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TNF Inhibitors Mnemonic for Nursing Pharmacology (NCLEX)

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Study this TNF Inhibitors NCLEX mnemonic and other mnemonics with Pixorize.

Tnf inhibitors are a group of new drugs that have been groundbreaking in the treatment of inflammatory autoimmune diseases unfortunately these drugs all have really ridiculously long names like adelimumab or infliximab that can make studying and memorizing these drugs really difficult that’s why we’re here in this video i’ll give you an easy way to remember all of

These drug names their clinical uses and side effects so what are we waiting for let’s dive in i was getting hungry so i thought i’d grab a sandwich at my favorite local deli like most delis these guys wrapped the sandwich in tin foil before toasting the sandwich in the fiery oven tell you what doesn’t tinfoil kind of remind you of tnf you know since tnf stands

For tinfoil right just kidding actually tnf stands for tumor necrosis factor a signaling that is extremely important in causing inflammation in the body this tin foil here should help you remember that we are talking about tnf inhibitors a class of drugs that work by blocking this exact molecule there are three important drug names you should know so let’s keep

Moving through the rest of this deli speaking of delis doesn’t the word deli itself help you remember the drug name adalimumab you can even think of it as a deli umab if that helps if you see adelimumab on test day come back to this deli to remember that adelimimab is a tnf inhibitor looks like the oven in the deli got a bit too hot and nearly started a kitchen

Fire luckily the one and only captain usa came in to rescue the day like any preening superhero the captain is proudly flexing his big biceps by the way the flexing should also help your member inflix a map get it flexing for infleximab there’s one more tnf inhibitor drug to know so let’s keep going the captain just happened to be around while on vacation and based

On his appearance it’s obvious that he was just at the pool his flexing is really just for showing off those killer tan lines use the tan here to help you remember the drug name etanercept because etanercept has the word tan right inside right now that we’re able to recognize the tnf inhibitor when we see one let’s move on to talk about what these drugs actually

Do you’ve probably noticed by now but my tinfoil wrapped sandwich has gone up in flames starting a kitchen fire that’s why the captain came bursting in with a fire extinguisher to put out the flames here at pixarize we use a fire extinguisher to symbolize drugs with an anti-inflammatory effect just like this fire extinguisher puts out flames anti-inflammatories

Put out or reduce inflammation in the body you feel by suppressing inflammation these tnf inhibitors can be used to treat a variety of inflammatory autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis ulcerative colitis and the like okay there’s one big side effect of taking these drugs you should know so let’s move on to the next symbol now this wouldn’t be the captain

Without his superhero shield but it looks like it’s getting pretty hot in this kitchen since even the shield is cracking from the heat let this broken shield remind you of the immunosuppression caused by tnf inhibitors let me unpack this symbol real quick you see the immune system is kind of like a shield you know since both shields and the immune system are used

To protect the body and since this shield is broken remember that tnf inhibitors weaken the immune system or the body’s protection against infections in formal terms this is called immunosuppression one of the dangers of having a weakened immune system is a high risk for infection as such patients should have their white blood cell count monitored as rising white

Blood cells can indicate an infection related to this immunosuppression is one infection in particular that we want to be sure to steer clear of so let’s move on to our final symbol i will admit captain america looks a little silly with his tan lines in that pool tube by the way the tube here is our recurring symbol for tuberculosis get it tube for tuberculosis

Tuberculosis or tb reactivation is a major danger in patients taking tnf inhibitors since the bacteria can use the immunosuppression caused by these drugs to cause a severe infection to prevent this all patients should receive a baseline tb screen before beginning treatment and yearly tb tests afterwards to make sure they do not have a tb infection just remember

The tube and it’ll be easy to remember tuberculosis alright that’s all for this mnemonic let’s recap tumor necrosis factor inhibitors or tnf inhibitors for short include the drugs adelimumab infliximab and etanercept these drugs have potent anti-inflammatory properties that make them useful in treating inflammatory autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis

And ulcerative colitis tnf inhibitors cause immunosuppression putting the patient at an increased risk for infection in particular patients taking these drugs are at a high risk of tuberculosis infections so all patients should expect to receive a baseline tb test as well as subsequent yearly screening tests and now we’re done with the tnf inhibitors think that

Sandwich is still good to eat see you next time thanks for watching for more videos like this one subscribe to our channel and check out our newest lessons for more resources on this topic including fact lists and interactive review images click the image next to the more here arrow i’ll see you next time

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TNF Inhibitors Mnemonic for Nursing Pharmacology (NCLEX) By Pixorize