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Hi everyone welcome to best masher no hit the other well so today i’m going to be talking about my journey on treta now in and also just giving you some little tips of what to do and what not to do once you’re on this journey i have learned the hard way because i just dived straight in there that’s gonna annoy me that little corner the there we go but yeah i just

Dived straight in there so i thought that i would do this video because i thought it they would be quite helpful for people who are also on their acne journey they try knowing that i am using is by de massacre and this is what it looks like so the formulation of this is a traitor now we’re not point naught 5 percent and a hydroquinone four percent cream that is what

Mine looks like these are the ingredients in my threatened ellen so i have been on the massacre since november night tube since november 2019 and so when i and they put me on a prescription of a topical antibiotic a benzoyl peroxide and a retinol and then they have recently sent me this one say they changed my prescription to something a little bit more higher my

Skin was doing so well so what i’ve learned about retina in on my journey is that it is so strong and potent like i didn’t realize i just jumped right in and started using this every single night right every single night i thought that because i was on the other prescription where i work my way up to every other night i just thought that i’d be able to just use

This every night as well and no i don’t do that in the way that you want to use this is i would start using tretano in three times a week and then work your way up to every other night and don’t then work your way up to every night just don’t do that every other night is an or it is enough that is what i am able to do now so for the first week i was using this

Every single night as my skin freaked out but it freaked out it started peeling it started breaking out it started looking a flaky i was getting really congested as well like my skin just felt so rough and congested and it i was just devastated like i know that i’ve been dealing with acne for so long but i got in a position where my skin just looked so clear and

It’s the clearest that my skin had looked in such a long time so when i started breaking out and got a lot of breakouts and texture i just felt devastated i honestly did and my self-esteem just went yeah so what you want to do with this is use this three times a week and moisturize at first so before i was using this every single night and then i was putting this

On and then moisturizing make sure you put a moisturizer on first the one that i use is i’ll insert it’s this one over here from a good molecules the reason why i love this one so much is because it’s not greasy i have oily skin and this one isn’t greasy and it is also fragrance free as well so i really like this one and i would recommend this one as well and then

The sp after i use if this one i’ll insert over here but yeah there’s the ones that i really like to use so make sure you moisturize first and then go in with your treacher now hands in it so i would say i expect to paige you are going to purge this stuff is strong it is potent it is getting all the gunk and everything out of your skin and just bringing it all to

A surf all at once it’s also turning your souls over and renewing your souls and that’s all the flakiness that you’re probably going to experience i am saying good moisturizer first you try and reduce the amount of flaking that you’ll get and the amount of dry skin you will get um but yeah just expect a purge and we’re just you’ll get through it i knew that it’s

Hard but you will get through it they expect a purge mine lasted like i’m on my fourth week now my skin has finally started to calm down still got obviously some breakouts and a little bit of texture but it’s not as bad as what it was um but yeah you’re gonna purge there only places that i purge but along my cheeks here here and around my nose i didn’t purge on my

Temples or on my forehead it was just simply in my problematic area so yeah expect a purge but you can get through this you can get through this if i can do it and so can you along with a purge expect dryness and that’s why i say moisturize at first before you apply this to minimize the dryness and just to dilute this down a little bit usually i wouldn’t recommend

Him like a physical exfoliants or anything like this but when you are on try to no end you may need one and just once a week nothing aggressive either but what i found is because i always chemically exfoliate i stopped physically it was foliated like ages ago because i just found that it was not really benefiting my skin not really doing anything and more so just

Aggravating it but what this gentleman does is obviously it turns over the soles and you get a lot of dry skin and then the dry skin like accumulates just on top of the skin which clogs your pores up which creates a lot of texture new breakouts and you just need something to get that off and obviously this is a harsh chemical exfoliant so it is like just peeling

The skin off but you need something to take that off so what i use with a flannel working round instead emotions for a good two minutes and just getting all that dead skin off and i’ll say i saw results immediately my skin looked so much better it honestly looked so much better and usually i wouldn’t recommend him physically it’s barely eating because it can be

Too irritating on acne prone skin but when you are on this if you notice that your skin is looking at super dry super textured and just a flaky especially with makeup on oh my god my skin looked horrendous with makeup on and but yeah when you get to that stage you will know what stage um you will just know what stage and yeah when you get to that stage just do a

Exfoliation i would recommend doing this just once a week just to get all the dry skin after it is coming off anyway but just to give it a helping hand just just try and get that out and just try and get it off like just try to get it off and give it a hop in hunt at my skin felt so much better like it’s so much better it looks so much better when i wear makeup

As well and but yeah i would definitely recommend that another one is to use a spf you should be using an spf in the morning anyway skin is so much more sensitive when it said supposed to sun when you are using in something like a try to know in or a retinol just make sure that you are using an spf in the morning other things since being on this is just overall on

My domestica journey but more so now in fragrance things fragrance skincare fragrance in cleansers toners moisturizers i cannot use my skin will not tolerate fragrance at all in any dose at all and i cannot use any of the body shop products anymore apart from the cleansing butter and i can’t use them because the fruit they’re all fragrance and it it’s my skin so

Much so if you are finding that when you are on a traitor knowin and you are washing your face toning your face moisturizing your face if you are finding a burning sensation any redness or irritation when you are doing this and look at the ingredients if it has got fragrance and it’s probably what is causing that burning sensation so i have two new fragrance in my

Skincare at all my skin is too sensitive for eps thing is just to have patience i am on my fourth week my skin is doing so much better it’s not how it was before you’ve got a lot more redness in my skin now it didn’t go back to the way that it was before i started using to massacre like last year um but yeah my skin just got so good and then when i started breaking

Out again it didn’t get back to the bag band stage it just got a little bit but that makes sense so yeah just patience like patience is key if i can do it then so can you that’s why i wanted to make this video because a lot of people are put off because they’re gonna pitch and they’re gonna think that their skin is gonna get a lot worse before it gets better and

But yeah just have patience another thing that i wanted to touch on as well like on some of my older videos people are asking me like on my b5 video people were saying how am i breastfeeding and stuff like that i’m not breastfeeding anymore you cannot breastfeed when you are doing that a retinol or a chechen mmm it’s just not recommended and so yeah if you are

Pregnant you cannot use it so if you’re planning on becoming pregnant do not even start using try to no end because you’ll have to you go through all the purge and everything and then you’ll have to come off it throughout your pregnancy and throughout your breastfeeding as well and then you’ll have to go through all that again so if you are thinking about having

A baby or you are pregnant or you are recipe in i would definitely say don’t start using interestin trechie knowin or retinol it is not recommended at all so yeah i just knew that i’m not breastfeeding anymore so i’m okay to do what i’m doing a lot of people were wondering on my b5 video if i was still breastfeeding i’m not and but yeah i think that i touched on

Everything and but yeah just have patience just have patience with your skin you got to think it’s a little bit of a shock to the system sorry my phone it’s a little bit of a shock to the system when you start using something so potent but yeah you will get through this i have faith in you but i just thought i’d make this video because it would be informative to

People who are thinking about using it so i’m gonna wrap the video up here and make sure you go and subscribe to my second channel if you want more relaxing videos in like meditation and just sharing positive thoughts and i do have another channel for that so head over to there if you are interested in those kind of videos and stay safe stay indoors and i hope

That you’re not feeling too anxious about the coronavirus situation i knew that i armed but just take the caution and follow the government guidelines and/or try and beat this together i am just want to send my love and wishes and prayers with anybody who is dealing with this if you’ve got the virus or know somebody close who is dealing with it my thoughts and

Prayers are with you and i am sending positive vibes your way and together we can beat this virus and say yeah thanks for watching i’m gonna wrap the video up here and and i will see you all next time

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