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Hello my name is lisa me demo i talk about like a radio guru suze has free in acute stroke or transient ischemic attack definition cursing is coming up that or tea i a is one blood flow to parts of the brain stopped for a short period of time overall asteroid can be divided into two main types the first type know has a emirati destruct happens when an artery in the

Brain blast this kind of the stros may be causal with honor and aneurysms above all in the air to the wall that balls or by a condition scattered arterial venous confirmations the second one most communities or stroke now has is chemic stroke on pure swing of blood clogs blocks an artery that carries bring up the carrier’s blood to the brain deprived of oxygen a

Stroke is a medical emergency stroke having one blood flow to your brain stops within minutes brain cells begin to die there are two kinds of stroke the more common kind called ischemic stroke is caused by a blood clot blocks will take the blood vessel in the brain the other kind called a magic stroke into the brain mini strokes or transient ischemic attacks tas

Occur when the blood supply to the brain is briefly interrupted symptoms of stroke are certain numbness or weakness of the face on or leg especially on one side of the body sudden confusion trouble speaking or understanding speech sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes certain trouble walking dizziness loss of balance or coordination sentence of your headache

With no known cause if you have any of these symptoms you must get to a hospital quickly to begin treatment acute stroke therapies try to stop astor qualities happening by quickly dissolving the blood clot or bus stopping the bleeding goes to stroke rehabilitation helps individuals overcame disabilities a result from stroke damage drug therapy with blood thinners

Is the most common treatment for stroke broad categories of stroke there is what is called supply moments the brain working appropriately which if the brain goes for more than a few minutes without blood it actually dies because unlike other organs of the body the brain does not have the ability to store oxygen and glucose gives it from the bloodstream a second type

Of stroke is called hemorrhagic stroke and that’s when there is excellent leading into the brain of the space around the brain that can occur from a variety of conditions such as chronic high blood pressure which can weaken arteries and brain and cause hemorrhages one of the more common causes of leading into or around the space of the brain our brain aneurysms

Weak spots on the wall the blood vessels are balloon out and confers complete a hemorrhagic stroke further is actually bleeding in the brain to the space around the brain typically presents with the sudden onset of the worst headache of one’s life if one has to wonder whether their aneurysm bled for example we probably did the jews an unmistakable event sometimes

A brain aneurysm can cause symptoms prior to rupturing week that aneurysm is enlarging prior to bleeding the pressure on cranial nerves within the brain caused television ultra vision on rare occasions acting the one inside years with sudden onset disappearing telling the skin back scrubs scrubs caused by a lack of work for our frequently preceded by what’s called

The tarantulas applications immense in the cutest world ultrason ischemic attack straight with a spreading attack on a you’re impatient falcone socrates to yellow walls decided to convert i can wrangle with hot spring with regard to third aspect ignis for the prevention of my or vascular events a composite of strode is scam it or am i ragged myocardial infarctions

Or death our a period of 90 days in the treatment of patients with acute cerebral ischemia the fda indication for tight irregular is reduction was the rate of cardiovascular death myocardial infarctions all or am i i’m stroke in people with acute coronary syndrome for history of myocardial infarction i marry prevention of stroke requires the management of a flow

Slow rock risk factors such as hypertension diabetes smoking and disla madinia as the risk increases secondary stroke prevention factors include identifying whether or not the patient has suffered from prior transient ischemic attack stroke coronary artery disease peripheral vascular disease asymptomatic carotid stenosis or atrial fibrillation all patients with a

Scheming stroke or transient ischemic attack should be on antiplatelet therapy or a sa for secondary prevention of recurrent stroke unless there is an indication for anticoagulation or a contraindication to a si anticoagulation long term with warfarin is the superior antithrombotic if atrial fibrillation or other definite cardiac source of embolism is identified

As the cause of stroke or ti a surgical intervention is very effective in the prevention of stroke in symptomatic severe internal carotid artery stenosis earlier intervention yields greatest benefit pros and cons cross tie conveyor is supporting and apply to the agent does reversible bills and inhibits the p2y 12 three circles of lightness and indirect acting

In contrast to plop in the red the options of which is dependence of variable and genetically determined metabolic activations he use for the prudential to turn body can dance in people with acute coronary syndromes of myocardial infarctions with st-elevation is can be destroyed on transient ischemic attack our common under risk on sub-second ischemic edens in

Particularly high during the first 90 days after the index cerebral vascular event comes the benefit of ha spray in the secondary prevention so this game its throat is limited even with conquering hospital treatment the rate of recurrence trot is 20 to attend to fighting force in the first 90 days in the rate of new systemic events when the hospital it used in the

Lump turn is only 22 low forcing lowered the rate associated with no preventive treatment even moderate thought of a spray are associated with relative risk of m’raq events including gutter intestinal bleeding takako laura is an antiplatelet therapy that is an alternative to aspirin for preventing recurrent stroke in a large international double-blind trial 13,000

199 patients would not severe ischemic stroke for high-risk transient ischaemic attack or dia who had not received hemolysis were randomized to either to carol or at a dose of 180 milligrams once followed by 90 milligrams twice daily or aspirin at a dose of 300 milligrams once followed by a hundred milligrams daily these regiments were started within 24 hours after

The onset of symptoms and were continued for 90 days the primary endpoint was time to occurrence of stroke myocardial infarction or death within 90 days 6589 patients were treated with tech egg roll or and 6610 were treated with aspirin the primary endpoint occurred in 442 patients in the tech a growler group at 497 in the aspirin group the authors therefore conclude

That to chiro law was not superior to aspirin in reducing the primary composite outcome of stroke myocardial function or death in patients with acute ischaemic stroke or tia a full results are available at any jm work issue applied in our psyche iranian may be a more effective antiplatelet therapy that has been for the prevention vehicle strobe on cardiovascular

Events in patients with acute cerebral ischemia in equal out of 100 me one horned 100,000 people and 1,000 373 have blocked issues problems so sales report 2012 world health organization’s it’s yours the disease kills nine point four million people worldwide stroke sometimes brain attack occurs what flow to the brain is interrupted i can happen blood vessel breaks

Or gets blocked by a clock when someone has a stroke brain cells in the immediate area begin to die because they stop getting the oxygen and nutrients they need while you’re seeing transpire that somewhere in an artery or the heart of blood clot forms a common sight is the intro claude and artery artery becomes irregular because of atherosclerosis at the favorite

Site for it to happen the app those clauses can go ahead and walk off the blood vessel will cause a stroke but another thing probably a more common thing that happens is because of the irregularity of white cloth works now this cloth can enlarge and put off that major blood vessel to the brain but often a small part of the blood clot will break off in turbulence or

The blood flow back and forth and then the blood travels along with the blood and lodges in a brothel inside the brain and that is when the moment of a stroke stopped quad bikes off takes a few seconds to travel to the small blood vessel it can possibly fit into and then the blood flow suddenly stops to that part of the brain and then within a few seconds all the

Oxygen and glucose are used up and the rapid transition to permanent injury and the death actually after that part of the brain his honor choir with an aftershock up in conclusion in patient with acute ischemic stroke trust in ischemic attack take a greater was not found to be superior to ha spray in reducing the risk of composite endpoint or sister of myocardial

Infarction or death there was not aliens of a high risk of meijer or inter-cranial hemorrhage with click irregular than with hot spring but there weren’t more instance of this nia and meaner glaring in the tiger radio prob nearly house of the stroke of you ended the first few days after on t i am seeing dumps for dia are the same as for i scrub known as cia is

Referred to as a mini-stroke it is offered a warning sign of a possible contending stroke dr. freda lewis-hall the chief medical officer of pfizer and i are going to give you some tips on how to recognize ya ta occurs when blood flow to a part of the brain decreases or stops for a brief period of time it can happen to anyone at any age symptoms are similar to a

Stroke they can appear suddenly they may include anything from numbness or weakness especially on one side of the body confusion dizziness trouble with your speech vision or walk and symptoms can last up to 24 hours but in most cases they only last one or two hours tis are temporary unlike a stroke and don’t usually cause impairment if you do have any of these

Symptoms or see them in someone else please call 911 if diagnosed ti can serve as an opportunity to take steps to prevent

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