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Triple O.C. What A Difference (You Can’t Change Me)

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Triple O.C. – Aggravated Playas [2000] – Dallas, TX

You can’t change me no you can’t you can’t change me change me no what a difference made in your life change me it ain’t easy i wanna take a big bite out of this rap game and when it come to women i’mma stay cool and maintain refrain from being lovey-dovey with any old brawl behind my back i know these freaky tricks is calling me dog but never but i’m

The most up in this g ain’t trying to hurt nobody just smoking my skunk weed indeed it’s going to keep a players head on tight if you wanted a boyfriend you shouldn’t have the first night how high the hell you gonna act cause a be flossing you keep that bad attitude and it’s your tea i’ll be topsy causing emotional pain your heart couldn’t sustain it’s hard to

Make up for lost time you lighten the brain and now you acting like you wanna leave a brother well that’s all good cause you can go and find another to smother and imma act the same way as when you first met me break yourself you these get on your knees and now i’m mashing like a fool i think i’m cool this always happens get a napkin and wipe your drew

And catch the glass from my ds i’m on three three i’m puffing her up the fur sipping in leave me alone me it ain’t easy hey you know my name blow fly if you do then you know i like to tap that ass twice put the arch in your back squeeze the cheeks tight hold on for the flight might experience turbulence no wonder when we caught up in the episode in the

Room smoking big and blow while you put on the freak show only for me though in the hideaway nobody knows where we be and it might be the cake but your shape looking good to me can’t wait for the sex and the reds gone flex till you wet the sheets better get up on it i know you were expecting to get sprung but that was dumb but then again you so damn young won’t i

Have your cake and eat it too holland that you true but doing them things that them hoes do i thought i told you about that lame conversation wanna holler at the cotton at the same time hey cause i’m chicken not that bro that you’re rolling with trying to see which one of y’all got some benefits so don’t be acting like with newlyweds trying to get to avoid fall

Off decisions making sure my brothers be tight and it’s my way or the highway cause a little fly away check the driveway and i ain’t a joke but y’all don’t know none of my booty rate blowing hay everyday used to sell ya but no wait not today just giving time that they was gifts you can ask me but a gotta do what they gotta do and i choose making these hoes likes

The brand new clothes you know k-swiss puller boots polo shirts here figured your bones and i ain’t about to let now funky ass break me down and if you decide to play around it ain’t gonna be for me to be pivot downtown gotta be real all the sex and the freaky and i ain’t new to this running these streets as a youngster trick so when you start to em out then

Me don’t mix down with the cool head though you can go down south real slow be the room with your makeup on the way back from the show no more playing games but you’re broken a i got my balls on a chin dick down the throat of your you want a dose of this say cheese and pose for the pimp get on your knees and do me like you supposed to trying to play with a

Player you get your ass played all you remember these finger nails and a head full of ways but a constant blow haters never gave a took the game and you better you tried to keep it real you thought you did but you did what a difference change me it ain’t easy

Transcribed from video
Triple O.C. – What A Difference (You Can't Change Me) By BADSEED CHICITY