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troubleshooting gynecomastia – ask Tony huge

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Dr. tony huge of enhanced athlete calm talking about troubleshooting dino with the experts here remi was a medical tech in the military and a competition bodybuilder won first place in sacramento coach trevor bodybuilding coach and thomas miller professional bodybuilding how do we troubleshoot gynae step by step the you look at the signs first write your signs they

Start getting it you i start feeling that itchy feeling then eventually start getting pain and always the biggest thing was putting a seat belt on your seat belt scrubbing here and it feels like it’s good to you’re ticklish or something and you start messing with it and then it starts hurting and then you form there’s two different types and one of the most common

You see it more in value people is they sir ken that looks like extra fat deposit around the area right just fat and so a lot of times we’ll take high testosterone dianabol and you start getting puffier but it’s just fat there’s no amount then you guys have you have people that take nandrolone trembling and all of a sudden you see that it’s a puffy lump but it’s

Smaller and when you push down you feel a lump you feel really hard like a pea and you start playing with it and it hurts and anything you do is cause the inflammation makes it worse and worse and then that pee turns into like a nickel size and it starts getting big so first we have to figure out is it just a fatty deposit is it a nandrolone caused gyno or is it

A just an estrogen gyno and we got the nandrolone cause gyno would be the progesterone yeah side so there’s two different hormone groups that cause gyno there’s the estrogens and there’s the progesterone and then you’re combining those two to typically a bodybuilders combining these so progesterone also feeds off the best version so the high one goes you can have

High yesterday and the other start storing some fatty tissue over there and then you’re taking that which is feeding off thing you’re getting more progesterone getting in love as well so you’re it’s all combinations and they enhance each other so for people who are not taking a progesterone type steroid like trend blown deca or npp nandrolone phenyl appropriate

Name then we’re probably looking at the estrogen cause yeah and and in my case because i started getting it when i was 19 and i’d done diana ballfield there’s times i was on testing deca it wasn’t i added the dianabol and i formed the month so i was like why is that dianabol give me the month it’s the protester from that angela’s feeding off the excess estrogen

That has to do that diana bob you were on diana ball and an angel at the same time yeah they amplified the size it’s a much stronger estrogen that’s released from diana ball it’s not just estrogen it’s much stronger it’s like like the birth control and so that’s being released and that progesterone just feeds that’s why if you took enough lettre to completely

Shut down your estrogen and you were taking tran and getting from trent it would go away it would stop because there was no afternoon your body forward to do that it’s needed in that process yeah and someone some someone may want to skip straight to letrozole if the guy knows happening very nice what i always had it off until you what if it just starts itching

It’s just starting to be sensitive so we have time to diagnose it when i first thing we hit my thing is if there’s electro on the table just do it do it it’s done you did it for two three days with no ass what dosage i would pull does 2.5 you don’t even want to play with it you don’t want that so you just hit it you’re two three days it’s gone and you can get on

Something more mild you can see if it comes back so now you can take an a bag so you can take an eczema stain and if it starts coming back you either up your dose or you know okay we need to try caver now so that’s how you adjust it but if my thing is i have a few let your tabs always anytime that happens hit it hard get it done then get on something else because

You so much estrogen but then you’ll know it’s from this or this or this problem solving yeah the biggest mistake i see people making is they bring their estrogen levels down with eczema stain or remedy x which is the same as aromasin or an astra saw or they use tamoxifen you know that’s a funny thing tamoxifen is a a selective estrogen receptor modulator and yet

It doesn’t do anything for progesterone caused diner totally separate one binds to that site so stop it at the site source but then you have four left and tomas wang can actually make galactus how things works so the problem is we have to i don’t forget you we have to identify what is the cause of the guys my term we all have different sensitivities that’s why you

Said trouble so what do we start with metro kill it get it done got any pick one we’re gonna do the eczema saying we’re gonna do the rim and x you start picking them this way we’re gonna try the eczema stain and you’re gonna start a half whatever your dose is so half a day you can start out one bios a half a day it starts flaring up you have one of the two options

You can up the dose a little bit or try something else then you know it’s also you can do the caber so that’s what it’ll tell you okay it’s not just estrogen to progesterone as well yeah so preemie and caber caper go lean dawson x those are the ones that block the progesterone type guy no someone left a comment you have to say that why i said not to take last video

Everybody wants to know why you don’t what you don’t like about prem look one it hasn’t been researched enough to there’s been a lot of people in the hospital for heart problems from prom me and i was one night experience that had to go and run away from frame ian directly view that way yeah so the inversus caber i’ve never heard of a single person having a side

Effects you never go that’s why they’re in research phases you know they’re not meant for humans that’s why we don’t recommend them for humans you test them whatever the chicken it’s gonna be you test them out and see how they do because they’re not yeah they’re not they’re not for human use here we don’t know the potential damages they’re gonna cause a pretty

Long term effect yeah so they might have most of them down and some corporation might have it out to not produce that because it may take away from their business so you have different poor you know sick so i heard a lot of people saying oh well you have chances opinion it’s two things to add really high doses or maybe get a more high decision it’s how effective

Is mastering a provider from anything if you’re getting gyno it’s not gonna ever take it away if you’re not getting guy now it’s a good way to keep your hormones and balance because being a dht binding to this hpd buddy of those places you don’t want your stuff going so it causes more of a balance of your hormones so a lot better more healthier balance of those if

You’re getting gyno so i’m going to do anything it’s too late you can take five hundred meg’s of provirus i’m going to stop that it does help does lower estrogen if you go get your labs done and you just add that one drug in you’ll see your your free testosterone go up and your estrogen come down and it does bind to the sites – yeah and the nipples also have at

Dht sites that you kind of block yet with thd yeah so in it but look at your lab charts to your lab charts it will show it drop not nearly enough it’ll never sell all right so back to the order of things we try we try letteth we use lets’s all first to knock it out quick then we start experimenting with what the estrogen side probably yeah eczema stain yeah if

You had to pick one xms names and if x msting didn’t do it then would you try to box with it over that raloxifene there would be depending on what you’re running to always remember if you’re running a 19 compound or progesterone compound an angela and tremble and things like this even anand drawers 19 you start taking these things you got taken in consideration

It could be this a possibility if that’s something you just added in and all of a sudden you’re getting the side effect make probably this but if you’re taking the same things in with higher dose it’s probably yesterday last point is i’ve noticed a lot of people who are taking trend they come off the trend they are still getting progesterone related dino because

We know it’s not estrogen related they already brought their estrogen down and so it’s almost like there’s an after effect from a trend or a deca side there’s a feedback loop and everything if there’s a balance there’s an equilibrium exciting when your body is trying to establish equilibrium there’s always a feedback loop one side the others love they’re fighting

Counter balancing hormones so same thing estrogen testosterone getting those side effects coming out the same thing okay guys i was really hoping to give you guys like a perfect roadmap to follow but as you can see it’s a lot more complicated than that so i hope what you do get from this video is kind of all of the elements that are involved so it can help you

Further your own research none of this is medical advice this is for entertainment educational purposes only definitely follow your doctor’s supervision be swellin swole my friends of freedom my pioneers of human evolution

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troubleshooting gynecomastia – ask Tony huge By enhanced athlete