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Tradjenta For the Treatment of Type II Diabetes

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Dulaglutide for Type II Diabetes.

Hi everyone my name is vivian nguyen i’m a candidate of pharmacy class of 2021 and today we’ll be going over the medication lena glypton commonly known as tragenta first i’ll be going over some patient counseling tragensa is a prescription medicine that is used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugars in adult with type 2 diabetes take one pill by

Mouth once daily it can be taken with or without food if you miss a dose take it as soon as you remember if you do not remember until it’s time for your next dose skip the mistos and go back to your regular schedule do not take two doses of jogensa at the same time common side effects that you might experience are going to be stuffy or runny nose sore throat

Cough or diarrhea contact your doctor right away if you develop these serious side effects first inflammation of your pancreas also known as pancreatitis symptoms of pancreatitis are severe pain in your stomach area that will not go away with or without vomiting you may feel the pain from your abdomen to your back second severe disabling joint pain third heart

Failures symptoms include increased shortness of breath or trouble breathing especially when you lie down swelling or fluid retention especially in the feet ankles or legs and unusually fast increase in weight and unusual tiredness now we will be going into detail about jagenta here is a formal introduction to drogenta it belongs to the class of medication called

Dipeptidyl peptidase 4 dpp 4 inhibitors its indication is adjunct could die in exercise to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes the pros and cons pros is that it decreases a1c from 0.5 to 0.8 percent it’s the only single strength dpp-4 inhibitor with no dose adjustment regardless of renal function there’s no hypoglycemia risk cons is that it is

High costs it has adverse reactions such as pancreatitis our next important element is the mechanism of action for jogensa tragensa is a dpp4 inhibitor that prevents the enzyme dpp4 from breaking down ancient hormones known as glucagon-like peptide 1 glp-1 and glucose-dependent insulin tropic polypeptide gip these hormones help regulate the blood glucose level

By increasing insulin release from the pancreatic beta cells in glucan consecration from pancreatic alpha cells a reduction in gum results in decreased hepatic glucose production these medication enhances the effects of our body’s own incretins tragenta is a type of medication that lowers your blood sugars in two way it stimulates your pancreas to produce more

Insulin and stimulate your liver to produce less glucose dosage and formulation of tragenta dosa’s form is trajectory comes in a five milligram tablet the initial dose recommendation of jogensa is five milligram once daily there is a combination product of jagenta with metformin also known as jogensa duo we just talked about the dosing but let’s take a deeper

Look into dose adjustment for giganta there is no dose adjustment necessary for hepatic and renal impairments adverse effects of tragensa includes nasal pharyngitis upper respiratory tract infection urinary tract infections peripheral edema rash and diarrhea warnings and precautions of tragenta there is a risk of heart failure especially in patients with a

History of heart failure or renal impairment this risk is seen with saxoglyptic and allogliptin specifically but warning is added for an entire class other warnings includes acute pancreatitis severe and disabling arthralgia hypersensitivity reactions and bolus fengoid which is seen with blistered slash erosion requiring hospitalization monitoring parameters

For efficacy you need to monitor a1c at least twice yearly in patients who have stable glycemic control in our meeting treatment goals quarterly patients not meeting treatment goals or with therapy change also monitor for blood glucose as for safety you want to monitor for signs and symptoms of pancreatitis signs and symptoms of hypersensitivity side symptoms of

Urinary tract infections signs and symptoms of heart failure and lastly signs and symptoms of bolus femturoid these are my references thank you for listening to my presentation i hope you have a great day

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Tradjenta For the Treatment of Type II Diabetes By Riverside Rx Services