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Toca Life World!!! – I finally made Chris and Max!!! – Let’s Play Toca Life World!!!

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Toca Life World!!! – I finally made Chris and Max!!! – Let’s Play Toca Life World!!!

Hey gamers sophie here and welcome to cherry  pop productions gaming if you’re new here   giving us a like and subscribe today we’re back at   toka live world and we’re gonna make the last two  characters from by a cherry gang can you guess who   okay let’s see cherries first where is she  where is cherry’s house oh my gosh it’s

Right   here okay oh miss red sunshine is still here oh  britney and cassidy’s still here where’s cherry   i’m still hiding outside oh nevermind oh yeah i  forgot to tell you guys that i’ve been playing   uh toca live world and i got my free gift and  look at them look this is their free gift they’re   wearing matching

Sweaters yay jerry’s one has like  a happy dog ornament while liam’s one has like an   annoyed cat okay let’s put vidya here so that  we can trigger her wait get the tree i’m gonna   put it right here i’m blocking the cactus there  we go video hates christmas and i don’t know why   and she’s like no i don’t like christmas 

Actually she’s gonna hide outside there we go  bye okay anyways so here are the characters   okay these are their cherry gang right here   no not you guys you’re not the cherry gang well  they’re part of my cherry channel but they’re   not part of the cherry gang so no that doesn’t  count okay you’re not part of your cherry

Gang   i am nick okay now let’s go make one of them okay  this time it’s a dude what is this okay this is   just a preset no i’m not using the presets okay  how do i reset this wait let me delete you there   we go there we go much better i’m not using the  preset okay this time is a dude but he’s tall   using this skin

Color there we go perfect   hairstyle and i’m not using that okay how about   here nope this one sure maybe that hairstyle will  do okay his hair color is brown but not this brown   um i think it’s this brown maybe yeah it’s not  brown he also has like a white highlight on his   hair but you can put more colors on the hair

In  toca life world so i’m just gonna leave it brown   i’m not changing the eyes yeah i’m changing his  eyebrows only the color okay i’m using this one   i’m making this a bit darker here we go okay now  for his clothes uh i actually don’t know how to   describe his clothes so i’m just gonna go find  the one that’s so tim best

Can you guys guess who   i’m making can you guess here’s a hint he likes to  mess with cassidy and he likes making cassidy mad   whatever can you guys guess do you know who   this is you know who’s this dude his name starts  with an m okay i’m tired of giving hints the   character i’m making is max okay be you thank 

You game okay this one suits him the best but   i’m trying to find more outfits that suit him  no no oh gosh what is wrong with your shoulders   no no where did your shoe go he’s only wearing one  shoe no no no what is his face that’s so creepy   no no no i am nick no you’re not nick there’s  a poopy face no what is this there’s

Lemons no   no no no no wait this one i guess but no no no no  no okay i’m gonna use this one because this suits   him the best and yeah that’s it it’s so simple  wait wait i forgot to change his nose why is this   nose orange there we go much better there meet max  and now let’s make another character the last one  

Using this hair why does this hair has a face   no trying to find the hair that suits him no i  don’t like this one no why is this nose green   no wait no no no no no oh gosh no no no what is  this brown thing on his head no no no no okay   where is that hair from earlier it kind of looks  like an emo with this airway let’s

Change his hair   black there now he’s an emo with a green nose  yep okay i’m not i’m definitely not using that   is it where did that hair still go there it is   okay now let’s change his nose cause it disturbs  me there we go why is his eyebrows purple here we   go much better wait i’m using this one yes okay  i

Also don’t know how to describe his outfit so   best oh yeah can you guess who i’m making guys   no one really talks about him yeah he’s very   underrated can you guys guess who his name starts  with a c like cherry but it’s not a cha it’s   guys guess who i’m making his name is chris   yeah that’s his name i don’t

Know why but he kind  of reminds me of andre from victorious because he   also likes music okay i think this one suits him  the best yep i like this outfit oh gosh why does   this has an eye it’s so creepy okay wait there it  is he has like red headphones but i’m not sure if   i can find headphones in this game so let’s try

To  find it okay there’s no headphones in this section   how about here oh gosh what’s in this hat worms  gross their headphones in this section now here oh   there’s this one but it looks very weird it comes  with a hat looks very weird his hair is coming out   i’m not gonna use that one the headphones in this  section no

There’s no headphones how about here   nope there’s no headphones great how about here  again there’s no headphones here okay no that’s   headphones there’s no headphones so we’re gonna   have to use this cause there’s no other headphones  and it looks very ridiculous on him because his   the hair uh this one still coming out

No   no no yes let’s make a ball no just kidding oh  gosh no i mean i guess you couldn’t really see   but i’m looking for more no no no no no   it okay wait where did that hairstyle go   there it is there he looks kind of weird but okay  there feed max and chris i’m sure cassidy will be   so happy in fact this year

Let’s make her mad for  no reason okay where should they meet up let’s go   find the most perfect place and talk alive world  okay let’s see where should they meet the uh   the adam’s family’s house nah wait what’s this  this is like a bakery or a cafe what’s this kind   of looks like i don’t know a cat and there’s like  an

Egg on it yay i want to eat cats with eggs on   it just kidding okay let’s just go there anyway oh  there’s a cafe yay okay you get out you know what   you just sit here you’re playing with your dog  yeah you just sit here there you’re lonely now   i need space oh gosh i thought this was a real  animal it’s just a plant i’m just

Gonna pretend   this plant is a real animal here you can have  this oh gosh okay oh my gosh look at all the food   yes there’s so many bread okay let’s bring them  here jerry where are you there you are oh my gosh   misty your face scares me gosh it’s a smile video  you’re not supposed to smile okay there’s captain  

You’re still holding the worms gosh we’re the  rest of my cherry gang oh gosh i recognize you   you’re from that one toka game that i used to play  oh there you are let’s put you next to cassady   see i told you he’s underrated i even forgot  about him okay yeah yes they’re having a moment   yesterday so angry because x is here

Yes   okay there yeah what am i doing and chris is  just fighting i actually don’t know which face   one yeah he’s vibing he’s dancing to this   if i can make you dance wait i got an idea   yeah that’s how they dance there he’s dancing yay  okay here you just sit here with liam there we go   never smile again video i

Look so cursed you’re  britney uh okay i would like to buy one of   everything please are you sure ma’am yes i’m rich  okay brittany wants one of everything so she wants   just did but whatever she wants this she wants   this she wants this what what is happening why am  i combining food she wants these too but i’m just  

Gonna leave it right there oh there’s pudding yay  there’s figgy pudding cherry here you hold this   don’t eat it okay oh there’s a random stranger  over there can we throw britney in the trash   oh we can’t throw britney in the trash well guys i  made chris and max at toca life world and cassidy   is so annoyed that max is here

See well anyways  that’s all the time we have for today guys   i hope you enjoyed the video if you do please  give this video a like and if you haven’t already   please subscribe to my channel and turn on the  bell so that you won’t miss any awesome videos   the channel and thank you so much for staying   till the end

Of the video you guys are awesome and  thanks for watching see you on my next video bye

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Toca Life World!!! – I finally made Chris and Max!!! – Let's Play Toca Life World!!! By Cherry Pop Productions