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Treating My Acne (Moderate)| Birth Control, Minocycline, Topical Creams, Antibiotics

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I just completed my first week on Minocycline and I feel like it’s working pretty well so far! I’ll post another weekly update soon. Wish me luck! Oh, and leave any questions you have below!! See you soon.

All of this has done little to nothing for me obviously i mean hey so today i’m gonna be talking to you guys about my skin some things have changed okay for the past i would say two years or so i’ve been battling on and off with acne and i think that part of that has to do with being on and off birth control i’ve been on birth control on and off for maybe three

Years now and when you take birth control and you stop taking it your hormones are out of whack and they kind of just have to figure themselves out again your body has to be set itself a lot of things can happen okay and i think that that’s what happened to me my skin was confused my hormones were confused everybody was just confused i started having more acne

Than i’ve ever had for a while was on my chin and then as of recently it’s been on my forehead and up until this point i’ve just been going the drugstore route and buying different cleansers and creams and ointments and i just felt like none of that was working the way i wanted it to so i decided that i needed to go to the doctor to have them look at my skin so

I can get this under control because nobody has time for that so last monday which was june 4th i went to the doctor and had him look at my skin and he told me that i have what looks to be cystic acne and that wasn’t a surprise to me because i had already been researching my skin symptoms for a while and i came to the conclusion that i just might have cystic

Acne because it was all happening in one major part of my face in other places also at times but mostly just in one place which was on my forehead and you know it was what it was that kind of was just relieved that okay we’ve discovered but that’s what it is let’s just move on the doctor prescribed a few things to me the first thing he prescribed was clindamycin

Which is a solution that you put on the affected areas your face so on any pimples that you see anywhere you feel like you get pimples the most so mine would be on my forehead and probably on my chin and it’s basically just dries your skin out dries out all the bugs which it’s important i am normally applying it to my forehead in my chin because that’s where i get

Pimples the most but you can use it on your entire face i don’t really need to so i don’t everybody is different so if they prescribe this to you you may not use it twice a day like i do but i was instructed to use mine twice a day so once in the morning and then once a night after i’ve already washed my face the other products that i was prescribed was retina a

Gel and it comes in a two like this it’s sort of like an ointment but it’s a gel you basically apply this to any of your affected areas so anywhere you put the clindamycin you’re gonna put the gel also well for me anyway i was prescribed and instructed to apply this to my affected areas once a day so just at night rather than in the morning and at night retina gel

Is a pretty powerful gel or topical substance to use because it really does drought your skin so does the clindamycin though they both make your skin pretty dry but you’re supposed to avoid direct sunlight when you use the red and in gel because it is really really drying don’t put it on your sunburned skin don’t put it on any cuts scrapes or damaged skin you also

Should wash your hands after you use both of these because if you rub your eyes after using these as far as the areas of my skin that i don’t have to apply those products – i’ve just been applying nat enola and nat enola is a skin discoloration cream that i found you can find it at any of your local beauty supply stores and it’s meant to lighten your dark spots for

Me it’s been working pretty well it’s the best one i found so far before i found this when i was using ambi but i just felt like ambi took forever to work i was finishing up a bottle of ambi and my skin was finally starting to lighten up but this one i think works a little bit better so if you haven’t tried it go ahead and try it you might like it so i basically

Apply this to any of my dark spots i do it as often as i can at least twice a day sometimes three because i’m really trying to work on my dark spots i want to make sure that i’m protecting them from the sun as much as possible so if you don’t have a skin protectant primer to use before you put on your makeup you should invest in one and make sure you use it before

You go outside so that your dark spots don’t get any darker than they already are the primer that i’ve been using is by milani and this is their prime protect spf 30 face primer if you want to go higher in spf you definitely can this was just the cheapest one that i could find at the moment but there are brands that have primers and products that are spf 50 which

Is even better i am now taking minocycline which is an antibiotic used to treat acne i was prescribed 100 milligram capsules and was instructed to take one capsule in the morning and then one at night i do take it with food or at least try to so that i’m not nauseous i’ve seen a lot of videos that were talking about minocycline and people felt that after they stopped

Taking it their skin either went back to the same way it was or it got worse i can’t really speak on this as and now because i’m not there yet i’m just now starting it’s only been a week i’m gonna keep doing it see how it works if i feel like it’s not working i’ll let you guys know so far feel like the middle cyclin and the other prescriptions that my doctor gave

Me are helping to keep my skin clear i’m not really dealing with any pimples for the most part it’s just a matter of keeping it under control and then trying to lighten the dark spots that i have from the pimples but overall it’s been going well in the next part of this video i’m going to show you guys what my skin looks like a week ago compared to what it looks

Like today and i’ll show you how i go about applying the topical solutions that my doctor prescribed me i’m gonna update you guys on how my skin is doing a week from today so that you can really see the difference hopefully there is a difference i’m feeling like this is going well so far so i’m really excited for what its gonna look like in a week i’ll see you

Then hello welcome to my bathroom so this is just a close-up of what my skin was looking like before i started taking any of the medication you can tell that most of my breakouts have happened on my forehead there have been a few on my cheeks in the middle of my brows and then on my chin but mostly on my forehead this is the clindamycin i start off by dabbing it on

My forehead i also take it down in between the middle of my eyebrows because i’ve had pimples there in the past i make sure to dab it on my chin i don’t currently have any pimples there but why not and then i made sure to dab it on this little pimple that was going down on my cheek i wanted to put a little bit of extra on my forehead because those are the worst

After i close that up and let my face dry off a little bit i start applying my retina a gel the gel goes on pretty smooth it dries up pretty quick i did notice that it causes this flakiness on my skin so if you’re thinking about putting makeup on top of this you might want to rethink that i was instructed to apply the retina a gel to all the areas i also applied

The clindamycin solution too so that’s what i’m doing now this is my skin a week later and it looks a lot better in my opinion i don’t have any breakouts at the moment it i’m just dealing with the dark spots and i probably will be dealing with those for a while because dark spots take a little while to fade away but for the most part i’m happy with where my skin

Is right now i’m gonna continue taking my minocycline and applying my solutions whenever i see a breakout coming and we’ll just see how this goes i’ll catch up with you guys in about a week and let you know what’s going on on my face i guess

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Treating My Acne (Moderate)| Birth Control, Minocycline, Topical Creams, Antibiotics By Miss Tyler Simone