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Topical Dutasteride 2 the Side Effects

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My second video review on Topical Dutasteride.

Yes cruz what is going down in chinatown today we’re going to be talking about topical dutasteride video number two but um first of all let’s address the the hippopotamus in the room i’m wearing a sling i was in a power lifting competition earlier today and i detached my bicep doing a mixed grip deadlift so everybody watch out for a mixed grip if you are

Using peds because your strength can your muscle strength can outgrow your tendon and ligament strength if you’re not careful and be careful of using yk11 as i was doing ooh but anywho we’re going to be talking about topical dutasteride so in my first video i was like yeah i’ve only been using this for a day but i haven’t had any side effects yet it’s great

Everything’s cool this is video number two so yeah first of all everything was going good my sex drive was elevated my mood was elevated i could see finally i had like a solution for reducing um the five alpha reduction the dht conversion and you know i was hoping i’d be able to make them sweet gains whilst making some hair gains or at least reducing the loss

You know keeping that afro nice and uh thick instead of being all floppy and thin and so you can see the scalp but anyway that was my first video and i was really buzzing because i’m like yes i have a solution um now yeah things aren’t this isn’t a scientific thing this isn’t a um a very scientific video because there are so many variables i’ve been taking

Kratom consistently through this time period i’ve been and that can affect your mood when you try and stop taking it or even when you do take it i have been increasing my steroids i’ve been taking you know boulder known which can affect your mood i’ve been taking an angelo which can affect your mood i am i’ve been massively increasing my testosterone exposure i

Have been taking loads of steroids um in the past week mainly in the past week it’s been going a bit nuts because it’s peak week guys competition time let’s do this so there’s a lot of variables so everything seemed to be going well with the hair loss dutasteride topical dutasteride it was going very well but then my penis stopped working and uh yeah it like

It just wasn’t really working now like i said this isn’t scientific at all there’s loads of variables in my experience kratom increases my sex drive so maybe that was masking my penis not working for the start but like i don’t know maybe after a week of use um it stopped working like it just it was really not working erections weren’t happening i wasn’t

Really feeling very aroused by things either so i think it was you know reducing the dht in my brain reducing my sex drive and um yeah basically my dick was cold at the tip my glands if we are going to be scientific my glands were soft and cold and you know when the tip of your dick is cold that something ain’t right guys so just watch out for that one okay um

Yeah i had reduced uh sensitivity reduced mental arousal and yeah i wasn’t really into it that much um i was able to ejaculate but my dick was very very soft so yeah these are the typical dutasteride finasteride scare stories that everyone hears about you know and it may only be a tiny percentage of people that get this when you take it orally when you take it

Topically it’s going to be even less chance of side effects but the thing is right after the first application i’m like i feel better i feel better than before so i’m going to apply it like the max dose um sorry my phone’s going off it’s people texting me because i’ve detached my bicep um okay so i decided i would instead of using it at the minimal dose and

Titrating up i was like i’m gonna it’s got a squeezy dropper with a bulb at the end like so basically i was doing three pets full um every other day and i believe that is the maximum dose it turns out that dose is far too high for me and it caused crazy erectile dysfunction and probably mood dysregulation as well um another thing that happened is i do have

A little bit of gynecomastia um my i’ve got some hard glandular tissue underneath my left nipple and like a tiny i don’t really think i have any hard glandular tissue underneath my right nipple but now if my prolactin or especially estrogen increase i can feel it i can feel it i have painful nipples and i don’t like it that that’s i never had this before i

Got the gyno and now i can feel it as soon as my estrogen gets out of whack um now i’ve been looking online i’ve been looking on youtube for various videos hair loss people are talking about how yeah well dutasteride and finasteride it your testosterone can increase by 15 and that extra testosterone conversion can convert into estrogen as it’s not allowed to

Convert into dht anymore and that extra estrogen is can be in a very very small amount of cases responsible for a causing dino or exacerbating existing gyno now i think that this is true yes you get more testosterone and you stop the conversion to dht or you reduce it significantly and that thereby increases the estrogen conversion yes that’s true but a factor

That i believe many hair loss youtube videos are overlooking is that you can counteract gyno by injecting dht if you have high levels of serum dht or i think i don’t know if you can like inject it directly into like the breast issue i don’t know but i think from my research i think that just high serum levels of dht um are very good at reducing gyno like if

You have gynocomastia and you use a steroid like masteron it can shrink it down quite well just by having that high dht component so a high androgen combats the high estrogen and that then kind of reduces the uh gynecomastia i was experiencing a lot of gyno so i had increased estrogen but the dht was not balancing it out so i think that i just had really low

Serum dht from my own personal kind of mental effects plus i wasn’t feeling good but that could be down to kratom kratom withdrawals and all that type of stuff i know that before when i had um low dht from taking oral finasteride i felt quite suicidal i didn’t feel like i was going to commit suicidal i just had thoughts that were very dark like life is i

Want to die um this time i didn’t really experience that but my sex drive was down and i was in a pretty dark place anyway as i said that could be totally attributed to the kratom so let’s take that out of the equation okay so another thing i’d like to talk about is i in the last few days i was taking mandalore i was taking androlone phenyl propionate and i

Also took like a tiny bit of pharmaceutical grade deca i’ve got this deca which is 50 milligrams per milliliter very very low dosage considering that most people use it like 250 milligrams or 300 milligrams per milliliter anyway there’s these farm grade ampules i got from an actual steroid doctor that’s pretty cool and um i use a little bit of deca and then a

Little bit of an angelo fennel propionate now one thing that all your people especially you that are using the steroids what you need to know is that if you’re trying to keep your hair don’t use a five alpha reductase inhibitor like finasteride or dutasteride if you are taking androlone because as derrick more plates more dates has said many times basically

The dandelion five alpha reduces into dhn dihydro nandrolone and this is significantly less androgenic than the parent hormone and alone so yeah it was kind of stupid i i just did it because i wanted to get some stuff in me fast before the competition and i’m just like whatever so anyway that’s something for you to consider now when we’re talking about the um

The positives of this uh this formulation of topical dutasteride one thing that i failed to mention in the previous video is that it’s really good at conditioning the hair i’ve got very thinning very thin thinning hair um it and i found that applying this topical dutastride not only made it like look smooth and silky but it kind of made it clump together in

The right way when you’ve got very thin fine sparse hairs it kind of like covered it up a little bit and made it look more presentable so that is one massive benefit of this i know that if you’re using minoxidil which i’m not currently using at the moment um that it can make the hair look kind of dry and white chalky and ghostly looking this has the opposite

Effect this makes it just look kind of like luscious volumized thick it’s like a conditioner so that’s one really good thing going for it and the brand is um the one on the video still at the start of this the years i don’t know the start screen whatever it’s called that is the brand um yeah if you want to find out just ask me where i got it from whatever i

Can reply in the comments it’s it does work but this is what i’m going to do this is my final thing next time that i use this product because i am going to use it again uh i’m just going to kind of like wait for everything wait for the surgery to happen wait for like a few things to happen then i’ll get on it um basically i’m gonna titrate the dose up so i’m

Gonna use the minimal effective dose first i don’t even know if it’s the effective dose i’m apply it one time per week maybe with like two squirts two per pets full the first time and then the next next week i might use three perpetual and then i’m gonna leave it a week in between see how my sex drive is my erectile quality all this type of stuff my mood and

Then i might be able to increase it to twice a week and to be honest i don’t know if i’m gonna use it more frequently than twice a week i’m going to be on a lot lower testosterone dose now that i’m not prepping for a competition and um yeah i don’t want to risk it i i was taking 500 milligrams of testosterone and i got a cold glands like soft penis lack of sex

Drive and a shitty mood from taking it every other day with three pets full every other day so yeah this is my second update on the topical dutasteride um i hope that you find it useful uh because yeah often i’m raving about raving about a product or a new thing that i’m into and then a few weeks later i’m like yeah no that was awful and i kind of renege on

It so with this one i am undecided as of yet um i it really conditions the hair really nicely i’m not using at the minute and you can see my hair is a mess but guys i’ve just come out of hospital from my detached bicep yo and um yeah next time i use it i’m gonna titrate the dose up like you’re supposed to do with drugs and not just bash maximum dose yeah so

I hope that you find this useful i hope that you don’t get the soft i hope you don’t get the cold glands and uh i hope that you manage to keep your hair because it’s nice to have hair anyway guys till next time catch you later peace

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Topical Dutasteride 2 the Side Effects By Daves Anabolic Odyssey