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Kenny i need you to run as fast as you can why just do it no go now we’re running from the minotaur today do you know what that means it means you’ve got to be fast sister no let’s see it okay ready go i’m back already that’s how fast i ran that was right now nice merge though where do people get that wow cut this out maybe i need to see you run as fast as you

Could ever run as fast before like let’s see it what about it i’m so fast i’m hearty back you guys are both moms we they’re not they are not no and they’re not me yet ok guys so today myself breanna aka dr. wife just look at her she’s got red hair of course she’s develop good anyways we’re gonna be running from the minotaur today in my grand bargain edition so

Slap that like button and what else run to your computer to watch that was a tenth and also subscribe to the channel if you haven’t check out bret stiles calm if you guys were to buy yourself some awesome fire merchandise and let’s get straight into video ladies and gentlemen pewdiepie made an oopsie we are here with adopted wife adopted sister and my blood

Brother sam and i’m an angry cow minotaur it does look really cool and i gotta say it’s got it scary okay so nobody here has played this but me but basically whoever the minotaur is has to chop up the people who are trying to find five chests on the ground once you find what hey i’m try to explain the rules you will find five chests throughout the maze once you

Find all five the maze if you look down right here this entrance unlocks and then you have to go back and escape the maze so ladies and gentlemen let’s get it do it oh oh oh and by the way do you guys hear that a heartbeat if you hear a heartbeat that means he’s close to you so be careful so you’ve got it oh who found a chest who found a key gilly fat one okay you

Just run over at kenny’s like no it’s me i’m the adoptive sister be careful when you hear a heartbeat that means sam is close no no it’s random sam’s in right now sam’s close sam’s clothes guys this is bad we can’t be close sam can kill us in one hit okay where’s the exit i don’t know baby that’s the exit beside where we started baby it’s where we started we

Started i totally didn’t teleport breanna to me so if you guys want to do a really hard round where you can see through the walls oh yes let’s do the hedge maze hedge mates oh guys i’m the beast you or you could just stay here and just wait kayleigh that’s not a nice thing to say you’re a bad brother where’s breanna where’s my adopted wife babe babe turn around

Your pin fastest jet circles i’m gonna put my wife out of her misery okay that one that one i like that one oh jeez a minotaur guys be careful be careful be careful please be careful guys it’s not safe there’s a wild sister on the loose and she’s adopted kili your redheaded explain that okay sam sam i’ll navigate you sam hold on sam okay i’m gonna change it to

Just see through i’m changing gonna see through sam look for look for it’s easy right now joker joker joker oh sam you did a good job okay let’s go guys let’s go wait just now hey i’m proud of you wait the game yeah you got a problem that cell guys nice who do more guys do more if you hear a heartbeat guys try to juke him you know oh speaking of the devil i hear

Camping the jets the last chest i’m trying to find it for you i can’t see it okay so it’s either in the far left corner on the far right corner babe here baby try to see you try to see it real fast oh i found it i found it it’s me babe it’s in the far right-hand corner you’re in the final lap fan corner no sam that’s up for you it’s for bri yes they’d keep going

That way babe keep on that way babe yes straight no other way other way okay baby yes baby you go that way that way they’d you’re right – right you’re really close you’re really hot did you find it it’s like right there somewhere yo baby you gotta go wait baby careful careful he’s watching the exit he’s guarding it he’s guarding it oh my gosh what okay we need

To find these chests oh now we’re jeweler’s keely already that’s not good one more guys one more come on come on that’s actual garbage big babe it’s near the beginning near the beginning in the maze keely i’m gonna help her out oh did oh guys i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m in i’m at whoever this is better run why are they standing here the hint you go i’ll let you go bree

I’m a good husband i’ll be good to my adopted wife okay at the beginning oh my gosh you guys are finding them so fast bree what are you doing at the beginning of the maze let’s go guys guys why are the heck are you guys have lots in the maze together we’re all i need a doctor already what now you don’t you’ve already found them all they’re all balanced sam barely

Made it sam barely made us guys we gotta be really careful right now he can see us all right guys go we can do it we can do it we can do it looks dead right now who’s it yeah i don’t know why but i escaped but then i didn’t teleport so i was punching you in trouble why do you stay near the exit after the 10 seconds is up such a fast round oh my gosh i’m it again

Are you kidding me i got another chest i’m stressed there is a heartbeat by me and that oh i’m the magic man 2 d is the best thing in the entire planet okay oh we gonna go who’s the dolphin i’m where lord is sand amantadine nice job guys already got three verde got three fourth one on the way what do you want more guys one more you got it kaylee careful sam’s

Gonna camp sam’s get a camp where ways either cabins i’ve even camping it guys it’s our chance guys are trolling you guys up trolling emory hurry up slowly just salmon i every time i don’t like the bite maybe i want the higher chance yeah that one you got left you got a right click good sweetheart oh wait is brigid oh no she has given up her life on earth

As a human she is a one with her whale capable guys we’re struggling i found one chest and that’s it so far we’re doing a bad job what stay away from my non-existent dog bri bri you’ve got to find at least one of us come on sweetheart let’s go go go wait say this is you so sam and i have made it o safely we’re just waiting keeley this is oh my gosh both of you

Literally synchronize we don’t know where to tell you where to go you just gotta yo go i’ve been briefed every ladies and gentlemen breanna has finally been the man to tea can we get a like down below for breeze a man to delays a gentleman ladies and gentlemen this was fleeing the manta t thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys again next time thank you for watching

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