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This is a life-threatening medical condition .

Reenter stories into my presentations today are we talking about terrorists on the presentation will be on terra’s tom and this will form part six are serving when it comes to up at our odyssey if you have only see 2 + 1 2 3 4 or 5 please can we do with a sit back and let’s go tara stop this is a life-threatening medical condition life trip these we have as generators

In terms of territory courses you can check my channel for a complete not on thyrotoxicosis however one good thing here is that taro stone is rare what are the risk factors that would treat anyone into tyler stop long-standing alpha terrorism on treated alpha terrorism inadequate readin consider known to terrorists are graves disease not adequately treated so sink

Both modular gota not attended to solitary kazakh adenoma tyra surgery or non thyroid surgery trauma infection still harris factors a killed rd loot patricia sudden stoppage of anti-terror medication increase t4 and t3 and of course decrease terrorist email in no more possible clinical symptoms and science will include severe nausea severe vomiting and kuba taqueria

Hypotension ritenour that may or not involve atrial fibrillation and of course all these cool itsu fantasy of korea of failure steeples of the symptoms is a pop eraser agitation anxiety delirium and psychosis signs and symptoms of tyrell storm it’s very possible to have abdominal pain fever could be filling a meeting with a party failure journalist author level of

Consciousness super kumar and if no immediate innovation yet on physical examination my luckless a goiter or graves disease after more party physical lead-lag and retraction and everything that now ran hand tremor demoparty i wore my mouse key we don’t have the luxury of time here is an acute life-threatening emergency so the diagnosis who quickly be made i need

To evolve everything i’ve said before now he couldn’t do features improbable diagnosis a complete history physical examination and then who had to laugh territory certain antibodies level should be acid it is hard enough to determine outside of the neck region particularly interior name tyrell function test done and we should have a feature of decrease tsh increase

T4 with or without increased entry when glucometer is brought and we acid the glucose level is very gonna be wrists cash yarn will be high white blood cell may be high and may be low increase metabolism of medication would like to call a defense of our thyroidism because apart our rotation increases metabolism so we have to take this into account and give a slightly

Higher doses of medications that we’ll be using but we have to be careful and we’ll be watching out for the side effects of the medications treatment yes this is where we’re going because this is an acute life-threatening condition if no treatment entire test come app server admins into intensive care you can’t be airway and in fine body any secretion and in team

To be social please go ahead quickly breathing p what is the respiratory rate why is he all too sad just moving with abdomen and deforms in the chest region their vision of the trachea a caution nodes auscultation advantages sam’s everything now centrist analysis of periphery chamber system what is the visor science the earth was the bp the heart rate we have an ekg

Everything done quickly to girls ready you can give every three beds you may need their eighties particularly in the face of concussive kind of fit remember i mentioned that as part of the possibility presentations right so races if they’re dealing of congestive heart failure or pulmonary demand from the iv fluid that we administer we have to treat any identifier

Etiology particularly infection because that could be easily right foolish catheter fluid in about what snow weather retention is occurring or not or ash eleonora sarah’s father team on everywhere including libre okay real active ordination out mentally the contrast to prevent the compassion of t4 to t3 still on treatment our dissolution is welcome here and why

That to blur for our oman sentences can kirika solution t one hour after the organization of repeat ahora si peter blocker for example propranolol to be used for trauma tachycardia or atrophy relation my true prologue would be used by aura in heart failure he go sing could be used for heart failure we’d read me so did you saying is welcome here particularly if you

Have a failure at the same time with a travellish tony mack for example for peta brazil tomorrow all kabila’s oh we can use these for inhibition of new hormone synthesis oh peter ozzie is better when we are thinking about decreasing t4 to t3 combustion that oh peter ozzie is less used compared to my team as oh poor because of the side effects of repite ozzie

That is was compared to methimazole their pro peter addresses the drug of choice if you are dealing with terrorists on in a pregnant woman or lactating mother peter can be given suppository for peta or a severe attention m glucocorticoids they are very useful here because of the possibility of decreasing compulsion or t4 to t3 in other words less t3 will be found

For antifa and also can promote the summative stability have the capability of decreasing auto immune processes found in graves disease but we have to watch out for dinner insufficiency because glucocorticoids who altered the neural transmission sending the negative feedback to apple ptolemaic pituitary adrenal axis okay and why using glucocorticoids would tell

Off when we are about to stop using it but even on the line we’ve done everything and still find an insufficiency we must treat appropriately by acid sequester someone is asking me was the business policy sequence turn in terrorists on yes i do to prevent enterohepatic circulation or teratoma example his police tyranny plasmapheresis is welcome here to remove

Cytokines antibodies and terrell owens from the plasma remember these is a life-threatening condition so want to do everything quickly with each other’s period of time liam can also plot the release of terra lomond but donna shirley used as suddenly used and why there we’re scared we’re scared of the toxicity cousin shannon block has her own channel brokers will be

Working for real control if we’re dealing with a swanton patient that member exactly hood of quantity color failure we can now use calcium channel blockers in outfit beta blockers will be welcome but not in asthmatic attack so open all can actually impede type 1 they are dennis which can lead to a reduction in tea tree love so open will be serving two purposes here

100 sentence not same time helping to reduce the level of tea tree but we can’t use proper non law in the face of asthmatic attack down wise we can use these are selected or custom channel blocker but we can’t use catherine channel blocker in the face of our video so when you go out this entire presentation again you will see the updating time so handle difference

In errors with appropriate medications and with that i’ve come to the end of part seeds or salad when it comes to a paternalism the next will be alpha terrorism differential diagnosis and i found by serving or serving and the end of the entire series thanks for listening to my presentation please kindly remember to subscribe and share i appreciate

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