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Tretinoin For Clearing Acne | Hyperpigmentation | Wrinkles Review plus Dos/Donts #tretinoin #acne

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Getting a product that will clear one’s acne, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles is usually difficult for some hence the review of this tretinoin. Many people have issues dealing with skin damage due to excessive sun exposure and this leads to low confidence and self esteem. Using something like tretinoin has really helped many people.

This is something i give to some of i mean i recommend to some of my friends to use and they have been telling me a lot of positive things about this vitamin a derivative contract noise so one thing about it is that it helps in clearing acne by a kind of helping the skin to produce new cells on daily basis i mean rapidly increasing the ton of ourselves and you

Know how acne comes about this is another big lot of mess we are happy and excited to be on your screen once more it’s been some time because of these minutes i have not really been able to pick up my camera and make some films but right now i decided to do this how has it been how are you doing i know you must have been seeing videos on my channel yes is that

Pre-recorded videos i shared it over the time i mean it’s getting to tumors i have not picked up this camera so right now i decided to do this because i cannot keep being depressed about what is happening all over the world right now i think which we just need i mean something to share us off we just need something to make us happy we just need something stress is

The depression and whatever that may come out of it how has it been how are you doing how you keep it safe i hope you’re staying home please do stay home at least to flatten the coffee i don’t know where we are going so with this but i believe with god all things are possible humanly speaking medically speaking i don’t know with god all things are possible i know

We can’t just come i mean we can’t come from wherever it is right now and then get back so there where we were before all these troubles started thank you so much for shopping back there we are going to be doing some something on the health series we’re going to be talking about the particular products that you can use to clear your acne you can use it to reduce

Hyperpigmentation on your face that is the dark spots or any form of hyperpigmentation on your face duck shared expose on that eye whatever and you can also use it to reduce wrinkles depending where you are right now because once edging sets in of course you have wrinkles so this is also a product that you can use to reduce wrinkles so without wasting any time what

Is this product we are going to be talking about tretinoin tracy noise the trade name is smooth em while the active ingredient in it is stretched annoying trade what is tres tonight retinoid is vitamin e dividends from all indication on you know what i mean is meant for i mean vitamin a has a lot of positive effects on the skin it could help with the aging properties

In heart it could help with that is for wrinkling it could help with hyperpigmentation that is caused by excessive exposure to sunlight letting some bone and then it can also help to i mean clay or acne if you have been battling with acne i think this is there a good and products you should use one thing about all these things is that once you start using them of

Course you’re going to notice a dramatic change on your face it is either positive or negative in coats i mean if you try to use this tretinoin cream you will definitely see some skin irritation on your face it may come as increase our fled of acne it may come as hyperpigmentation and hyperpigmentation it may come as any form of skin damage and all that that is

The initial pain you see but if you continue with time all these things are going to clear away this is something i give to some of i mean i recommend to some of my friends to use and they have been telling me a lot of positive things about this vitamin a derivative contracts more so one thing about it is that it helps in clearing acne by kind of helping the skin

To produce new cells on daily basis i mean rapidly increasing the tone of ourselves and you know how acne comes about for instance if somebody has acne it is either that the person has lots of debts on the face or there are some bacteria on the face and sometimes when there is excessive oil also on the face it could block the cause and then cut the commodores and

Then there is acne formation so one thing is that this tretinoin or vitamin a derivative can help you so i mean increase the turnover of cells thereby removing dead cells because once you have so much dead cells on your on your on your skin definitely your skin would look good it’s hulu i mean you have different kinds of skin damage and then if you have exposure

To song you have some bone or hyperpigmentation and the results of this is subsonic screwjob except that that is so nice porsche so this is an ugly worthless tretinoin cream dose to the skin but on another note if you are using this and if you are using this tretinoin there are certain things you have to think about because like i said initially you may have play

Off of acne yes it may just flip off i mean it may worsen especially the very first second win here using this particular cream your acne makes levels but never mind after that you to start going down that this is a living with some of these and some of these supplements or some of these creams acne creams work but if you’re not patient enough you might discontinue

Like i saw people sometimes you may not even i mean have the rightful mind to decide if you want to discontinue i want sub-continent because sometimes you may feel that okay this is the initial flaring of acne this initial reaction you get when you’re using such products that it will end up i mean continue that way i mean you will end up having i mean having what a

Skin than you had before you started the treatment so what i saw people is this job if you start having the flare or acne if you have you if your skin but it start becoming i mean worse than it was before just give me some time and check if it to go back i mean if it’s to clear up or it will not clear up at least a week or two is enough for you to test a particular

Product to know if it will play off or not especially if you start having some sort of mirotic so like i said i’ve said a lot of things but the major three things i have said now is that this tretinoin cream or vitamin a derivative is actually used to treat acne music to reduce wrinkles if your see if you think you’re getting i mean you’re aging so rapidly is to

Using studies to reduce ages we are all day i mean we are all we are all aging on daily basis as the day’s pattern as the clock is ticking everybody’s aging so this is just a way for you to let me reduce the rapid aging effect especially you know edgy who come from stress from exposure to song from not eating right i’m not exercising from so many other ways put

On your skin i mean know your officials can this is something you for used to reduce the aging effects you are experiencing but if you have not that aging never mind you’re still okay just eat right exercise leave i mean a healthy lifestyle change some change certain things that are not right with being your system i you see yourself look younger and younger and

Younger in your book i also tell people that once you start using anything and you notice any side effect that i mean your body sorry ass is so negatively towards that particular for us please discontinue and watch yourself or you go back to the person who gave it so you are prescribing so you would prescribe this for you so ask questions don’t just continue using

The products you know you actually reacting to so today i’m just feeling funny i’m just i don’t know i’m just i don’t want to keep my mind off studying this that’s why i picked up the camera to shoot this video and also to tell people at least some of the things i used in the past for me but on a second thought i felt the living world because when i today isn’t

This thing i said it reacting badly it had more acne on my face i know that i had to stop it but after like a month or two i picked it up again and it started working again yes it started working for me i wasn’t i noted the whole sun pumping and this is the whole hyperpigmentation pain were clearing away i never had acne again but i ran out of it and couldn’t get

It anywhere close that is the problem with some of these things when you see something working for you now you go for it you want to continue using it you want some maintaining and then me you don’t find it again so pathetic i know right so that is it guys and there are also some side effect of course you know everything that has to do with drop over say about

Definitely have some sort of side effects and the side effects are not really something that should go over but i mean it’s not something that you should be so so so afraid of everything that has drug and of course we have some sort of side effects so my comments are not common so boro some of the common side effects you may experience when using this cream for

Acne treatment of a wrinkle treatment of a sun balm treatment especially as if you have damage due to excessive exposure of sun so excessive exposure to the sun so you might likely have any of these issues so some of the side effects you get is itchy i mean if you’re using it you of course if it’s my pitch a lot more and if you’re using this also you may not see

Some sort of dryness yes it’s some sort of drought people ask how do i use this you wash your face thoroughly wash your face with soap and pat it dry wait for about 10-15 minutes the tretinoin on your hands and damp it and then apply it on the affected area remember the affected area but if it’s your whole face that is involved please apply it on your home you

Apply it it please have to use it as an ice cream do not use it in the morning especially if you’re going out of your house because it may increase yeah i mean it may increase your sensitivity to song so thereby increasing the effects of song on your skin so you can use it as a night cream and if you are using it please do not use any other thing that expose you

To sun i mean that may make your skin very sensitive to sun if you are using this particular cream remember that we are using to treat acne i mean you wait for a certain number of days or weeks before you start seeing the effect and where is need to treat wrinkles you also wait for a number of days or weeks before you start experiencing a different you i mean the

Different skin on you and if you even need to treat hyperpigmentation that’s a result of excessive exposure to the sunlight you also use it for some time so when you are using this please be cautious of other things you are applying on your face so that you don’t i mean you don’t increase your sensitivity to the song you don’t increase i mean the susceptibility to

More acne and move that so i tell people when you are using this particular cream just make sure you’re using is alone and then see the effect so that if you study acting you know exactly what you are reacting before you start using didn’t display my visualizing anything on your skin please meet the mythology’s to act if nothing will definitely work for your kind

Of skin or not because you don’t just wake up and sizing things for your skin you don’t just wait for toys and things on your skin make sure you you your skin i mean we react positively to whatever you’re using by visiting your skin care doctor who examine you know the kind of skin you have and no one should sue more so this is in a nutshell what i use in the

Past and i felt it worked for me and i decided to bring it up here for you to at least see what i used on you but the only thing that made me stop this cream was unavailability it wasn’t always available so i have two high angels i thank you so much for stopping by and thank you so much for coming and watching and all that yes i have not been really really really

So active i mean trying to respond to your comments trying to log your comments but please pat on me sometimes setting things in life are just so overwhelming but i know for true i know who gets over this but the class stage and there will be how we use i mean you go back to how we used to do it they thank you so much i appreciate each and every one of you if

You know anybody is suffering from acne or who wants to really have some sort of change in their skincare products if you share this video with them and also tell them submit your skin skincare top so who would further direct them on what to do on the smooth and girls i don’t really feel like ending this video i have to thank you so much for watching if you have

Not shared before start with this one if you have not subscribed what are you waiting for if you have not been liking please like and comment let me get to hear what you are used how are you i mean reducing the annoyed effect of the number i’d also say is the effect of the numbers are you reducing them so i will also just you guys what i’ve been doing lately on my

Skin that is really working for me thank you so much god bless you remember let me show you subscribe bye

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Tretinoin For Clearing Acne | Hyperpigmentation | Wrinkles Review plus Dos/Don’ts #tretinoin #acne By Evangel Anyanwu