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Tretinoin update. My over 50 skincare

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Olay Pro-retinol eye cream

An update on my over 50 skincare hi my name is christine l conroy welcome to happy stuff and fluff a channel for women over 50 who are getting happy and growing younger well i guess it’s my over 60 skin care now isn’t it yeah so i know it’s been a long time coming but you know i think these things do take a long time to take effect well at least you’ve got

To give them time so i have given it a good long run in terms of using trotty knowing i can’t remember exactly how long i think is probably the beginning of the year it might be four months even longer that i since i started to use treta knowing but i might i might be considering something else anyway just let me tell you so first of all let me tell you what i’ve

Been using so i’ve been using tretinoin tretinoin cream 0.5% on my neck and tretinoin gel at 0.1% on the rest of my face now the only reason for that is that when i ordered from the company the 0.1% came in gel i think this company only do the 1% in gel and then the 0.5% in cream because my neck seemed to be a lot more sensitive than my face to this to retin-a

And so i thought i’d get a 0.05 percent for that so that’s what i’ve been using and my neck hasn’t been irritated by it and i’ve been using the zero one percent now i use this every night i don’t peel i haven’t had any peeling in a long time but then i don’t think peeling is necessarily a sign that it’s working i peeled a lot to begin with when i started on the

Ordinary product which was now twelve months so i’ve been using some form of retin-a now for about twelve months and i have to say i love what it’s done to my skin i love the texture of my skin it feels so much smoother and softer and i’m quite delighted with it in terms of wrinkles well i was targeting a rather deep line there i had up here which has lessened

For sure and then where i didn’t actually have the elevenses i have onesies a onesie there that’s certainly lessened also of course i still got fine lines around my eyes and i don’t want to get rid of those because they’re mine and you see when i smile like that and you see them i’m okay with that you know i’m okay with that so i do believe that retina is the

Only thing that has that’s proven to have an effect and that’s why i want to continue to use it however i’ve just got this needling thing about because i buy this from a company in america but where do they get it from and is it the real deal and is it authentic and genuine and and that’s like needling at the back of my mind all the time now i know so the advice

Is go to dermatologists and get them to prescribe it well that might be easy to do in the u.s. not only uk i think my gp my gp would refer me to a dermatologist if i asked her to but i’m not sure even the dermatologist prescribed tretinoin it’s something i might have to have a look at but if you’re in the uk and you do get it through a dermatologist in that way

Then please let me know and also if you’re in the uk and you get your tretinoin from a trusted source will you please let me know that too otherwise i’m gonna get to the end of this tube this is the second tube of this that i’ve been using and incidentally i wasn’t charged of duty on it either because that was a concern bringing it in from the us i thought i was

Going to get charged a whacking some for duty but i wasn’t so it was still quite cheap to get it i’ll get to the end of that and then i might go back and have a look at the ordinary products and see about about changing that but i’m going to be using some form of it because i love what it’s done to my skin this the pro retinol olay eyes i treatment i absolutely love

Now i haven’t got before and after photographs i don’t do that but i’m telling you it has affirmed my eyes the skin around my eyes here without question i’m just starting on my third tube here and i was a friend got me something because if if you go to close with the tretton or if i go to close to my eyes with the tretinoin cream they start to get red and red and

Irritated so she got me my first tube of this and and then i bought one after that which was at i think it was 20 pounds from boots because it was on offer and i should have got two because when i went back to get this tube it was back to its original price at 30 pounds of but still i’m going to continue using it because it has also lessens the creepiness on my

Eyelids too so for me this is great this eye cream now two new products – nice new products to me lovely products that i like first of all i’ll stick with skin first of all and it’s summer obviously and i love to see people tanned like tons i don’t like i don’t like the dark tones but a light tongue i think we all look better with a little bit of color healthier

But i use the highest possible factor i can get from my face i don’t turn my face because i’m doing and because it scares me to death but i do like a bit of color so i bought this which is from tan looks and it’s called the face tan looks the base and it’s a tanning oil so i add about three to four drops of that into a moisturizer which now i don’t usually use a

Moisturizer but because of this i’ve started to use one and i’m using it’s just the elizabeth arden ceramide lift and firm mashter cream just because i was getting something else from them you know getting a few things together up got me a little gift and i needed moisture cream so i got this but i liked it i liked it so i had a few drops of the face turning oil

To the moisture cream probably about three or four times a week just to give me a bit of color and it does it gives you a nice kind of warm glow which is all i was after and i love that smell – you know that kind of biscuity smell it’s not strong don’t get me wrong it’s not a strong biscuity smell i like it and however a nicer smell is this product that i’ve been

Using on my hair and again it’s an oil it’s a dry oil and it’s from you know there are oh you a i and it’s the dry and hair oil but this is just a little bit i really my fingers like that and then just through the bottom of my hair just to sort out that smell is divine and then i just kind of when i walked by anyone they get this lovely smell just what a gorgeous

Smell it’s really nice and i use it to stick they’re not well on my hair anyway you know although wispy bits that come at the top so i smooth those out with it and just put a little bit on the ends to sort out the flesh tones or ends that might be drying and it just gives that lovely wispy smell so those are two great new products that i’ve been using the tan looks

The face and i’ll put all the information the description box down below and the hair oil buy them and of course the moisturizer but moisturizers are moisturizer the moisturizer this is spf 30 so there you go and as i say it’s the elizabeth arden ceramide i’ll put all the details as i say in india oh these smell nice – can you actually see those they are amazing

Just lovely you know on the flowers okay so yeah that’s what i wanted to do just to update you on the tretinoin i’ll do another video another time about everything that comes before the moisturizer and the tanning oil but all want have time to do that today what i do want to do is thank you ever so much for your suggestions and opinions on the what would you do

Video oh you see i knew that you were all full of wisdom and sound advice out there and i know all the glaciers i can tell you that no because she’s answered quite a few of you is also taking into consideration what you have to say and i think that’s all that’s all i intended whether or not she takes any of your advice on board was not the point it was just i think

To i guess to let her know that other people have also had this issue and dealt with it and had a good outcome from it and i think that can sometimes help and i’m sure it has helped angela but all that glitters so thank you ever so much for that and it was successful and i think i would like to do it as a series so if anybody else has any issue that you’d like to

Open up to our team of women i’m sure you all unless you put in the comments box don’t do that again because i don’t want to have to advise anyone i’m sure you won’t do that but if you’ve got something on your mind that we could all put our two pennies in it’s the saying goes then i’ll do it you know i’ll do it let me know and we can talk about its own happy stuff

And fluff okay um the other thing was thank you for those of you who said you like my hair because that listen a little bit of a little bit of a worry and that’s that no there’s just one other thing quite a few of you have said to me that you know this if you haven’t yet subscribed please subscribe and remember to hit the little bell so that you’ll be informed when

One of my videos comes out well apparently some of you have subscribed and have hit the little bell and that still not being informed when my videos come out i don’t know i think youtube are changing their algorithms and doing all kinds of things to try to i think it’s to try to improve the system and i think we’re in a kind of interim period with it so please be

Patient and know that i intend to put out a video at least once a week so if you haven’t heard from me in over a week have a look it’s probably a video out and i do have to apologize in advance however that might be a little bit erratic over the next few weeks for a couple of reasons one is that there is a concert taking place for a week with different artists on

Practically right outside my window which is quite exciting but it’s going to be very noisy if i get a chance to film any of it i will and do a kind of a vlog but i think i can hear them working now setting up the stage or what have you so i guess this is city living exciting but also noisy so there’s that the other thing i’m a little bit of bad news charlotte was

Taken back into hospital where she is currently and if i sound relaxed about it it’s only because we’ve got her she’s in the right place in the right hands and having the right things done so hopefully the outcome of not will be good so as i say and tommy’s might be a little bit erratic but yeah watch out for videos if you’re not being informed even though you have

Subscribed so that’s it don’t forget if you if you know of anywhere in the uk where i can get the genuine the real mccoy tri-c knowing for certain please let me know in the comments box okay until then have a great week and remember on the happy stuff applause we are getting happy and growing younger and have a good week i’ll see you next time you

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