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Trintellix TV Commercial – Grocery List

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TRINTELLIX is a prescription oral medication intended to treat major depressive disorder in adults when taken as directed.

Depression can make you feel like just no it comes with different symptoms a whole grocery list of them yeah enough and your doctor tells you about trintellix a prescription medicine for adults with depression and you feel this overall symptom relief with get this no significant impact on weight in clinical trials trintellix may increase suicidal thoughts and

Actions in people 24 and younger call a doctor right away if you have these or new or worsening depression or new or sudden changes in mood behavior thoughts or feelings do not take with mao eyes tell your doctor about all medicines you take to avoid a life-threatening condition increased risk of bleeding may occur especially if taken with aspirin and said pain

Relievers or blood thinners manic episodes eye problems and low sodium levels can occur suddenly stopping trintellix may cause serious side effects common side effects include nausea constipation and vomiting some reports of weight gain have been received since product approval feeling better yeah ask your doctor if trintellix is right for you

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Trintellix TV Commercial – Grocery List By squashbrowns