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Hello my name is karen and today i’m going to talk to you about the sedate of hypnotic drug tries to live so just as a quick overview try solium or a brand-name halcyon is in the class of benzodiazepines that are short acting by short acting i mean that tries oleum has a half-life of one a one and a half to five and a half hours so as you can see benzodiazepines are

A class what’s the date of amount of drugs that can be short or long lasting on the chart on the side you can see that there are other setting of hypnotics that include barbiturates and some antidepressants trans √∂hlins half-life is drastically different from some of the other benzodiazepines like librium that had a half-life of around five to thirty hours trans

Valium is highly desired because of its short half-life and that the hangover effects of the drug are minimized the next day these hangover effects are typically in the form of drowsiness and loss of coordination this drug is a cns depressant and therefore used to treat insomnia it works best for individuals who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

Initially as a side note the drug does not advise to be taken more than seven to ten days at a time this is because of the risk of withdrawal effects and dependency while try solium is typically used for insomnia after i doing a little bit of research i found that it’s also in some cases used before a dentistry procedure in order to help the patient with a lot

Of anxiety or panic attacks this drug is a schedule for drug meaning that there is a low risk that it can be abused compared to some of the other schedule one or two drugs lastly this drug has taken by tablet typically and as i was reading for adults it’s around two and a half milligrams so try zola and acts as an agonist and positive allosteric modulator to the

Benzodiazepine site on the gaba receptors in order for a benzodiazepine combined to the gaba a receptor they need an alpha and gamma site so as you can see on the side of the picture the benzodiazepine site is between the gamma and alpha once a positive allosteric modulator z’ are molecules that increase the activity of gaba a in the cns when triazole and binds

To gaba a it induces opening of the chloride channels and the slender on is hyper forest this prevents excitation because the action potential is unlikely to occur again after high purple is a hyperpolarization so altogether this depressant is a cns activity so after doing a little bit of research i found a small study of 1,000 of three individuals who took half c

On and then 997 in visuals who took a placebo in a clinical trial to determine the degree of side effects of the drug after using the drug for 142 days the participants reported what side effects they experienced it’s noted that the lengths that each participant took the drug varied they couldn’t really take it for an extremely long amount of time due to the 7 to

10 day window typically if an individual takes it longer than that they experience withdrawal effects in possible dependency as noted before dry zenus on the chart here appears to be the biggest factor then headache then dizziness lost coordination and nausea and vomiting where the least percentage reporting outside of this study there are some other common side

Effects that i found and they were weakness tingling of the skin and in extreme cases respiratory depression

Transcribed from video
Triazolam By Erin Vasquez