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Trouble Digesting Healthy Foods? 3 Ways to Help Digestion

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What do you do if your body seems to reject healthy eating?

Every week i get comments from people who tell me that they want to eat healthy but they have trouble digesting healthy foods like vegetables beans nuts and seeds hi i’m dr. becky from dr. becky i’m a college instructor of the science and nutrition and i understand the frustration you feel when you want to change your eating habits for the better but

Your good intentions are stopped by abdominal pain bloating heartburn or bathroom issues so what do you do when your body seems to reject healthy eating well there are some methods supplements and exercises that can help but before we do that the first thing i want to note is that there’s a difference between food allergy and a food intolerance with a food allergy

Your immune system gets involved and this is a quick reaction with a swift onset of potentially life-threatening symptoms like a sudden inflammation of your airway that so you can’t breathe you know think of somebody who has a peanut allergy that suddenly can’t breathe now as food allergies you can also have other symptoms you might have hives or skin rashes but

Everything appears very quickly soon after you eat something so when you have a food allergy you have to stay away from that offending food now a food intolerance is a lesser reaction and it usually just focuses on your digestive tract so that is what we’re describing here as we talked about trouble digesting healthy foods or maybe you have a sensitivity to dairy

Foods or to gluten which are also very common problems so if you have a sensitivity to a certain food the symptoms will come on somewhat slowly you might notice them developing over a couple of hours so let’s say that maybe an hour after eating a salad with beans on it you start to feel gassy or your stomach starts to hurt you might develop like a little little

Stomach pouch you know from the bloating or maybe over the next few hours you might feel a little mentally foggy you might feel achy maybe get a little bit of a rash maybe you notice that you don’t sleep as well on the night that you have your certain trigger food so these are symptoms that point to a food intolerance now some people can get past the sensitivity

Issues with a little effort and some patience so let’s look at how that’s done for some an elimination and reintroduction strategy works well so they can remove the food that they’re intolerant to for a few months and then slowly reintroduce it back into their diet so if you’d like to try this i recommend that you remove your trigger food for about twelve weeks and

Then slowly add the food back into your diet now if you reintroduce the food for one day and you feel fine that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re cured sometimes you need to eat the food over a few days in a row before this is going to reappear so you ready you know when you’re ready to reintroduce the food do so by having a small portion each day for a week and

Then during that week listen to your body you know do you feel tired or you bloated do you have any pain is constipation or diarrhea showing up if you pay attention to your body it will tell you everything that you need to know now the elimination reintroduction strategy is an experiment so you kinda have to think like a scientist here right you don’t want to be

Studying too many variables at the same time so if you remove more than one food from your diet let’s say that you remove vegetables gluten and beans don’t add all of them back in at the same time because if you do and you have a reaction then you won’t know which food was the offensive one so add one of the trigger foods back give your body a week before adding the

Second trigger food if your symptoms have come back during the reintroduction phase then you need to remove that offensive food again for another three months or you might want to try taking a digestive enzyme supplement so digestive enzymes all of us have them they live inside of our digestive tract and they help us to break down our food you know these are the

Substances that will break down our carbohydrates are fats and our proteins and the foods that we eat taking a digestive enzyme supplement is like sending more workers down into your digestive tract to help chip away or break down your food for example you know you might know someone who can’t digest milk very easily well that person is considered to be lactose

Intolerant meaning their body lacks the digestive enzyme needed to break down a certain sugar and milk called lactose right so there’s lactose intolerant and that person doesn’t necessarily have to give up milk but they do need to take a digestive enzyme like lactate before they eat or drink a milk product the lactate contains the missing enzyme and breaks down

The milk for them so there are many different digestive enzymes on the market right and it’s always a bit maddening trying to find a reliable brand pure encapsulations digestive enzyme ultra is a good brand and it tackles all of the different nutrients so carbs sugars fibers proteins fats also doesn’t have any fillers so that’s a nice quality as well and really

All you do is you simply take the supplement with your meal so the enzymes are in your digestive tract at the same time with the foods there and they help you to break down the food i just mentioned fiber fiber is great for weight loss but it can take some time for your body to adapt to a high-fiber diet if you notice constipation when you eat high-fiber foods

Like vegetables beans nuts and seeds magnesium citrate is a good supplement for you to try you should be moving your valves at least once a day if you increase the amount of fiber you’re eating but you aren’t going to the bathroom regularly it will not be long before you’re not feeling so good so magnesium citrate can help you move through that transition period

Along with a good amount of water which is also needed as you’re changing to a high-fiber diet another way to aid digestion is by moving more there are some exercises that help with digestion and the nice thing is that it doesn’t have to be and it real intense exercise even fifteen minutes of the right exercise can go a long way to help you digest your food so

What are the right exercises for digestion well walking is a great one walking helps to move food through your digestive tract and a 15-minute walk after a meal has also been shown to improve your blood sugar level which is a kind of an added benefit for weight loss yoga is a great exercise for digestion and you don’t have to be a yoga master to benefit in fact

Many of the digestive benefits that come from yoga are from the breathing aspects of the exercise we also get some benefit from of the twisting and the abdominal motions that you get with an gyro workout and these help to massage kind of a midsection now if you’re a beginner and you haven’t really done yoga before just you can look on youtube for yoga for beginners

And you’ll find plenty of things to try out other breathing exercises like chi gong breathing help to massage the abdominal organs and promote healthy digestion qigong is a low-impact exercise that has similarities to tai chi we know that these types of exercises also help to lower stress which is also a benefit because stress can certainly be hard on digestion so

Elimination reintroduction strategy digestive enzyme supplements light exercise those are some avenues to explore if you’re experiencing digestive issues when you try to eat healthy foods you know whatever you do don’t give up on the healthy foods you can lose weight eating junk and starving yourself but you’re not going to be doing yourself any favors be patient

With your body as it gets back on track and if you need a little motivation and somewhere to get started you can watch my free video series that shares my four daily habits for living a healthy lifestyle i will leave a link here on the video and down below in the description as well and as always if you benefited from this video and you’d like more information like

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Trouble Digesting Healthy Foods? 3 Ways to Help Digestion By Dr. Becky Gillaspy