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Toradol Ketorolac IM Injection For Migraine Disease | Rescue Medication for a Migraine Attack

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In this video, I share how I prepare a Toradol (Ketorolac) Intramuscular (IM) Injection to be given to me in my hip for an acute Migraine attack. It is a rescue medication I use for Migraine disease that helps me cope with Migraine and sometimes aborts them..

All right guys so i’m going to be getting a total shot because my migraine hurts really badly so i’m going to show you me getting her ready i’m turning the camera away because i don’t want you to see me wretching i i like i can’t can’t can’t enjoy this any longer and i i can’t wish i could explain what this is like if you get migraines like i do like this i

Don’t always share this with you guys because it’s so common for me and i feel like i’m not trying to scare people away from watching the videos but this is very common for me and yeah i’m in a lot of pain so it’s gonna give me an injection in my hip i used to give it to myself and my legs but i got so much scar tissue in my legs from giving myself injections

That i can’t do it anymore there’s no good tissue in my legs so these are the alcohol wipes and i’m getting a tutorial injection because i have my migraine it’s just worse and i don’t want to take that last migraine pill and this should help i’m just frustrated that’s what it is so here’s my vial the bigger the gauge the easier it goes into the body i usually

Use 25 gauge opening to a 22 gauge needle would be like this and then a 25 gauge opening would be smaller three milliliters is how much the syringe holds and my syringe this is my 25 gauge and one and a half inch needle so what i do is i twist this on tighter sterile so i always take the needle twist it on i always pull the syringe just to give it a little bit

Of a pump and then i prime it because sometimes it’s hard to pull the plunger down now when you draw a medication into a needle you want to first pull the syringe to whatever the measurement is so i’m pulling it open to the two right here and then i pull it down to the number two because that’s how many milliliters i’m going to be pulling in the thing about

These little things is you actually have to push the air in to get the liquid out so i’m going to flip the cap off once i flip the cap off i don’t want to touch anything on there because it’s sterile i uh pop the green part off oh hey and then i tighten it and i gently pull the cap off i put the cap where i’m going to find it again put the needle into the here

And i’m going to i’ll show you i’m going to push the air into this so that i can actually pull the medicine out and then i don’t want to touch the top here because this is sterile and i put it in here which is just there’s a little passageway and put it into the the couture lock and then what i do is i push the air in and automatically as it displaces itself

It will automatically you’ll see the plunger go down and it will pull all of the fluid out oh i forgot did these only have one oh okay well this only had one cc in it so i didn’t know that i need to go get another cause we’re going to be injecting two cc’s into me cap on get another one out there the ones i used to have um they were purple capped and they were

Two milliliters and there’s 30 milligrams per milliliter so i take 60 milligrams oftentimes when they give it to iv they’ll give you 30 milligrams i have the milliliter and here actually have more than that and i’m going to draw down again to the two because i’m going to push that air into this one okay do the same thing it’s hard because when i have a migraine

Sometimes i have blurry vision so looking at something this little and then you can kind of see the tip of the needle although things that are magnified look closer than they are all right and now the plunger is going to come out by itself again and i can make it go faster if i want you don’t have to do that you can just withdraw it if you want and they put a

Little bit more in the vial than you need because you can’t pull every single drop out and then i always have the bad misfortune of this when you pull it out sometimes it pees on you so i do that in another video i have of this it peed on me and i’ll show you i think i know where that video is and then pull it out and it just peed on me and it just peed on me so

I’m covered in turtle now so then you want to oh yeah i have more than two in here that’s right you want to push the it up so that you push all the air bubbles out so you flick it and then you push it up a little bit and there should be some couture luck coming out this top and i’m gonna cap it i put the cap back on now if i were going to be doing an injection

In my leg which i can’t do anymore because my leg is so full of scar tissue from when i was doing nine injections a week creator doll and six of benadryl if i was gonna give it to myself and my legs i would kind of um grab the muscle here on the side of my leg i can’t show you with one hand but i would clean it squeeze the muscle then put the needle in pull

Out a little bit make sure i don’t get any blood return if you get blood return and an im injection it’s bad it means you have the needle in the wrong place and you could kill yourself so you if you get any blood return you pull it out i’ve only got one returned one time and it’s super rare we i’ve done probably well over a thousand injections it just means

You have it in the wrong place if you don’t get blood return then you just give the injection and pull it out the best way is to do a darting motion do it really fast if you push slowly through yourself it’s going to hurt so that’s why i give knee injections fast they generally recommended push the plunger in slowly and then pull it back out if you can do the

Injection right the only thing that should be painful would be the medication because toradol is a painful medication to inject there are other medications that aren’t painful like benadryl is not a painful medication to inject i can’t remember if the diaphan hydramine the dhe i don’t remember if that was painful it made me really sick so i only did it like

Once or twice i bite my finger because it’s the best way i can take care of the pain because it is a painful injection you’ll see i bite my fingers so that if it is painful i put in my pain here i’ve always done that even if i had like menstrual cramps i’d do that so it’s really your hip that gets the injection some people like will pop their leg out to

Get a different position of how it goes in the hip i tend to put my legs straight i also put a pillow underneath my left hip because the way this couch is i don’t want to roll weird the nurses at the headache clinic would do it standing but i tend to get a little woozy i take off my glasses too and right he’ll tell me he’s drawing line right now and then

He’s gonna circle from the center out to make sure it’s sterile he’s gonna say okay that tells me i take a breath in because sometimes people will hold their breath and then that’s not good they’ll pass out so i take a breath in to make sure i’m breathing because i’m focusing on taking a breath in i’m not focusing on the needle and i just don’t look at it i

Mean obviously i prepared the needle but for some reason just not looking at it helps me ready when you are holding don’t give up so i hold the cotton round in place and we are done but it was really painful you can put pressure on this and rub it sometimes that helps with the pain i’m happy that’s done and hopeful it will help my migraine i kind

Of don’t want to move i’m just going to lay here because my migraine doesn’t want me to move right here laying on the couch still my rear got a little sore but nothing too bad it might have helped like a smidge but nothing significant yet even a smidge is good though let me close the curtains because i just i’m getting more and more light sensitive i have

A neurological disease of my brain called migraine i do not have nausea right now i do have a headache that’s pretty intense i am feeling pretty fatigued and we’re hoping that the toradol will kick in so i’m just gonna lay here this is why they say that migraine is the thief of time because i can’t do anything right now all i can do is lay here and wait and

Hope that my rescue med of the couture lack of the turtle will kick in and help me feel better today’s day 20 or 21 of this migraine toradol can make me sleepy so i’m just gonna go with it if i fall asleep i fall asleep i just want to feel better and sometimes you have to fall asleep because there’s no sense in pushing through something that is so hellish to

Live there’s no listen to the birds and just think about that turtle killing the inflammation in my brain calming down and everything being peaceful if i can i might take turn on my call map and just listen to some calming sounds i’m gonna say see you later to you guys i’ll be there when you need me

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Toradol Ketorolac IM Injection For Migraine Disease | Rescue Medication for a Migraine Attack By Incredible Anyway