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Top 10 Dream Clutch Moments

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In this vide you will see The Top 10 Most Clutch Dream Moments and Plays!

Like and subscribe in the next five seconds for a week of good luck i see him i see him go go go knock him off drag him off wait what what what he’s jumping on the thing what wait he’s like he might die he’s just going away he’s gonna die he’s gonna die he’s fine please die no way he lives he’s done he’s oh my god oh my god oh my god he did not just do it how

Did he do that he’s here how did he survive oh my god go go go go go go place water go down i oh my goodness mlg get him where’d he go oh no you don’t oh he’s got like nothing he’s got just the booties stop doing that yes get in little enderman get him oh you are done you’re so done oh my god you do so much damage hello good sir he’s got a diamond sword guys

I know i know i’m being careful oh fudge stupid ender dragon okay that’s it i got him yes yes this is it this is bad i’ve got it wait what no no yes what what yes what happened what happened no what how did you die bad no ender pearl he jumped off the thing are you guys near the portal no oh my god oh god stop dreaming dream no what oh my god you’re actually

Crazy come on yes come on the lava is coming come on here comes my god you’re stupid coaches oh god swapping in 10 seconds all right no oh wait what oh my god no oh wait what oh my god wait are you alive what happened to you you put me on fire the block like i blocked glitch and i just fell into the lava i’m like trapped in the nether my portal is covered

In lava and there’s like a million pigmen okay okay george get ready george help we need fudge oh god keep putting in the wrong spot this is the end this is most definitely the end george george you and sam go out and set the bed use the spawn point i don’t have a bed ah go get one there’s like is there one up there yes go get one hurry all right i need

That hurry hurry guys come on oh my god that that crazy thanks guys i think he’s this way go oh my goodness this stupid water this water is the way go around it water so i see his name it’s right he’s right up there look it’s up there to the right up there into the right go go go go go go go come on oh dreams he’s dead he’s dead wait what wait wait wait

Wait wait wait wait we’re invisible which one is he three three three who’s here okay everyone see everyone see think wait no this one’s a team this one’s dreams this one’s streaming i’m dying who is this oh my god wait stand up are you chasing he’s chasing you i’m going after him i’m going after him you’re chasing him yeah yeah over here are you all still in

This do you know who’s who yeah yeah yeah i think wait something’s right next to me okay wait three two one go three three what where did we go what is he he run off and he’s gone i hear a meeting yes george this way i don’t even know what i’m doing i’m around goodness i don’t understand how you got above me i thought i was digging down to you i i fell in my

Hole and i was looking over your hole like literally looking over your hole and he just i don’t know where he came from he just jumped down you didn’t even go george yes no he’s on the trees he’s on the trees he’s so dead yes are you joking okay go back go back go get him go get him come on it above ground george it is george is right here yeah that’s a great

Plan see like big brain i’m fully eating what if there’s a trap on the other side you muffins oh my goodness we’re going to die one let’s go what is this come on come on come on let’s go what is this it’s a what yes yes what was that oh my god let’s go oh my god oh my goodness why did you guys go down trap neither did they until they died i can’t believe that

Killed all three of you were you full iron all of you yes this is wait dude he just jumped down oh my god there’s somebody come on i’ve got him cut off i’ve got him come on no i’m trying what are you doing get back yes i broke the water yes my dream job yes my dream you’re so bad yes yes wait what george he survived oh my god no oh my god i somehow lived

How did i live what the hell that’s so weird watch this guys guys you’re gonna you’re gonna like this this is gonna be the pro like and subscribe watch come on i’m gonna run from this one to that one okay well oh you’re done you’re literally dead i have so many surprises for you oh i’m gonna have a fun time with you oh yes oh my god you’re so done you’re so you

Don’t understand how dead you are you better get full iron armor right now otherwise you are dead so did you go across the ocean i did what by him are you in i am in a desert biome nice lie how long does it take me to look at the biome you’re in tell me what it is a long time i’m on the hunt again you’re literally done what what behind me how what did you do

What did you do you made a loop-de-loop didn’t you what do you mean i made a loop-de-loop i made no loopty loop hit me with the loopty loop didn’t you what no you’re in this ravine

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Top 10 Dream Clutch Moments By Searight