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Tretinoin Journey | adding Seamoss

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Yeah yeah yeah what’s up y’all uh welcome back to my channel if this is your first time i’m seeing one of my trade noise videos i’m pretty much just documenting my um whole training journey seeing how my skin going but today i’m just pretty much um showing y’all what i’m adding to my little uh skincare because like y’all know i wouldn’t really use it i’m just

You literally using the tread knowing and then uh the serum for my skin but i’m starting to add my cmos like i can see my space mask because um if y’all watched my last video i was telling y’all like in the morning times i don’t use none of my face all i do is wash my face with the uh my morning soap that’s it i let my face be dry well if you haven’t seen my

Uh cmos face mask video uh what i did is i did like a cmos face mask for like five straight days to see if my skin you know if it helped my skin and actually it helped my skin so much like it gave it like some type of like glow like it like even got my skin tone in a way so um while i’m actually doing this straight knowing and stuff um i’m since i’m not really

Using nothing again i want to use something that’s going to benefit my uh like even on my skin tone while my skin is shedding in a way you know what i mean so uh um um yeah i decided to just you know in the morning times since i got this big old jar you know of um i’ll just pretty much wash my face put a little bit of this on rinse this off and be good kind of

Like using this as my moisturizer you know what i mean like i’m still doing the same thing like i was talking to y’all on my last video about i’m still doing the same routine you know the treatment on tonight i’m not watching i don’t wash my face tonight i just rinse my face sting my face boom trading on done you know then in one time again i’m adding this like

I just said adding this to my um to my little routine and i really want to see how it um i really want to see how my skin reacts to it because again if y’all know anything about like cmos and stuff like that it just has like so many like different vitamins and minerals that is good for like again your skin the inside of your body like you know most people use

This for um like smoothies and milkshakes and stuff like that but if you have not watched the um the five day cmos max challenge thing that i did i got y’all to go watch it because i mean hey that joint look my skin the way my skin like transition from day one to day five y’all gonna be y’all gonna be blown y’all gonna be like ain’t no way ain’t no way you know

I ain’t trying to make this video too long or nothing i just kind of wanted to update y’all and y’all know i’m gonna be adding cmos to my skincare whatever i’m still keeping everything you know simple dimple you know like i’ve been doing before but just adding this to see if this you know it can really help me in a way and plus it’s not like it can like harm me

In a bad way so like regardless it’s gonna be good regardless it’s gonna be you know beneficial so yeah that’s really it y’all so um after i finish putting the rest of this on my face or cover my face i’m gonna leave it on probably honestly like 30 minutes i’ll leave it on 30 minutes walk around the house chill whatever and then that’s it like rinse it off be

Done that’s it yeah y’all that’s it y’all continue to uh stay tuned for my little updates that i’m doing um if you have not watched the last video i advise y’all to go do that so that kind of kind of break down you know what i’m doing you know trade knowing in general just just if you ain’t got no clue you know what trade no one is but yeah y’all that’s really

It for me um i’m gonna catch on my next little update make sure y’all check out my other videos as well you know support you boy you feel me all right y’all

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Tretinoin Journey | adding Seamoss By King Jelato