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TRETINOIN: How to use tretinoin// How to cure acne using tretinoin ( 2022)//Clear skin with Retin A

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Retinoids are compounds that come from vitamin A or those that look like and act like vitamin A. They can be both natural forms of vitamin A or synthetic (human-made) forms. They are often used in skin care, cosmetics, and medicine.

Welcome back to my channel i’m brandis please remember to like comment share and subscribe if you’re new here thank you so in today’s video and if you’re new please subscribe so in today’s video i’m going to talk about everything concerning skin but my hair has really grown i’m just from washing it you can see so in today’s video i’m going to talk about skincare and

Mostly i’m going to based on this product so uh for me i used to have clear skin until i was like 18 19 20 there in campus that’s when my skin just decided to misbehave i tried all products in the market i tried garnier products they didn’t work and then i tried simple products they didn’t work i tried using benzoyl peroxide because peroxide was just too harsh for

My skin but for other people it worked for but for my skin it didn’t work and then i tried which products african black soap it was harsh for my skin and if you know uh cleanser the best cleanser just comment down below so that i can try it i haven’t yet found the best cleanser for my skin then i tried those natural things i don’t know lemon those ones turmeric

They didn’t work but this product i’ve been using it for about a month and it’s really working miracle so i used to have acne yeah all of you but the skin is glowing so i’m going to tell you how it works and basically how to use it so it treated knowing or retining or retina a or 29 it’s just a cream used to treat acne fine lines it can’t treat wrinkles those

Deep wrinkles even the damaged skin to improve the appearance of your skin dark marks or damage skin from the sun so it’s basically used for that how it works basically 39 speeds out speeds out the life cycle of skin cells so the skin cells they just die fast and grow fast so that’s why when you’re using it your advice not to be scrubbing your face or exfoliating

Your face so your your advice at least two just use it because it works as an exfoliator so when using it when you when you’re using 29 or retina air at least don’t scrub your face yes because this one is an exfoliator by itself the product costs 200 bob of 200 to 50 but is a prescription you can go to your dermatologist or you can even go to a chemist and get it

Kenya is just kenya so basically it works that way you can find other brands called written in astv 29x or train a vita altrino those ones it’s just a generic name for synthetic vitamin a and if you are you are wondering what the difference between tretino and retinol retinol is just a natural form and treating on is a synthetic form but tretinoin is more stronger

Than retinoline so that’s the only difference between traditional 39 and retinol yes and then so i’ve just said the importance and how so i’m going to tell you how you should apply these things you should apply mostly during the night to applying your moisturizer you put a piece size just more quantity of this product i’m not going to put it because will show

Me so i’m not going to put it so just put a small size you apply on your face then on top of it you add another moisturizer so that’s that that is during the night after washing your face that is then in the morning if you didn’t even put it each and every morning because this thing makes your skin become thinner so your skin will be destroyed with the sun so you

Should make sure that you’re putting sunscreen when well while putting this product and if you know the best sunscreen just comment down below i’ll try it for you and then i’ll tell you the results so you fast put your moisturizer this product you should make your skincare routine very simple don’t use that those active ingredients with this one like the vitamin

C just use a moisturizer this one and a sunscreen during the day and then the during the rest the same way and then you um fish fish face wash or cleansers you should make sure that they’re not those strong ones like african black soaps so just apply it and when you are starting to use tretinoin make sure you’re starting like twice a week then you go for you you

Do love the products slowly let’s say you are starting with twice a week then thrice four five then morning or even morning and evening or even evening alone so this product is very strong and then do your research it can cause perhaps it can cause you can readiness you can hurt yourself using this thing so at least you can even break out from using this thing so

At least make sure that you do your research go see your dermatologist before you use it thank you bye please remember to like share comment and subscribe

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