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Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole Nursing Presentation

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Dr. Jill Kakonis, Nurse Maria LaPlant, and patient Rebecca Westphal take on the difficult UTI diagnosis with teaching about Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole.

Hello rebecca my name is dr. q thomas i’m going to be your doctor so i’m going to be putting you on to trimethoprim in the self emeco oxydol to 160 milligrams and 800 milligrams to treat your uti it doesn’t look like you have an allergy to self-correct no i don’t think so okay so this will be perfect for you you’re going to want to take this medication for the

Full recommended amount of time and make sure you drink plenty of water your symptoms should clear up and if not just give us a call and we can go from there so have a nice day good luck with everything wait wait wait wait wait wait come back come x well what’s the uti and what am i going to be taking how am i going to uti uh it’s just a bladder infection it’s

No big deal very easily treated if you have any other questions your nurse will be in here shortly but uh i have to go and check on another patient so it’s really nice to meet you um okay bye are you the nurse for rebecca w in room 428 sam okay i am her doctor so i just went in and i told her about the medication we’ll be giving her to treat her uti i explained

Everything to her so she should be all set to discharge so you are welcome i am going to go head out and go play some golf okay thank you oh hello rebecca marie i’m your nurse today okay hi all right real quick before i answer your questions do you think i could look at your wrist me could you tell me your full name in your date of birth rebecca west full-blown i

95 and i all are just anything okay now i saw that the doctor just came in do you have any questions about you medication she just i did not like the way she treated me she should have walked right out and i just like didn’t know what to do i have no clue what’s going on geez because i have some infection in my bladder am i going to get cancer i have a family to

Take care to care oh no no is it on utis not cancer so what it is it’s an infection it’s caused by bacteria it’s caused by e.coli you may have heard of it so utis are generally easy to correct especially when found early which is your case we did what what is an antibiotic how it’s going to shin-bi uti that doctor she said some crazy long name and i just i’m not

Even familiar with it i don’t know what it’s used for and she asked me about allergies and what does i have an allergy to this medication what if i can’t take it i just don’t know what if i’m allergic to it or not okay so i look at your chart and it looks like you have no no no no and drug allergies and so the allergy that we’d be worried about for this medication

Would be sofa and i noticed that you do not have a allergy to that so it should work just fine and so the long name she told you is the combination drug name and so more common name for this drug is bactrim you may have heard of it form and yep i’ve heard of them so when antibiotic is it’s a medication that’s going to fight off the bad microorganisms in your body

So as you know we have good and bad microorganisms in our body and that this one’s going to target specifically the bad ones that makes me feel a little less so iris thank you wait so i understand is it one sobota core – okay so overall is just one antibiotic it should combine with two different drugs and the reason why that is is because that the two different

Drugs are going to help each other work to create a better and stronger drugs so that i can fight your infection faster okay that makes sense thank you when should i take this medication am i supposed to take it for like a long time am i supposed to take the rest of my life also by doctor does something about drinking water i think a lot of water already am i not

Really enough about drinking too much i just don’t know okay so the recommended amount of water is about eight to ten glasses a day and so if you’re drinking about that much but you’re good we just want to make sure that you’re drinking that much because the drug has a possibility of causing kidney damage so we just want to make sure that that’s working well and

That we can prevent that from happening also you’ll be taking this medication for 14 days and so something i want to want to let you know is that i want you to take it specifically as prescribed every single day and i want to make sure that you take it all the way through the medication regimen and i want to make sure you don’t skip a dose even if your symptoms

Start feeling better just so that we can make sure that we fight off the infection completely okay so if i drink enough water i won’t have any side effects well that’s not entirely correct because we’re just preventing kidney damage from happening but also other adversities that could happen is rash nausea vomiting so if you start feeling those side effects you

Let me know okay so also something i want to let you know while you’re taking this medication is that we’re going to be checking your blood levels just to make sure that it’s fighting the infection correctly and also are you on are you taking any oral contraceptives and are you planning on being pregnant at all i’m not pregnant i’m not planning on being pregnant

And i do take oral contraceptives okay just so you know this into my attic is going to cancel out the effects of any oral contraceptives you use so i just want to let you know that because a side effect of this medication would be can cause birth defects if you do get pregnant so i want you to know that as well so should i use another form of birth control i’m

Taking my antibiotic yes that would be smart just so that we can prevent any um birth defects from happening okay that makes me feel a lot better thank you so is anything else i need to do before i leave i will go get your discharge papers if you want to be discharged yes that sounds awful all right sounds good there anything else i can get you before i go yes can

I see more water sure i’ll be right back thank you

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Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole Nursing Presentation By Rebecca Westphal