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Toenail Fungus Recovery part 2

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do not be discouraged when you begin taking medication it takes time but it will heal up you guys I seen a significant difference keep it up.

Hey everyone welcome back i want to make this quick quick little update on my um on my toenails i’ve been taking arabic tracks tea each of these bottles have 40 pills today’s day 82 i missed one day so day 81 was yesterday and i had two of these bottles i got him in tj they’re around twenty to thirty dollars each and first i didn’t think that they were gonna work

If you guys see my first video i want to go get a pedicure and my my big toenails the one that had the most significant difference and improvements i didn’t make a video after a month because there wasn’t much to show or talk about and then i started seeing a difference the yellowness started disappearing and by the way yeah herb attracts it’s just terbinafine okay

Or terbinafine however you want to say it 250 milligrams and these here in california you need a prescription and that’s what i got here my next 30 pills i got prescription for love nearby dermatologist here in huntington beach it’s the same thing tripping after terbinafine 250 sit right over there so it’s the same thing and i really think that they’ve really been

Working really good check it out you guys here is my big toe now it was completely hollow and i stumped it and it just cracked it was completely hollow i started and it just cracked and what was under it was this this like half-centimeter and it started growing out this is the bottom part nice and clean brand new no yellow all these were affected and yellow this

One one two three we’re the only ones that weren’t infected and all these were just yellow this was just ugly and hollow you could see inside you can always just open it it was just disgusting so uh there’s a big improvement i’m very happy the i will be taking these for the next 30 days so so far 80 plus 30 it’ll be a hundred and ten pills and i just take him

Right after he breakfast before i forget and go out so i’m gonna be taking the pills until they’re completely cleared up and i have a friend she took a trip to mexico and was able to bring me two more of these bottles so after i after i take these which is still the same terbinafine 250 i’ll continue taking taking every bit tracks tea from from tj you know if you

Don’t have insurance here in california just drive to tj the only downfall is the the drive back will really really be annoying because passing the border is always around a four hour five hour 7 hour maybe so sometimes it’s just better just bail in shenzhen and go to your dermatologist and getting prescribed regardless you’re gonna pay time or money which is time

Is money so so really up to you whatever you wanted to but if you can go to tj or you have someone coming back from tj just ask for terbinafine or in spanish is dead bean afina 250 milligrams and just start taking them don’t miss and eat them right after take them right after you food so they’ve made a big difference i’ll update you guys after about a month and

A half like i said i didn’t make a month a month a video because i didn’t see much of a difference until now i’m really seeing a dramatic difference i’m very happy you know i trained jujitsu a lot so when my feet are exposed everyone’s looking at your toes you know and i’ve seen people with some thick yellow fungus toenails and they’re older and they just don’t

Care anymore and i didn’t want to be that person in the future so i took care of it and i’m taking care of it it’s going good so don’t be discouraged you guys if you have toenail fungus know that it it could be cleared up and there’s steps to it so i’ll talk about what i did later on but so far what is it 80 81 days later it’s it’s looking good it’s clearing up

I’m very happy that i started taking these pills so beside every one time got choked out learned how to defend you

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Toenail Fungus Recovery part 2 By Ed Perez