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Top 200 Drug Quiz 3 Video

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Hi everyone welcome to quiz three of top tuned drugs this week’s quiz is on cns drugs the first drug name is donna brazile or brand name aricept it is a silicone ace inhibitor using use in treating alzheimer’s dementia so acetylcholine is is an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine in our brain which is a really important you know transmitter that affects our brain

And many parts of our body so by blocking this enzyme acetylcholine is we increase the amount of silicon that is in our brain because it is thought to be that lower amount of silicon in the brain is the cause of alzheimer’s disease so there is no this is a one of the first line agent that is used for our timers the second drug mirtazapine or rem our own brand name

It is alpha 2 antagonists mainly working in our brain can be used for major depressive disorder but more like as an adjunct therapy or like a second line not really and the first slide we’re gonna talk about the first line therapy ssri or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor later so the major side effects from mirtazapine are weight gain and drowsiness so kind

Of using those side effects utilizing them we can use mirtazapine for patients who have anxiety and sleep disorder so drowsiness can cause patients to sleep better and kind of calm down and also can be used for patients without appetite to give them more appetite because of the its side effects a weight gain and craving for food buspirone or brand-name buspar

Is anti-anxiety agents used for treating generalized anxiety disorder has a little bit lesser sedation sedative effect than benzodiazepines remember we learn on clonazepam and diazepam which are benzodiazepines in wic one has also has less potential for abuse than benzodiazepine so it can be used instead of depends o’s for patients we have potential for abuse

Kind as i used as an add-on therapy for depression as well you propia nor brain and wellbutrin just notice the drug we just talked about you spiral and bupropion have very similar names so make sure that you know the difference between peace pirone and bupropion so bupropion is dopamine norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor used for depression smoking cessation it’s

Seasonal affective disorder especially for smoking cessation it actually has different brand name zyban you are not gonna you don’t have to know that for this quiz but know that they manufacture different brand name for the purpose of smoking cessation there are many different strengths and different types of formulations available so you learn that later in class

Levetiracetam or brendan keppra is anticonvulsant agent basically used for seizure disorder it is i’ll use mainly as an adjunct therapy with other first-line agents for treatment of seizure i repeat pretzel or brand name abilify is the atypical antipsychotic there are many indications for this drug but schizophrenia is a major one bipolar disorder it can also be

Used as an adjunct therapy for later depressive disorder so remember learning seroquel or in with one so that’s when i talk about difference between a typical and typical antipsychotic that a typical is a second-generation antipsychotics that has lesser side effects that are that are typical or first generation antipsychotics have so remember every proposal is one

Of them very small to central or hotel pan risperidone or risperdal is another atypical antipsychotic that can be used for bipolar mania by poor maintenance it’s not here about also used for schizophrenia so risperdal is one of the really first line agent that is very privately used in hospital or settings the turbit all acetaminophen caffeine it’s a combination

Drug of barbiturates with the brand name fares fear set it issues for tension or muscle contraction headache so the target all which is a main major component of this drug its classes barbiturates which is cns depressant that are effective as an exam latex hypnotics or anticonvulsants has some weak energetic effect this is a case we use this support or distraught in

This case well one thing you need to really know is fair said which is acetaminophen is non controlled substance whereas there’s another combination i’m very similar the table at all aspirin is the acetaminophen and caffeine that brand name is phenol which actually is controlled substance you’ll see three quests both paranal and fara sets with codeine or scheduled

Drugs in deep three classes because beto beto has a potential for abuse it is really not recommended to be used for long period of time it’s more for short term used again it really is not really preferred as a choice of pain management anymore all right lorazepam its brand name is ativan another benzodiazepine so kind of see the pattern reza’s pen colin’s opinion

Died as a pen so you can see these are benzodiazepines used for anxiety disorient omneya and seizures dextroamphetamine and amphetamine combo drug it the brand name is adderall is stannis stimulants used for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder so it is a combination of drug that has 75% of dextroamphetamine and 25% and vitamin so it is for one of the

First line asian treating adhd least xm vitamin or vyvanse brand name it is another cns stimulant at all actually it is a prodrug of dextroamphetamine which is a part of adderall what that means is when you take it by mouth it it is metabolized into the active drug which is extra and freedom in so also used for adhd it also another indication that it has something

The adderall doesn’t have is for treating binge eating disorder method benedict’s or brand-name ritalin comes in both long-acting a one rule in la or it also comes in immediate release one so use for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder adhd adhd again and also has indication for narcolepsy which edirol also has so ritalin and adderall are the two first time

Agent for treating adhd works very similarly to at all but works sooner and reaches peak more quickly than federal doses thankful full or brand-name diprivan is anesthetic agent that is used for general anesthesia and sedation mainly using hospital in icu settings before going to surgery or patients who are in a lot of pain jokinen or brand-name ambien is hypnotics

So it is actually classified as non benzodiazepine hypnotic used for insomnia it is not supposed to be used for chronic use it is more for short-term use use its own pierce list which means that it it is not supposed to be used for patients elderly patients over the age of 65 you prend orphan naloxone or brand-name suboxone it is the combination of the preneur fein

Which is opiate partial agonists so exerting its energies it so pain relief effects come by with naloxone which is opioid antagonist so basically it’s gonna bind to the receptor of opiate receptor and displace opioids so kind of like camera acting opioids so this combo drug is used for opioid dependence because when it’s taken by mouth sublingually usually comes

In sublingual tablets or film so when it’s used properly naloxone doesn’t really act so if you’re an orphan we’ll have a logistic effect however when it’s dissolved in water and injected which most patients who are using these opiates drugs to then now in laksa will have an effect that are antagonizing the preneur fein so which will cause you know all the regional

Symptoms because now you’re not getting that opioids so also buprenorphine has silly effect which helps that it’s not going to cause over those by taking more than whatever yours of how much you’re supposed to take so this is major drug that we use for patients where opioid dependence when you’re reading them off of the drug abuse abuse so tell the pram or brand

Name celexa is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or more commonly known as ssris this is a major drug that we’ve used for depression so select size are one of the most commonly used ssri because of its cheap cost available in generic and everything so we use select our telegram fluoxetine or prozac is another ssri that we use very often it has indication for

Depression obsessive compulsive disorder ocd or avianna rossa so fluoxetine is very long-acting ssri also very activating which means that it’ll keep you awake so this is a one that you have to take in the morning otherwise it can keep the patients up really late at night when the faxon or brand-name effexor is serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor working

Both on zirconia and norepinephrine whereas fluoxetine and citalopram work just also serotonin reuptake inhibitor it is working very similar to accessorize when itself or dose when those gets higher it works on both toning and norepinephrine so we need to be careful using this at higher dose these use for depression and generalized anxiety disorder duloxetine or

Brand-name cymbalta is another serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor or snri very similar to than the vaccine but duloxetine is used more for diabetic neuropathy or fibromyalgia that for its effects in really being new york a fake pain or nerve pain sumatriptan or brennan imitrex is one of the drugs that are known as trip tents that are used for acute really

Pain relief of migraine headaches so it is classified as a 21 b 1 d receptor agonist for more commonly known as trip tents for as a cue rescue medication for patient with migraines so we’re gonna learn more drugs in this class later on so that’s all i have for today if you have any question feel free to email me at any time or stop by my office make sure that you

Guys know the drugs that are in similar class and also be able to differentiate jobs that are having similar names all right i

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Top 200 Drug Quiz 3 Video By Hailey Choi