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triggered! the difference between someone with MS and a normie just going to a cafe vlog 360 video

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the significant amount of effort just to get out of the door for someone with MS is quite different from a normie doing the same thing.

You know someone left a comment on one of my posts before and it got me triggered because before i got to triggered i botrytis you know be compassionate be put yourself in the other person’s shoes walk a mile in my moccasins kind of thing and say well you won then because you’re a mile away and you’ve got my moccasins but normal things to everyday people normals

Normies just take for granted like your health like just pop into the shops and stuff like that for me just pop into a cafe and yes i’ve got some near me but just pop into a cafe is a significant effort so i thought it’s important for me to give you a comparison about between someone with ms going to a cafe and just a regular person for someone ms this is from my

Experience this is actually was to me the first thing i do is i’m gonna go to the cafe i piss go for a pee first cuz if i go out and i get tall short and i wipe myself i’ll have to come back and have a shower and put my stuff on the washing that makes me so knackered that the whole days gone so it’s important to go to the toilet so make sure you don’t get caught

Short then i have to unplug the scooter from the charger cuz it’s of course charging that’s the last time i used it put that way in the cupboard it sounds easy just putting it away in the cupboard but you’ve got to make you significant effort to put it away in the copper cupboard but yeah me so i put it away in the cupboard and then i’ve got to remember my phone

Cuz heaven forbid i’m halfway there and i realized oh i forgot my phone it’s a huge effort to go back inside and collect it and pick it up and so don’t forget your phone so i’m happy and i’ve got to get out the building first i’m gonna negotiate the door and get through the scooter and hold the door and get through them be careful don’t crash into the glass talks

They will smash and then i’ll call it go to the to the place the cafe there’s just down the road already i’m knackered i haven’t even started yet and so i go into the cafe and of course i need to go to the toilet when i get there cuz i can feel it oh there may be trouble head so i go to go to the disabled toilet and of course there’s someone in there because oh

That one’s usually cleaner is only five minutes you have any idea what five minute peels like this someone that can’t stop the feeling of peeing you know it’s in the pee now or wet floor so be aware disabled toilets they’re for disabled people not do you to use because they’re normally clean or they’re empty oh i get that so many times and it’s harder i don’t

React to it because of course they could be having an invisible illness maybe they need that maybe they’ve got a colostomy bag than these windsor empty etc etc so i can’t be again all righteous on them although i want to and i can see you karen you didn’t go in there cuz all they say would you went in there because there was a queue at the other place it’s only five

Minutes who wouldn’t bother me it’s only five minutes i went to a parking space outside the hotel once back when i was driving and it was disabled parking space and i went to park there and the one was said i will only be five minutes light the touchpaper gonna explode i’ll only be five minutes okay i really wish i could be only five minutes so i parked outside her

Car and blocked her in and when she came out to complain i had to wait to admit it’s for her to come out to complain to me and i said oh i’ll only be five minutes that’s the kind of snarky nurse that i would do but anyway made me feel better and learned her anyway so what saying go to the toilet was soon as you get there then i’ve got a transfer from the scooter

To the table if i can’t have my cafe lunch in a scooter well i could but why would you so i’m gonna get out of the scooter get onto the seat all the while risking falling because that’s why i must me now look the bruises i’ve got i should show the bruises like i’ve been at war with the floor and then 1/2 the lunch halfway through lunch you’ve got to go for a pee

Again because i can feel it all the time because of my condition and then i go got a risk all falling over and going into the piano flute there’s no one in there i’m gonna resist the temptation to unleash the hounds if there is and then i come back finish the cafe thing finish the coffee or whatever it is pay the bill then before i leave i’ve got to go for a pee

Cuz you know evan forbid i get caught short on the way home even though it’s around the corner so i can repeat you for that trouble again and then i’ll leave and i get home and that’s just more to it than just getting home then i’m gonna get open the door which the door then put the scooter in the door oh i got maybe peepers call that strain stress they’ll being

Put my body through definitely need to be so then i’ll do that and then they get out and then bring the scooter in i have to plug it back in to charge it effort it’s not significant open the cupboard pop it in pop it out it’s a big old thing and then i’ve had my just gone to the cafe now compare that to a regular person know me go into the cafe oh i’ve had to go

Into the cafe a goes to the cafe gets a drink goes away from the cafe done it sounds like a moaning but actually i am it’s hard for someone that is house bound for example to deal with someone walking around up the stairs or door slamming or dogs parking or fairies going past ob got a nice view oh i will try to look at the view next time i’ve got thumping all

Day long from the kid upstairs oh girl huh blimey thanks for letting me vent at you because i feel loads better now because when you hear all your your own complaints they don’t seem as significant and admittedly they are not but they are still significant enough for me to tell you so listen up oh luckily i’ve already told you if you watch these videos and you get

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Free well for the price of membership which starts at just $1.99 but definitely subscribe and like because you get loads for free anyway i hope i can see you in the inside on the inside in the inner side i don’t want to see you want indian it’s hard actually might be dirty home

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