stress however  what i find happens a lot of

The time is that they   don’t get to the root cause of the problem and  they reductionistically feel that if they just   replace the part and give you some of the nutrient  the medication that you’re missing that that will   i really wish it did but it doesn’t work that   way and hence why there’s hundreds of thousands 

And millions of people that are taking thyroid   medications getting their thyroid radiated getting  their thyroid removed and are still dealing with   a major health challenge and i want to talk to  you about a client that i had today just this   very day who said yeah three years ago i got put  put on thyroid medication and i

Haven’t been the   same scent since and that’s three years later i  have swelling i have bloating i cannot tolerate   stressors i’m not sleeping i can’t lose weight  i i just don’t feel good and i would say to her   put on thyroid medication is it safe to say   that you had some health challenges like you just  didn’t

Go to the doctor to kick it with them and   say hey i’m feeling great you’re feeling great  why don’t you just put me on thyroid medication   it doesn’t work like that chances are you have  some fatigue you have some brain fog you have   some weight loss resistance you’re feeling cold  all the time you maybe get light-headed and

Shaky   and jittery you may feel faint and and you know  that there potentially is a metabolic challenge   should be put on the medication in the first place   but i did it against my instincts and and forever  after that i’m not feeling good and again that’s   not to say that women and men that have thyroid  challenges

Get put on medication and they all   feel this way many of them it’s a lifesaver i  just want to talk to you about the ones that   have thyroid medication side effects and i want  to explain to you what i explained to her which   i think is very very valuable that most doctors  don’t teach you and what that is is what does

The   thyroid actually do what does the thyroid actually  do and the thyroid plain and simple we can say   well it helps your metabolism that’s true it makes  you feel warmer it helps regulate your temperature   that’s all true but what the thyroid does first  and foremost is oxygen uptake into the cell kind   of like

The old stoking the fire and making sure  that it goes nice and high and burns nice and   bright that’s what first and foremost the thyroid  hormone does so if you can think about that   of the thyroid hormone then you will understand   what may be happened to this patient may have  happened to you as well and what i would say

Is   a disclaimer is don’t take my advice and just go  and run with it i am not licensed to take you off   medication i never am licensed to take a patient  off of medication what i am licensed to do is   support them and support the biochemistry support  the root causes of the challenges support the cell   danger now

Ask your endocrinologist have they  read the research peer-reviewed journal written   which is there’s two versions by dr robert navio  it’s called cell danger response and it basically   goes into a danger response just like you would   stressed and you had a supply and demand problem   your income was not higher than your

Expenses then  you’re going to have to pick and choose what you   primarily focus on i’m going to keep the power on  i’m going to buy food i’m going to make sure i pay   for my rent or my mortgage i got to pay my taxes  but i’m sure as heck i’m not going to the riviera   i’m not buying new shoes and i may not be going  out for

Dinner very often that’s kind of a cell   danger response but in your body the cell danger  response happens to be certain things like slowing   your thyroid metabolism slowing the uptake of  oxygen into the cell now why would your body take   the foot off the accelerator meaning your thyroid  is the accelerator it brings oxygen

Up into the   cell and when you bring oxygen into the cell what  does that do that increases atp production because   we have this thing called the mitochondria we have  krebs cycle we have the electron transport chain   we have oxidation phosphorylation these are all  biochemistry things that we learn in high school  

Need oxygen and oxygen is used to make atp   but oxygen is also used to support free radical  production or inflammation so if we have stress   if we have a low-grade infection if we have a  chemical exposure if we’re malnutrition or we have   going to be depleted in oxygen availability   high and your body is going to go

Into cell   is going to be slowing the thyroid mechanics   it’s not wrong your body is not falling apart it’s  not broken in fact it’s working very very well   and your body says hey i need to take my foot off  the accelerator i’m going to stop putting free   radicals into the circulation and create a lot of  breakdown

Because that oxygen is needed for either   atp production and or free radical production  the body and its infinite intelligence will say   i don’t want to make more free radicals or i have  low fuel i’m not having a lot of extra reserve   for atp to be produced from oxygen supply that  i’m going to slow up on the thyroid function

So   then that patient who’s not feeling good who’s  feeling cold who’s not losing weight who has gi   disturbances and brain fog and low libido goes  to see the doctor right and the doctor in their   wanting and willingness and desire to help you  puts you on thyroid meds and what does that do   the body inherently was

Taking its foot off   the accelerator and now you have metabolic chaos  in your body and now you have an in you may feel   feel good whatsoever right from the get-go   and now after that your pituitary may be faulty  or may have a feedback issue it may not be sending   messages to all of the different glands that rely 

On the messages you may constantly be fatigued or   palpitations or bloated and that’s what happened  to her that’s what happened to her and i said   you know what if that’s happening to her i need  to tell the message to you who may have thyroid   side effects from taking medication because you  never got to the root cause of the

Problem now   just to give you a little bit more information we  did a genetic test on on this patient and we see   she has iron oxidation issues meaning she is not  metabolizing iron doesn’t mean she’s not absorbing   iron it means she’s not getting iron into the  bloodstream carried by transport nutrients getting  

It to the cell and that is very important for  red blood cells to be able to bind hemoglobin and   oxygen together she’s anemic but she is feeling  horrible with iron because there are some genetic   susceptibilities where she’s not able to transport  that iron effectively she’s anemic she’s not   necessarily iron deficient

In her gi tract or in  her tissues she’s iron deficient in other tissues   and and and then she got put on iron and she said  that wound her up into the hospital and i said   well that seems very likely because in a chain  of broken telephone if there’s six people in the   telephone and the challenge is in between third 

Person and fourth person i don’t yell at the first   person louder to fix the third and fourth person  that’s not going to get through to the other side   and that’s what happened with her so it’s very  important to look at the iron demand or the   iron metabolism to look at the genetics she had  really high neutrophils which were

Suggestive of   major bacteria or microbial overgrowth in her  gi tract and by be putting on medication for   thyroid is not going to fix any of that it’s just  not going to fix any of that so i wanted you to   give you the information to say you know what  it’s very real the cell danger response it’s very   real that we

Have genetic information that can  make priorities challenging in terms of oxygen   delivery and atp production it’s very real that  by putting by being put on medication you tip   the balance in the favor of cell danger going  haywire and creating metabolic chaos and now   you’re left to pick up the pieces and the doctor 

Tells you you’re crazy you’re a difficult client   go see someone else be put on antidepressants or  anti-anxiety medications and you’re not getting   the help you’re looking for i want to tell you  you’re not crazy i hopefully feel that this   information gets a lot of light bulbs going off  my name is dr joel rosen please

Subscribe to my   youtube channel i have an amazing website called  the truth about adrenal fatigue and i want you to   put your comments in below so i can help you end  your cell danger nightmare have an awesome day

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