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TMI: Provera VS. Clomid PERIODS

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In today’s video Katey goes over the difference in her periods on Provera and Clomid!

Hey you guys welcome back to our channel katie here and i am coming at you with another i guess this isn’t technically like a ttc update but it is in the realm of trying to conceive you alright let’s go ahead and get into it so today i’m gonna be talking about the difference between periods so if you’re a boy i would probably see you for our next video today i’m

Going to be talking about the difference between a period on provera and a period on clomid i tried to find this information out and i really couldn’t find a whole lot of information so i thought after i experienced both i would make a video on it i’m going to start with periods on profe era so provera is a progesterone supplement you take it as prescribed by your

Doctor i would take it for seven days and then usually somewhere about three or four days after i took my last pill my period would start personally my periods before provera i they would kind of teeter on and then teeter off so i would spot for a couple days bleed for a few more days and then spot for a couple days on the tail end but with provera i had no spotting

I did not have a super-heavy flow and i had very mild cramping but with provera let me tell you it was seriously like a period from hell and i don’t say that lightly i have a pretty high pain tolerance i usually don’t take ibuprofen or anything for cramping i just kind of drink lots of water and let it go and i know that eventually it’ll stop but with provera dude

Ibuprofen didn’t even like eat into the cramping it was so bad in the flow i am personally a menstrual cup user and they’re about this big and they hold 15 milliliters of fluids and it is equivalent to three regular tampons so three tampons worth and they’re supposed to be good for 12 hours my first time on provera i completely filled up a menstrual cup in under

4 hours so i had would have bled through three tampons in four hours and that’s how cycle day 1 and 2 work for me all the times i used primeira they were very heavy flow they were really bad cramping headaches they were just really overall terrible and then cycle day 3 through 4 they were fine they were like a normal day i had no issues i didn’t need to wear any

Sort of backup and they were totally fine and the cramping was still relatively bad but it wasn’t as terrible i didn’t really need to take any ibuprofen for it and also notice that i said cycle day 1 through 4 but for provera i would have almost 10 days of bleeding counting all of that spotty so it seriously cut down my period links which was amazing no one wants

To be bleeding for 10 days so reasons that you would take provera is if you do not have a period very often my doctor prescribed it to me because my period had gone more than three months and it equated to a almost month-long cycle so she instructed me to take it and not let my period go more than 60 days between so i would usually start provera on cycle day 45 or

So the pluses of provera were that it substantially minimized the length of my cycle or my period and probably the minuses were all the symptoms that came along with it now i’m gonna go ahead and move into a period on or after komen so clomid is a fertility medication it helps people who do not ovulate ovulate so depending on whether you have a period naturally or

If you have to induce it you may have to start with provera first and then clomid depending on your doctor they’ll prescribe it either like cycle day 3 through 7 4 3 5 through 9 it all depends on how they prescribed it for me it was cycle day 3 so i would start with the provera and on cycle day 3 i would start the clone now with clomid you’re only going to have

A period if you ovulate so i naturally don’t have my own period start so i wasn’t really sure about that but if you do ovulate you will have a period and personally for me my periods on a clone were significantly different than my periods on provera i was really nervous the first time that i ate ‘add on clomid because i had no idea i all i knew as pravara gave me

Terrible horrendous periods so i was kind of expecting that because clomid is another medication they say the average cycle is 28 days so from the first day of your period to the last day of your period which would mean that you ovulate somewhere around cycle day 14 for me on clomid my period usually starts on cycle day 31 so it’s a little bit longer which means

That i usually ovulate somewhere between cycle day 17 and 18 with clomid so far i have been spotting a couple days i’ll usually start spotting on cycle day 29 but i won’t get a full flow until cycle day 31 the flow is absolutely nowhere near that of provera it is very minimal for me i was able to use my menstrual cup as directed for the 12 hours and i had no leaking

Or breakthrough i did notice that my period was a little bit more mucousy or discharging than it has been in the past and the only real reason that i know that is because i mean it’s kind of like oil and water so in the menstrual cup you’ll be able to see the difference between uterine lining shedding blood and then the discharge which may be tmi that this is a

Period video from cycle d1 which i usually spot two days before and the last day it’s usually about four days so there’s really about six days of bleeding and i don’t really spot afterwards so it was really minimal for me clomid periods were really nothing to concern myself over i was nervous for no reason except for the fear of the unknown so if you’re feeling

Especially nervous about a period on clomid because of how bad your periods were on provera do your best not to worry obviously every body is different everybody’s different every period is different so you may have a completely different experience than me but i hope this gives you a little bit of peace of mind in the comments below let me know did you have

Terrible periods on clomid and normal periods on provera ru opposite of me or did you never have a period on coleman because you got pregnant the first time if so congratulations that’s awesome thank you guys so much for tuning in and we will see you next time bye guys and we are crossing the first thing off of our infertility beckon liz

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TMI: Provera VS. Clomid PERIODS By Kyle and Katey