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tooth bbq lights vlog 2021-04-06 10-27-04

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Welcome to the MS video diary where you will find a vlog made with 360 videos and 3D videos and regular 2D videos in HD from Andy Bailey in the United Kingdom

Hello all right i’m doing an update now before the stream i do in the morning because after the stream i’ve talked all that hour and then i will heat like that when i’m done so these are the updates and i’m not going to edit them now i’m going to read them from my ipad so on the fourth of april i visited tina’s mums for barbecue you know we had a lovely oh i love

A good barbecue and the weather was lovely the sun was out it was really warm although it was a bit cold in the shade area because there was a northerly wind coming that was a bit cold but it was lovely to have a barbecue there and tina’s bunk birthday was the next day as well uh what else happened on the fourth still in disbelief about my tooth pain oh yeah

Yeah yeah because since first of april i’ve been in waking up with pain every single bloody day first of year yeah and it’s oh oh i was so annoyed and waking up with pain and when i had the extraction done that particular pain where it grows up your face stopped and i had other pain but i think that is trauma from you know from the extraction and on the 5th of

April the critical mass you remember i said about the critical mass being 78 now instead of 79. i’m still above 78 but it’s in control i just had a couple of barbecues oh you know what i mean do me a favor all right so as long as i behave myself i should be able to settle below 78 kilos and that will become my new critical mass um garden lights oh i have a look

At these it was amazing the garden lights i’ve had them for christmas tina got it for christmas for me because i wanted something like that and i haven’t had a chance to put them out in the garden yet and they look lovely don’t they look really cool and they’re solar powered so they’re they’re not harming in the environment ironically if you wanted to protect the

Environment you wouldn’t throw them away you’d keep them you wouldn’t you know you get rid of them you’re going to harm the planet so for your for you only you’re welcome i decided to have them in the garden with solar power ah 6th of april the first day since march egg waking up and open oh that was this morning oh my god i woke up right and i had no pain here

No pain here no pain no pain in my legs which i’ve been having since the new i thought i was dead i mean i was like did i die because i’m reading a book about a guy that has transferred his consciousness to a computer and he doesn’t have those kind of feelings and it was like that i was like am i in have i been digitized like that um oh my weight this morning was

78.3 kilos 78 is the critical mass remember but i think i’m doing right since i’ve stuffed myself with cake and sausages and other parts of animals that were charred on a barbecue and the daily deposit is 96p today because every day i put one more piece so tomorrow with 97b and i’ve got a total of 46.56 in the bank now for my christmas daily fund so that’s

The update today i’m really happy to have no pain here and no funny legs here and uh pain in my neck’s gone completely not like oh it’s better now but i can still feel it but just gone so i’m loving that so on to streaming the space game now and i’ll be streaming this evening at 7pm cheers thanks a lot see you later

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tooth bbq lights vlog 2021-04-06 10-27-04 By multiple sclerosis Vlog