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Treatment -Symptomatic approach in medical practice- Cardiovascular – CONGESTIVE CARDIAC FAILURE (4)

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Welcome back to our channel in continuation with the treatment portion of cardiovascular symptoms the symptomatic approach we are going to further cover congestive cardiac failure jenna instructions for this is bed rest or sitting position with cardiac table if this neck oxygen by nasal catheter ft snap salt-free diet avoid heavy meals restricted fluid intake and

Avoid nurse aids also haemophilus influenza and pneumococcal vaccines basic treatment is you can give tablet lessig’s half to one daily till adem├ís of sites then one tab one to two times every week it is diuretic tab card eva’s 3.125 m g b d up to 25 mg bill d can be given it contains basically beta blocker carvedilol tablet card is 1.25 mg od 2 bd it contains

Ramipril further start ace inhibitor even if the patient is asymptomatic example ramipril analog trill captopril can be given tablet lennox and one daily for 6 days per week can be given it contains digitalis watch the pulse for bradycardia and irregular rhythm start lan auxin if symptomatic if ejection fraction is less than 35 percent and if it sells of relation

Is there additional treatment includes tablet in net 30 mg od is associated stomach high disease pulmonary congestion it is basically oral mononitrate tablet title 10 mg od if severe that is class 3 or 4 failure is there it contains tourism item if the diuretic is to be given for more than 5 days give potassium sparing diuretic like lessig’s or combination of a

Mile or ied or less x or combination of spironolactone or tourism id or simply spironolactone tablet campos 5 mg 1 billy can be given in acute phase which is a tranquilizer capsule or train 103 can be given till hp is normal natural x 1/2 to 1 chasse daily if constipation it is basically is a good as it legs ativ use commode avoid straining if acute exacerbation

And breathlessness is there injection a minor falen can be given with 25 percent glucose 10 cc each slow iv or injection dairy feelin to cc i am arrivee can be given which is a bronchodilator subjection lasix twellman iv slow state can be given and also sos injection settle 750 mg iv eight hourly can be given it is basically antibiotic for respiratory infection

Oxygen by nasal mask should also be given when necessary refer to cardiologist for icc you management like dopamine nitroglycerin can be included if renal dysfunction dialysis and ultrafiltration to remove excess fluid should be done cv refractory congestive cardiac failures there an ejection fraction is less than 40 percent biventricular pacemaker implantable

Defibrillator i indicated in select centers such patients are considered for cardiac transplant 20 point to note is if every patient of congestive cardiac failure – cardiologist for detailed investigation echocardiography and in suitable cases corrective wall surgery give the treatment under cardiologist guidance if a patient on lenox and complains of nausea stop

Annexing for two to three days and then start again one tap daily same action if the pulse is less than 60 per minute or if new irregularity is developed in the pulse during treatment if the cause is rheumatic wall disease advise injection pp for i am with a td for every 21 days should be given if there is left heart failure ace inhibitor and diuretic combination

Should be given if there is right heart failure lenox in dobutamine and nitroglycerin should be given thank you

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Treatment -Symptomatic approach in medical practice- Cardiovascular – CONGESTIVE CARDIAC FAILURE (4) By Good morning Doxaab