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Foreign let’s look at today’s top headlines need 2022 mcc counseling to start from 11th of october the 840 2022 candidates it’s finally over as mcc has finally announced its counseling schedule releasing the dates of need ugiq and state counseling in a recent letter written by the adg and member mcc to satya buller secretary of mcc professor dr srinivas member of

Mcc informed about the counseling schedule prepared by mcc and approved by the health ministry as per the schedule the first round of counseling will take place from 11th of october to 20th of october for both aiq and dean and central institutes while the state of counseling first round will take place from 17th of october till 28th of october the last date of joining

Four aiq and deemed and center institutes for this round will be 28 october with the similar date standing for 4th of october 2022 for state counseling government fee for 50 seats in private medical colleges supreme court to hear matter on 21st of october while considering the plea challenging the national medical commission’s order for implementing government fees

In private medical colleges this supreme court decided on last friday that the next matter would be heard next on 21st of october 2022. initially while considering the mata the top court bench comprising of justice chandra chu doubted the validity of the office memorandum of nmc that has been challenged the bench noted that how can you save me in 50 of the seats

In private medical colleges will be at par with government medical colleges rishu concerns the office memorandum issued by an emcee back in february 2022 in that order the epic’s medical body had clarified that the fees of 50 seats in the private medical colleges would be at par with government medical colleges of that particular state or union territory doctors

Need not disclose identity of miners seeking mtps at supreme court in a significant judgment the supreme court directed in cases where miners seek termination of their pregnancy rmps need to not disclose their identity of the minor to the police as is mandated under the production of children from sexual offenses act the supreme court has extended the benefits of

The medical termination of pregnancy act to minors who engage in consensual sexual activity by accepting doctors from disclosing their identity to the local police included unmarried women for abortion between 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy under the mtp act limiting the provision to cover only married women will render a discriminatory and violative of article 14.

Nppa fixes retail price of 40 formulations including diaper graphosin metformin ftc florissant noticed the national pharmaceutical processing authority ministry of chemicals and fertilizers government of india has fixed the retail price of 40 new drugs including those used to treat high blood pressure type 2 diabetes certain types of stomach cancer bacterial

Infections and those used to relieve pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis and closing spondylitis muscle pain bone pain and joint pain these include outcomes drug ciplas metabolor succinate chlorothalidone and tell me sort and fix those combination tablets outcomes drugs epic laboratories mefenamic acid and paracetamol or a

Suspension and aspirin tablets the list further includes zaira’s healthcare paracetamol infusion in a 100 ml pack as silofenac and paracetamol tablets and also a link called pharmaceuticals cyrus healthcare’s azithromycin oral suspension that’s all for today stay safe never miss a medical update from medical dialogues like subscribe and press the bell icon

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